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I watched the finale a second time and some of it made more sense, but some still didn't, like the post credits scene.

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Just finished binging Season 2. In a roundabout way,  it ended up being the prequel to Bladerunner.

The biggest flaw was Maeve's storyline. Yes, it introduced some great sets and had cool moments but... it muddled the overall story arc. I could easily see a more streamlined and intriguing storyline if Maeve's story had ended last season (and they could have easily bring her back in season 3 with how the hosts have escaped). Around the half way point, I realized Maeve was kinda the heel.

Dolores became the default protagonist who basically held everyone together through sheer force of will (and not mind control). William's story was fascinating til the muddled end. Sizemore was totally out of character in the end, being clearly written off (which sucks because I really dug his character arc).

The Sublime was basically Doctor Who's the Library.

There was  liberal use of the mallet when the story would have been better off with a scalpel (in more ways than one). It also lead to a lot of needless complexity for complexity sakes. I guess it did hammer in the common theme throughout the season: lack of fidelity.

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