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Well HDF without his mask is supposed to be one of the guys who kidnapped Raul Mendoza so this most likely is a way to get someone who is available to work but not ruining a current storyline.

I am assuming this means the finals are KUSHIDA vs. Jack Gallagher with KUSHIDA winning

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23 hours ago, steve said:

I wonder if this is permanent, or if he's just HDF for the tournament and then redebuts maskless later. There was speculation he was behind the kidnappings on NXT.

We're also again ignoring that HDF lost his mask a year ago...

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On 5/7/2020 at 5:00 PM, Peck said:

Did Meltzer ever elaborate on/confirm/deny Maverick's current status with the company?

Nothing much beyond what everyone else was saying.

The WWE felt that since wrestlers were still getting paid - they can use them until the downside was over. (This is what they reportedly were going to do with Sarah Logan to).

However - in both Drake (and Logan)'s cases - they were extremely popular backstage and apparently had people going to bat for them. They are were the rare exceptions in that neither had been complaining about their spot or asked for their release (as most of the other releases were of that nature).

So both could be brought back (or have already possibly been signed to different deals)

Let me see if I can find the writeup (though I definitely remember being discussed on the radio show so it might have been there instead)

This was the last write-up (the rest was in the Radio show that recapped whatever NXT show had the Drake/Atlas match)


So there was a weird situation on 4/20. Logan, who was cut a few days earlier, was booked in a few segments on Raw. The plan wasn’t to keep her employed, but the idea was that since they are still paying her for 90 more days, if there was a reason to use her, they would. Since the idea was that she was going to be back for a short while, her name was scripted into a few promos. And then the decision was made not to use her on the show, but they didn’t change the promos. I’ve got no idea if what was planned, which I believe was a segment where she’d be linked up with the Viking Raiders, has been dropped or may take place in the future. But even if she is on Raw next week, that doesn’t mean her firing was rescinded

They are also doing an angle working the Drake Maverick firing into a storyline. Maverick cut a nearly tearful promo about losing his job and the idea is that he needed to prove to himself and WWE that he was good enough and the cruiserweight tournament was his last chance. Then he lost to Jake Atlas in the first tournament match. Since it’s round-robin, the keys are if he wins his next two he can advance, but he has to win his next match to do so. No matter what the storyline, he did need to lose the first match. It’s almost impossible to believe if they are doing a storyline where he has to win to save his job, that in the end, he doesn’t save his job. During this period that would be cruel. It’s also weird to shoot an angle that calls attention to the fact they fired a bunch of guys weeks into a pandemic. And the kicker to all this is that as of Wednesday, Maverick was still listed as being gone when the 90 days are up. Like with all the talent, they may use them because they are paying them for the next 90 days if they haven’t already made their downside money


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