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  1. Might be worth checking when they all did Jericho’s pod on the cruise a couple years ago. Cody said he loves them all but isn't part of the Elite out of respect for them being that for so long. When listening to it it made perfect sense to me. So Cody doing his own thing is just an extension of that. But of course it's the internet where context doesn't matter. Unless proven otherwise it's just speculation and not worth worrying about.
  2. I only saw a few minutes of handball so far but I would love to see that as well. Beats the piss out of dodgeball which was basically an excuse for bullies to try and kill dweebs like me with the ball.
  3. Well at least I would feel more confident about things going boom like they should so sure why not.
  4. I was thinking the same exact thing. It's cool that Orange is in it so long as they don't use this version as his theme.
  5. So thanks to @AxBfor posting the ringside video of the Cardona/Gage match in the blood thread. I don't normally check out deathmatches or even recall seeing a full one with Gage in it. For one while I always respected Cardona but to let himself take all that is pretty insane for somebody that was in WWE for so long. For another I think because it was Cardona it led to them milking the spots more to maximize audience engagement. It had that big-time feel to it and to see them flip out when he won is pretty incredible. I'm also really glad he won as that's going to extend the feud for at least a couple months. So while they may have used Gage's main weapons I have a feeling the blowoff's going to be even more insane than that.
  6. Yeah, take care @GordbergAll goes well when you're back to regular posting there will be a whole helluva lot to talk about.
  7. I had a great time Saturday night anyway but if I knew MCW was coming back I would have gone to this. So now I'm kind of bummed out I missed going to this but am still really happy for them. Also, his fiancee lives in Harford County and is a friend of a friend. So there's a very likely chance that I'll end up meeting them at some point which will be great.
  8. Cardona tweeted proof that somebody threw a pizza cutter in. I'm fine with everything else but if that hit the wrong way that would have been bad times for him.
  9. I'm on a judo kick myself though agree the NBC Sports app sucks. If I do smart TV version it's endless ads with video freezing unless I fast forward. On the phone it won't let me filter by sport so I have to hope what I want to watch is featured. Hopefully that gets sorted out.
  10. I'm gonna need to find out when this episode airs. One for my own amusement and two because my parents watch this show and will likely ask me all about this episode.
  11. I'm tempted but considering how many figures I got from them so far I think I'm good. Of course they'll have that one thing in there that'll make me go "Shit, I should have got it" but that could be me having flashbacks to the inconsistent quality of the WWE crate.
  12. If you're just using it at a different part of the house we've been using Steam Link's app on Android TV. Aside from the XBox One controller being a pain to pair to bluetooth at first it's been pretty painless since then. The app also works for stuff like tablets so you can maybe cast it to TV as well through that. As for games the only thing we had to note were the ones that said whether it was full controller support or partial. Full gave us no problems but sometimes with partial we had to adjust the controller mappings per game.
  13. Dude, that's been the story of my life. If I remember to organize the basement it might as well be a minor miracle. I like Hero but unless he comes back and crushes it I think the ship has sailed for him. It may also depend on his priorities in life as that might have changed for him too.
  14. Don't get me wrong I'll still enjoy the events. But it's either going to somehow work out fine or it's going to get ugly really fast. There's no middle ground on this one.
  15. If we're talking fantasy matchups he absolutely has to wrestle Angelico. And I bet once he finds out about the style that Angelico does he'll see to get that done ASAP.
  16. Well considering that one photo of her as Storm even Warner has to admit it's the right call. Plus that was on Youtube so they may not even know or care. I was 20 minutes behind on live viewing so in an effort to catch up I saw Jericho/Spears which was fine but largely skipped Kaz/Gallows. I would love to talk Metallica with Kaz and drink beer with Gallows yet seeing them wrestle each other does nothing for me. It was also rough seeing Yuta/Darby as it really felt like a nothing match. if the best thing about the match is Orange/Sting's antics then no thank you. And then there's Nyla/Baker which like others said was in slow motion and just not good. I think Nyla works best against much smaller women who are clear babyfaces (Riho for example) So while the previous match against Britt was good it's just not an overall good matchup to me. Of course that's not to say the show was bad but compared to last week which clicked on all cylinders last night just kept the engine running onto the next show. Wonky matchups aside they moved the stories along and we got next week to look forward to. Plus seeing Nick F'n Gage and a super fun main event led to pretty good times. EDIT: I almost forgot about the Eddie spot with Britt and Nyla. You're not going to do that with Vickie around and I loved that she distracted the ref so Nyla could reverse it. I understand her with Andrande didn't make sense (has since been corrected) but I like her with Nyla. Though considering people don't like that pairing then until her contract ends I hope she finds something worthwhile to do. EDIT 2: I'm still tickled pink at the idea of wrestling legend Sting not only doing the Orange kicks but initiating them on top of that. That was pure gold and I'm so sharing that with friends.
  17. I mean if you can't get "For whom the bells tolls" then generic rock with bells I guess is fine. Though seeing "I walk alone" my first thought was "Wait, did somebody really use Batista's theme for Nick F'n Gage?" I'm honestly a tad disappointed that wasn't true.
  18. I'll admit to being selfish and wanting to see Tokyo Olympics. Whether it's showcasing the cool Japanese stuff or just wanting to see all that on 4K I unintentionally was overlooking some things just for my own potential enjoyment. But with all this going and now what Natural just put I guess I snapped out of it. Just cancel the whole thing and be done with it.
  19. Yep, he recovered and is still working there. I think I saw him not too long ago when they had one of those pull-apart segments on Smackdown. He's a tough bastard that's for sure.
  20. Yeah, he's still an agent over there.
  21. Hey, @GoodearI know last week you said you had free time and were asking for the chat link. Sorry for not getting this last week but if you're still interested here you go. https://discord.gg/7PSebVVuyu
  22. I could have seen him as an announcer for Rampage alongside Mark but in-ring performer will be interesting. I felt for quite some time that the ship has sailed and he seems quite happy doing other things. But if it's for the occasional match then sure why not.
  23. Well at the way things are going that won't happen until at least late next year. So might as well do some defenses and make some appearances on Strong.
  24. Well from one Greek-American to another I hope you enjoyed the Bucks winning tonight. I've been going through so many emotions that when it finally happened it was just pure bliss over here. I hope my dad vacationing in Greece was able to celebrate but with it verging on 6:30am there at the time he might have been sleeping. But I'll ask him all about it tomorrow anyway. I'm gonna tag @Nice Guy Eddie on this one as well. I always liked basketball throughout the years but seeing the past few years with Giannis has been truly special. As for his doubters putting up 50 points is nothing to sneeze at even with him doing a lot of a free throws so no matter who he is that deserves the MVP trophy. But I will say to @Lawful MetalI agree with your criticisms more than you may realize. It's been frustrating watching them at times throughout the season but the combination of Phoenix shutting down at the wrong times plus Milwaukee doing the right moves when it counted is what made the difference. I would love to see Milwaukee go for it again but in all honesty I'd be happy to see Houston get the title as well. So if that works out for them then I'll be happy for ya. Anyway I'm tired but to say I'm happy would be a gross understatement. Between the nervous pacing and Ouzo I'll be sleeping well tonight so Καληνυχτα and here's to hoping the caffeine works out well tomorrow.
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