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6 hours ago, Cobra Commander said:

was there much of a "fans who are probably attending the University of Wyoming" crowd at that show? because on some topics, a major university can help speed up the process of people not being awful in public (not to mention the overall community impact of the murder)

I'm guessing the main reason why there wasn't much territory wrestling (that we know of) in Wyoming is obvious.. it's a state without a lot of people where the major population centers probably don't have enough interest to keep the operation in business. Not to mention that parts of Wyoming get their TV from Denver, which also didn't really have much local wrestling back in the day. There's a bit of a gap between the midwest and the west coast for territory wrestling that wasn't AWA guys flying into town.

I would imagine if you're in Wyoming, inclusion would at the top of the list if wrestling shows are few and far between. That and if you're bother to even go to the show, you probably know what the bill is or at the very least clued in modern wrestling.

Yeah, I am pretty sure in the PNW and over east of that into Idaho, Wyoming, and other parts of sparsely populated middle America, there are a good amount of white supremacist, conspiracy theorist, gun toting nut ultra right wing enclaves. However, I doubt that's the crowd attending certain events like this. It's pretty easy to kinda vilify that part of the country cause that's the stereotype. However, the craziness is basically spread out thorough out the country and not just certain pockets.

Now if it was a UFC card in Wyoming? All bets are off.

5 hours ago, zendragon said:

I wrongly assumed the mainstream rise of UFC would of really helped amateur wrestling but instead we have BJJ schools on every corner

It doesn't help that amateur wrestling was sort of a downturn and already highly dependent on Olympic success when MMA as we first kinda knew it came around. It went from damn near every major NCAA conference having wrestling including the SEC to only a select few. That's on top of few ways to make money after your amateur wrestling career is over on the collegiate level. That's how you get some dude like John du Pont who is ready to exploit that gap and bankroll basically a good portion of the USA wrestling program indirectly. IIRC Many programs also stopped letting people competing in sports that overlap during the wrestling season (ex. football). So you either had to do one or the other. When MMA/NHB came around, amateur wrestling in the U.S. basically shot itself in the foot cause for the longest they wanted no association with it, period. On one hand, you can see why especially pre-regulation. However, it as a standalone sport with no real spot to be elevated to was already in a tough spot and wasn't going to get much better. Hell, before corruption took all the way over, amateur boxing in the U.S. was slowly turning into "I got mouths to feed" by the mid 90s. That's why the 1996 U.S. Olympic boxing team is the last "great" boxing team (Eric Morel, Zahir Raheem, Floyd Mayweather Jr., David Diaz, Fernando Vargas, and Antonio Tarver ended being the best of that crop) we've had. That was how many Olympics cycles ago? Each Olympic since then has been a bigger and bigger disappointment not counting Tokyo cause the sport was basically on the verge of being cut due to rampant corruption in the governing body (no governing body = death) anyway. Any hint of success would have been promising in that case.

Therefore, if amateur boxing has turned out that way and you can make a ton of cash getting a medal and turning pro like a Floyd Mayweather did and others did before him from Ali in 1960 to De La Hoya in 1992, then amateur wrestling ain't got a snowball's chance in hell. People aren't stupid. They're going to cut out the middle man. MMA just inadvertently kept it alive in spite of that.

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1 minute ago, Cobra Commander said:

So which wrestler would be Jughead if the people running wrestling promotions were into Archie Comics and why would it be Daniel Garcia or Angelo Parker

You’re saying the guy who wears a crown, loves to eat fast food, and hangs around high schoolers wouldn’t be Jerry Lawler?

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1 hour ago, zendragon said:

Wheeling West Virginia apparently 

Yep, that's the Wheeling Civic Center, now known as Wesbanco Arena. Still around.

Where Luna Vachon attacked a handcuffed Sable 10 feet in front of me on a 1998 Raw and smeared makeup all over her face.

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4 hours ago, zendragon said:


The world almost got Hogan v Bruno at one point but Hogan had a Japan date

for the record, here's the results from that card:


WWF @ Wheeling, WV – Civic Center – March 8, 1981
The Red Demon pinned Bill Dixon at 11:30
Jim Grabmire pinned Bill Berger at 9:40
Dominic DeNucci defeated Capt. Lou Albano via count-out at 11:15
Bruno Sammartino defeated Sgt. Slaughter (sub. for Hulk Hogan) via count-out at 19:50
WWF Tag Team Champions Rick Martel & Tony Garea defeated the Hangman & Baron Mikel Scicluna at 15:20 when Martel pinned Scicluna


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that Wheeling Match was one of two Bruno/Slaughter matches, the other match was at a non-televised MSG show. I'm guessing the matches were at least interesting.


WWF @ New York City, NY – Madison Square Garden – December 8, 1980 (20,011)
This card was not televised; John Lennon was shot and killed in NYC this same night
Johnny Rodz defeated Sylvano Sousa at 10:49
The Moondogs defeated Rick McGraw & Angel Marvilla at 11:37
Larry Zbyszko defeated Dominic DeNucci via count-out at 12:42
WWF Tag Team Champions Rick Martel & Tony Garea defeated the Wild Samoans in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match at 26:27, 2 falls to 1
Ernie Ladd fought Tony Atlas to a double count-out at 5:24
Pedro Morales defeated WWF IC Champion Ken Patera to win the title at 18:51; Pat Patterson was the guest referee for the bout
Bruno Sammartino defeated Sgt. Slaughter via count-out at 18:38


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11 hours ago, Peck said:

Capt. Lou going 10+ minutes with DeNucci.. wonder how much of that was stalling. lol

Saw this and I’m really bummed we never got a team of the Captain & the Baron on the regular.

WWF @ Beaver Falls, PA – Geneva College Metheny Fieldhouse – March 9, 1981
The Red Demon pinned Jim Grabmire at 13:02
Dominic DeNucci pinned the Hangman at 14:36
Suzette Ferrera pinned Betty Clark at 10:47
Bill Berger pinned Bill Dixon at 5:37
WWF Tag Team Champions Rick Martel & Tony Garea defeared Baron Mikel Scicluna & Capt. Lou Albano at 15:09 when Martel pinned Scicluna

It’s kind of odd that the Captain worked matches at two spot shows on the far end of the promotion, at this point I thought he was just working the big arenas once or twice a year. 

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E-Fed level gimmick idea inspired by Roddy Strong having a close call on Friday while working a faked neck injury gimmick:

Name: Wolf. Attach whatever names/surnames you want.

Catchphrase: “you don’t cry Wolf”

General gimmick idea: he tries to inflict injuries on people who he thinks are milking false/exaggerated injuries.

There I just booked a few feuds for your e-fed.

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