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3 hours ago, Curt McGirt said:

They did? In reference to what? 


3 hours ago, steve said:

Yeah, I haven't heard about that one, either.

(nor do I really want to, if it's true)

From Rational Wiki's alt-right glossary

Black don't crack

The phrase black don't crack originates as a statement related to melanin, Sun exposure and the aging process.[68] the alt-right prefers to use it as a reference to the black brute stereotype, using "crack" as in "give up".

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5 hours ago, LoneWolf&Subs said:

There was a time I thought Mr. Pogo was a 30 year old woman, and might’ve been Martha Villalobos.

I want to say it's an easy mistake to make, but I'm too busy wiping up the beer I just covered my monitor and keyboard with.

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That's Zoe Lucas, for anyone who was wondering. Can someone with authority tell @D.Z he needs to be titling his pictures?

Anyway, here's how renowned Goth Jimmy Havoc looked at Progress' first Wembley show:


Yes, that's an Axe.

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38 minutes ago, Casey said:

Uh, that's Brock Lesnar.

Ok, I'm a dumbass. Brock in anything other than his ring gear or track pants looks so bizarre.That outfit still deserves all the fist bumps.

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