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Uniforms: new, ugly, conceptual and whatnot

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Brooklyn gets props for basing theirs off Biggie Smalls' hoodies. Also dig the Hawks, Clippers, Nuggets and Wolves. The Bucks one is fun if you know it's a homage to their famous MECCA court.

But Miami wins again.

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Oof...that is a rough collection of jerseys. The FedEx team should be paying royalties to the Winnipeg Jets. They look like the v1 Jets 90's uniforms.

The good:

Arizona has the nicest jersey of the bunch. They need to ditch the AZ mark on the stripe of the helmet, it's too busy with a logo and tv numbers. But the jerseys have a nice visual pop, especially compared to the pretty drab collection the other teams make up.

If the dark blue is the actual colour, then the Apollos (wtf?) have really nice helmets.

A bit generic, but I like the Commanders and the Fleet's logos.

The bad:

Literally every thing else.

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Whoever owns this league must be a Pac -12 fan because Arizona and Atlanta are pretty obviously Oregon & Washington knockoffs and San Antonio is pretty damn close to Arizona.

Memphis looks like Boise St with helmets that had a bastard love child with Georgia.




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4 hours ago, Stefanie the Human said:

Today I learned Starter still exists.

Somewhere around my sophmore year in high school (96-97), Starter jackets stopped being cool. It seemed to happen kind of suddenly. I'm pretty sure my Starter jackets got donated to help the less fortunate.

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Man, when I was in middle school, everyone had Starter gear.

My friend Shawn, for whatever reason, collected those little plastic bits on the draw strings for the hood that kept them from getting stuck inside the hood. By the end of whatever year that was (7th grade maybe?) his jacket must've had 30 pairs of them on the strings.

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What y'all have?

In elementary school I had a black vinyl Raiders jacket. Wish I still had that one, it was the nicest of the bunch (not that I could even get my arm into anymore).

In junior high I had a pullover Sharks jacket and then a big puffy Carolina Panthers winter coat their inaugural year.

And then, yeah pretty much like Eddie said, around 97 everyone stopped wearing them. As far as I remember we all switched to FUBU jackets.

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