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Crown Jewel - 11/2/18 from null, null

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28 minutes ago, JonnyLaw said:

I dunno man... same bald head and grizzled face... dX colored tights... could be HBK.

And there are some fantastic tattoo concealers on the market these days.

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1 hour ago, RolandTHTG said:

Yeah some bizarre choices. 

Rey/Orton made sense. Wish it got more time. Hyping up Angle's return just to have him job to Ziggler clean. Lashley losing to Rollins clean in 5 minutes. Rollins jobbing to Ziggler. All to build to Ziggler getting squashed by Shane. 

I feel like we're getting Miz/Shane at Mania now in the "be grateful for such a big spot on the card!" spot

Agreed, I do wish they would attempt to get serious about at least trying to push Lashley but he just keeps losing instead.

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I'm still trying to figure how one can win a tournament they're not entered in, aside from McMahon's being able to do whatever they want in their company and booking that makes no sense at all.

This is Vince Russo level shit.

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29 minutes ago, Nice Guy Eddie said:

What's the deal? That's my cue.


*doo-dah-doo-dah-doo-dah-doo-dah*  That's Our Ed!

"That's Our Ed" was filmed before a live studio audience.

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Everyone all night avoided mentioning Saudi Arabia. Even the New Day.

Alright, Corey was as annoying as ever on commentary.

They saved the pyro for this? 🤔

They were desperately waiting to chant this is awesome! as they were chanting it during Shane/Dolph and before anyone locked up during D-X/Brother of Destruction.

Brock/Braun was a mess.

The Miz' injury seemed like a stunt he'd pull off in one of those the Marine straight to DVD WWE movies.

I'm still laughing at Shane winning a tournament to crown the best in the world. Corbin's interference trip was Three Stooges-esque levels of bad.

Speaking of Three Stooges... That main event, that main event... You still got it! chants at Shawn after he could barely lift Kane to hit the worst inverted atomic drops ever. Laughed through most of the match. Funnier than most DDT and Hustle matches.

If this is what house shows are like, then that would explain the declining attendances.

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In all honesty, this was possibly the equivalent of a sold house in the theater community. Some Saudi magnate that wipes his ass with 1000$ bills paid the Compay the equivalent of a PPV gate and was able to sell tickets for whatever price they wanted (probably given to friends and family and selected people of importance) and paid all travel, lodging, and logistics to get all the people and equipment there and it was done LONG in advance of any political happenings that occurred. So the company took the money and ran...ran what could’ve been a great show into the ground. Did they do this consciously as their own response to recent events? That can be debated, but we do know that guys have been known to stink up the place on purpose to show their displeasure about being made to work a card they don’t want to be on, or in a location they don’t wanna be. The trade off of doing it “live” is that once the show has started the production guys can’t do much except damage control on tr fly. Now to play devil’s advocate it’s probably not the case but it is food for thought. 


That said, I’m with the school of thought that the only logical reason the show was this bad was that the only thing that would’ve made this the Botchamania to end all Botchamanias was to have Paul Hryman do the intro. 

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10 hours ago, FlaeBlazer said:

So it looks like this show absolutely slaughtered all the goodwill WWE had gotten after the great Evolution show.

It makes sense. Without bad, good cannot exist. So the Evolution show being nearly all good doomed the already troubled Crown Jewel. Like in 2016 when Cleveland was in two sports championship games, the Cubs won the World Series. Then some really bad thing happened.

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