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I'm a credit to credit, especially for older shows. Can't watch the next episode of The Jeffersons until hou them soulfully hum "Movin On Up"


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15 minutes ago, Curt McGirt said:

Grammys live from the... Crypto.com Arena?

It makes sense. Buying the naming rights to an arena has always a brilliant use of money considered by only the smartest CEOs.

Why I was just at Guarnateed Rate Field the other day and was zooming with a friend of mine at Enron Stadium about how the new renovations at FTX arena look amazing.


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5 hours ago, Technico Support said:

I'm pretty sure it was current day but I could be wrong.  I Googled it and apparently, in that part of Alaska, it still does get sort of light, like dusk, a few hours a day during the dark season.

I really like the show.  The only bad thing about it is Billie Eilish's edgelord marblemouth sexy baby voice music.  But that's why the good lord above invented "skip intro."

I think the Eilish song is perfect for the show, but I admit I'm biased towards her.

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All right, well...


Ep 4 of TD:NC is some fucking great stuff.   EASILY the best single ep the show has done since S1, when nearly every episode was this good.

It's also one of the hardest things I've ever had to sit through.  Lots of pausing, lots of collecting myself.  Be warned.  Is it not an easy watch for about 25 different reasons.

But it feels like this is the first strong attempt to start tying things together in a larger perspective and perhaps, perhaps build a larger Lovecraftian mythos.  I'm still much more open to the "mystery" behind it all being resolved in a way that turns out to be "a part of nature we just didn't understand, or that had sentience and hid from us because we're terrible" rather than being "full-blown Elder anything", because that fits in a lot of sensible ways, so they could still take it that way, unless the last 2 eps are particularly down the more familiar rabbit hole. 

The thing that REALLY sucks about this is that I had an idea for a TV show some time ago, which would have been kind of like Breaking Bad meets Lovecraft, and this show is out there doing the cool shit I wanted to do (in little ways at least, not the broad plot strokes).  Not that I'm ever going to finish writing the show, but...goddamnit, I should have been working on that in 2015 instead of just talking about it with friends.

But as much as this show seems, on the surface, to be about loneliness or isolation, I think it's more specifically about absence.  This sort of gnawing idea in so many characters' heads that if only so-and-so had been present for this or that, then I wouldn't feel lost or screwed-up or broken.  It's especially compelling given the same characters act like such hardasses so much of the time, but their need for social interaction is not ultimately that different from any other normal person's, and the response to the absence of that interaction is the same.  There are probably 3 scenes in this ep in particular that drive that home for some of the more prevalent dynamics in the show.


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Yeah that whole episode was one big trigger for all kinds of shit. Everyone ended up fucked over, almost. 

It still doesn't "have" me though, not like season 1. You probably can't recapture that though.

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2 hours ago, colonial said:

wkrp | Aw Phooey

Someone recently took all of Dr. Johnny Fever's (Howard Hesseman) air checks from "WKRP in Cincinnati" and made a three-hour radio show out of it.

I'd listen to this station.

My guy, you can't just drop that on us and not give a link or a small sample. That's just cruel!

Oh and one more thing baby... BOOGER!!!


Edited by J.H.
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6 hours ago, Travis Sheldon said:

I'm going to assume some may have missed True Detective dropping on Friday night, do that's why there's no discussion.

But episode 5 is more gut punching.

Also, I didn't know John Hawkes was a player.

Oh right, because why run it opposite the game? That is asking for trouble. I should have remembered that, but I'm also kinda glad I saved it.

Although I do marvel over and over again that Christopher Eccleston really looks like shit in this show.  There's a part of me that wonders whether that's for the role, since the character is straight out of the Gone to Seed Shitheel Handbook, or if it's the kind of thing that simply awaits all of us when we hit 60, even big fucking stork people like him and myself (though I'm actually even taller than he is!). 

I think I'll choose to solve that problem by simply not hitting 60.

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Just gonna put this here:

Has David Lynch ever played a lawyer in anything? I know he was, what, Evil Kyle MacLachlan in Twin Peaks, right? (Talk about stuff I need to watch...) That's a cop, but there was just a guy on this Law and Order before Raw with total Lynch hair and I thought of him being perfect as a weirdo attorney cross-examining somebody on one of these shows. 

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9 hours ago, Contentious C said:

I don't recall his character being at all evil: just deaf and bureaucratically incompetent, if anything.

He was the higher up guy, yeah. Wasn't really even incompetent to the best of my recollection.

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