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  1. If you turned off the Last fucking Battle of Atlanta because it didn't live up to the hype you can go straight to hell.
  2. There's a promo video for the hidden gems collection with clips of the actual match. Sounds like Paul Ellering had a copy all these years. Holy fucking shit.
  3. Yeah, I can't believe the Last Battle of Atlanta just popped up somewhere unless there were highlights on an old episode of GCW.
  4. The video quality is noticeably worse. Is this one of the shows WWE added to their library from fan recordings? I know there's at least one Clash which uses a snippet from a video recording. Not complaining though. The NWA shows are the best thing about the Network.
  5. Was it just me or did Mick mention the forgetting his line in Baltimore story twice, literally 20 minutes apart? Chalk it up to the brain injuries?
  6. I suppose the ironic part of this situation is the Mets thought so highly of Ruben Tejada, they didn't resign him. They also won the series he was injured in. Yeah, this is all bravado.
  7. Still, you can't toss him for that.
  8. I think Mike Jackson actually won a match on the Saturday Night show (possibly against Rocky King).
  9. Two years ago, the Pirates went 14-5 against the Cubs. If they want to do that this season, they'll have to win their final 14 with the Cubs because they are now 0-5 and have been outscored 37-11.
  10. Table for 3 with Ric, Arn, and Tully is up. Unfortunately, it's only 20 minutes long.
  11. And then he got stuck with the Leif Cassidy gimmick. I'm trying to think of a guy that had worse luck with gimmicks.
  12. Good thing a Western Conference Final quality series was the first round series. Can't wait for a Dallas - Nashville conference final.
  13. Matt Hardy is starting to look like Wayne Coyne and I kind of like it.
  14. I agree with you. Somebody needs to be the adult and let it go. I don't really get the point of arguing on Twitter.
  15. It didn't really show IMO. I always chalked the Starrcade debacle up to Hogan's massive fucking ego.
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