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If there's ever a reason to dig this thread back up, this is it.  In DC there's a pop up bar where you can drink with Godzilla!  Well, a ten-foot animatronic version, but damn will that be awesome.  Add in old TVs showing Godzilla, anime a manga-covered hallway and cherry blossoms and this sounds like a win to me.  I'm already making plans to go this weekend (lawd help me it'll be beyond crowded) but if you're in the area this is a must for Godzilla fans.


Crowded place be damned, I'm getting my picture in the middle of this:


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I watched it as well and enjoyed it as well.  I loved that one brief scene where the two alien races admit to each other that, in true Godzilla fashion, they were planning on conquering Earth; but Godzilla screwed that up so now everyone's working together.  I kind of feel like part 1 was the Godzilla equivalent of Moby Dick, but now the Humans have a much bigger problem to deal with.

I'm really looking forward to part 2.

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Yes, I loved that part with the two alien races as well. Even having an idea that something like that ending was coming I loved how it went down. I wonder if we will get to see Mecha Godzilla come into play at any point since we know it exists.

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