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  1. That adds to the frustration for me. I appreciate that he's lower down the card and the feud with Nightmare Factory has so far been good. But I can think of many different ways to make a match with Ogogo feel important without going all "America! Fuck yeah!" Even if he did a cocky promo about the school it would have been worlds better than what we got and helped make QT's group feel more relevant. I love TK and appreciate him letting the talent do their thing but he needs to know when to stop things before they happen.
  2. I really want to talk about literally anything else but I checked how long Cody's promo went. It was surprisingly 6 minutes but it felt like it was 12. I don't know if I'm as upset about it as Craig but on rewatch I was just incredibly frustrated about it all. I would dare say that he could have a nice and tight 3 minute promo that states his case and that's it. But it was meandering to start with and went way off the rails after the second minute. I don't understand what he was going for but it was a big-time miss. And considering he's feuding with Nightmare Factory I would have focused
  3. I see it as him beating random folks until Silver wins it. It'll tie to Darby's respect for Brodie and challenging Dark Order members . Plus it'd be one helluva feel good moment for him to win it with how he earned Brodie's storyline respect at the end. But that's for down the road. In the meantime I'll enjoy Miro fucking up everybody in his way.
  4. I love the idea of Scorpio and Page taking it but with them feuding with Sting and Darby at the moment I'm not sure if that's something they have in mind. If they do go that route then that would be some great long-term booking for sure.
  5. This is one of those weeks where aside from the tag title match I don't know who's gonna win and that's just wonderful. I would like for SCU to have one more run but with the DoN build I don't see it happening. Plus with Bucks recently being heels it would cut their legs out if they lost the titles so soon. Only thing I wonder about it is what happens to SCU from there. I can't see one of them turning heel but with Daniels at his age I see retirement coming really soon as he stays backstage. Frankie looks like he's got a few more miles on him though but I don't know about a singles push.
  6. Oh my goodness that Max Caster rap had me in stitches. I'm still making my way through Dark but I adore this so damn much.
  7. So while some look for a good cry by watching tearjerker movies apparently the wrestling fan in me looks for wrestler tributes instead. It started on a slow work day today when I realized I had yet to listen to the New Day and Jericho pods doing tributes to Mr. Brodie Lee. When they came out I was crying so damn much at the time that I needed to just take a break for a bit. Well here I am 5 months later checking them out and it really sticks out how beloved he is across the board. There were similar stories but it's still amazing just how many people were positively affected by knowing
  8. *frantically goes on a search to find DDP Yoga DVDs* Man, I know I have them around here somewhere... But seriously while it's been a while since I used it that really does work wonders even if it's just regular yoga with a gimmick.
  9. I unfortunately saw that coming. I know the consensus was that he escaped injury but that landing was bad news the second it happened. Luckily it's only three months and not something that would have him out much longer.
  10. Oh, man I'm so sorry. Losing a pet is one of the worst things to happen especially the closer they get to the family. And 5 years is way too damn young so again really sorry to read that. Hang in there, fella.
  11. Guess they figured since it was non-sanctioned it wouldn't hurt Britt's race to the top with the rankings. Not saying I fully agree with it but Britt still looked incredibly strong in defeat. And holy moly that Kingston promo was absolutely incredible. I wasn't super sold on him and Mox against the Bucks beforehand but that promo sealed the deal for me. He's got a helluva gift. And speaking of Mox that was a great match against Limelight. I know some may think it was too competitive but Danny had a nice fight from underneath vibe that I would like to see more of.
  12. Just watched part two and that was a roller coaster of emotions ranging from sadness to anger to brief laughter to hope at the end. Random thoughts: -I still don't like Melanie one bit but while it may be partly a cover for the show there did seem to be some remorse. -Thank goodness for Linda though who I thought really highly of reading the book and even moreso here. -I warned my wife in advance about the Melanie interview on Raw but we still couldn't help but be really pissed off. I'm not gonna go off on Vince (again) but that was some fucked up shit he pulled to say the lea
  13. I know it's different situations but when it comes with issues of quality of care I would consider talking with however high up the food chain you can go about what's been done. When things went south with my mother-in-law between myself and my sister-in-law we got whatever statements we possibly could as that's more evidence for the upcoming trial against the place. Hopefully things turn around long-term for your father though but thankfully he's at a different hospital.
  14. Poor guy might be sleeping on the couch but there's some fun ones in there.
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