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Shine On - Musicians RIP Thread

Dolfan in NYC

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Yeah, this one sucks. Shaped the sound of many albums that hold a special place in my life. Big Black was important to me. As a young edge lord I loved his shit poster attitude. 

Not really sure what else to say. I guess I'm at a loss for words over this.

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Work fucking sucked. 

Anyway, Big Black was/are real real real fucking important to me. I read about them in Chuck Eddy's Stairway to Hell book when I was a kid and decided to give them a try. All their CDs were over at Plaza Records in Carbondale, about a half hour drive away, so I went and got The Rich Man's Eight Track Tape. Didn't quite know what I was listening to... the only thing I could really compare it to at the time was maybe Marilyn Manson? I didn't listen to NIN or Ministry, and didn't know jack about punk aside from Black Flag, Minor Threat and the Misfits. I was listening to death metal and grindcore already but THIS was something totally different. Guitar and bass like a Sawzall taking it to a piece of sheet metal. Drum machine kicking and swinging like a brutal robotic army. Distainful vocals mixed way back spitting out loathing and hostility. And the lyrics were so fucked up. I think Eddy referred to them as "the art-punk version of the Weekly World News" and the song topics really were like that: hitmen, child abuse cult, guy kills a chick with his boot at a fish fry, dog trained to bite black people, and besides that just totally nihilistic ennui that I completely related to in high school (and unfortunately long after). I was "frequenting bad houses". Me and the juvenile delinquents I hung out with were playing with kerosene: huffing air duster, watching people OD, crashing cars, an 18 year old friend of mine even strangled a girl and went to jail for life. I related to this music that nobody else around me would possibly fathom listening to. It was amazing that it even existed. 

And I mean, Albini himself deserves a statue somewhere. He poked everyone he didn't like right in the eye, and they always deserved it. After he got old and grew up he admitted that the edgelord shit was a pity, and I don't think he ever meant any harm but just didn't have the filter that came with age and experience. He was an awesome engineer who hated the music business and gave them the finger all the time, 100%. And Shellac was fucking great, too. There's a new album coming out this month from them and they were even gonna tour. 


I wrote this elsewhere: 


Well, he made the most of it."

Tomorrow I'm going to a guitar store and buying an Electro-Harmonix Big Muff guitar pedal, and I am gonna break that fucker in good in his honor. 



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1 hour ago, John E. Dynamite said:

Zoomers who never listened to him have have deemed him a pedophile and are rejoicing in his death.

1. Who? 2. Why? 3. So what? 

Fuck those people, they are wrong, and can eat shit. 

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