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2023 NFL Draft, 27-29 April 2023


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1 minute ago, Infinit said:

I'd be super happy with the Steelers getting Joey Porter Jr. with their first pick tonight.  Surprised that he's still available. 

He shouldn't be but Washington was all OOOH!!! PICK SIXES!!!!! and took Forbes

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Apparently Levis just did those two things for gags and the media ran with it, but perhaps more on the head as to way he dropped is there was a fair amount of rumbling that he's kinda annoying and isn't the leader type. Which at first I thought was just teams making up shit hoping he'd drop to them, but then no one picked him. And the 1st Round is when you pick a QB if you think they could be potentially elite, that fifth year is a big deal.

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Mort had a report last night that two teams were "concerned" about Levis' toe injury and that they think he needs surgey (Levis said he is healthy and his doctor's don't agree with the surgery bit)

Obviously - the teams in Mort's report are anonymous so they could be teams who won't be drafting a QB at all

But teams will gladly take that as an excuse over having to say they just don't like a guy

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1 minute ago, Brian Fowler said:

The Lions have made approximately 817 trades these last two days. And I have no idea what they are doing when they actually draft players.

DOn't worry, neither do they. . .  🙂

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