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Wrestlemania XXXI - The Greatest Show Ever

Big Fresh

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Tag title thing was a thing. They had something special with Mizdow for a bit there, but Show didn't just take him out - but killed Itami too. At least they gave Show an on-paper push for a Reigns match. Ladder match didn't have a ton of stunt bumps, but Wade killed himself on a superplex and Dean took a sicker one off a powerbomb. Bryan wins the thing.


Orton vs. Seth had a great pop-up RKO finish. Sting vs. HHH was basically Sting vs. Hogan at BFG, but even more of a clusterfuck. Surreal to see Hogan punching AND BUMPING FOR X-Pac. HHH  won, because of course he did in the WWE vs. WCW match, and he got the most masturbatory entrance ever. NWO vs. DX stuff was cute and I wouldn't mind a tag match.


Divas tag was a thing. Poor Lanny "Pofo". Loved the Rusev intro so much. Can't believe that Cena got booed after THE biggest AMERICA RAH RAH video ever. This was easily the best match on the card so far. Cena and Rusev have excellent chemistry and Rusev has become a real main event-level act in just about a year. The Rock n' Rowdy Connection thing was so much fun. That'll make for a fun WM 32 deal. 


Taker vs. Bray overdelivered. Taker looked great, but Bray, as always, killed the match on offense. Brock was the motherfucking man throughout everything. Still knee to Brock from Roman on the apron. 3 F5s took out Taker, BUT NOT THE BIG DOG! Seth's cash-in was amazing! I was marking out so hard to see him win this. It's the absolute best way out of a bad situation, and gives them a lot of directions to go in.




Screens -




















Kickoff pt 1- 



Kickoff pt 2 - 



WM part 1 - 



WM part 2 - 



WM part 3 - 



WM part 4 -


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That was on the way to being borderline vindictive on Reigns, was hoping his concussed look was good selling; there was also no way in hell they could have had Reigns make a believable comeback in the nine minutes they had left but the Cena-style fluke victory they teased still had me


holy god lesnar is the greatest pro wrestler alive, I only hope they have Rusev in that position in ten years

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The entrances for this year's Mania were absolutely outstanding.


Flair giving Steamboat a chop during the backstage IC title celebration was stellar.


HHH/Flair dragged, Dwayne was out there too damn long, the wrong man went over in Cena/Rusev, Taker looked like Old Yeller, but holy shit that main event! 

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