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  1. The comments when airing it live likely sealed the decision assuming it was largely negative. So it might just be best to pretend it didn't happen and move on. I sure as hell am.
  2. I'm just gonna fast forward through it even if it does air. But they're going to need to decide if this is worth risking offending people. And even if what you said checks out there's still a pretty high risk of that happening so might as well just not air it. BUT to play devil's advocate I get what he was going for and it fits with how he's done his freestyles in the past. Say something controversial that will make you either love or hate him depending on your preference. This one is no different with the Carolina part but the surrounding lines are just hard to justify keeping in.
  3. Wait, what? I know he's skirted that line a few times but that's a few steps way too far. I really hope they don't air it as even if he's channeling Michael Che that's just not right.
  4. I came home from the gym this morning and was delighted to see his match against Yabiku live. That ended up being one Yabiku won who also did a pretty sweet powerslam on Garaei. There were some pretty fun matches that happened after that to boot so it was a solid hour of Olympic wrestling.
  5. I love how you knew Eddie saw the Dragonball reference with Kross yet really didn't want to acknowledge it. At least until he attempted whatever at the end before the ending counter. It's also funny hearing him and Tony busting each other's balls. It sounds at first like there's something up yet in reality they're friends who just like doing that to each other. Interesting to hear that side of Tony considering that doesn't come across too much. I also like Show wearing that Wingmen shirt because he lost a card game. The more he explained it the more I couldn't help but laugh. And I get the love for Angela Risk from LoneWolf but of course the "Settle down..." line is completely warranted in this case. Though I'll admit to being a hypocrite here so maybe a proactive line for me is in order too. EDIT: At least I was wise enough to not say anything because my wife was so ready to give me a death glare.
  6. Yeah, but still a dick move no matter if his name's on it or not.
  7. Crockett was awesome and gave me chills hearing him and Tony commentate. And yeah Eddie had the biggest grin likely mentally marking out like a mofo. I just wish that they had somebody that could have put their opponent in a sugar hold. The idea of David reacting to that would have been incredible.
  8. Eh, it's not really a hill I'm planning to die on so we'll just agree to disagree. As for All Out I'm really curious to see how big the numbers get. I know buyrates and ratings matter yet don't matter for all kinds of reasons. But it'll be interesting to see with the momentum they have plus the strong rumors just how many people tune in to see what happens. In talking with friends who will come over to watch the excitement is already sky-high so it's going be a pretty wild night.
  9. Yeah, to go with what Jiji said I'm not talking dying it back to that color. I mean just not dye his hair at all and let it go back to how he had it. Also, if he wanted to go "Death of Superman" the lack of hair dye might have helped his chances of getting the point across. Well that and not dressing like he did too.
  10. Side note: I can deal with the tattoo but Cody really should change his hair back to his natural color. The blonde dye job makes him look way too fake and the last thing he needs are more reasons for people to hate on him. Plus if he's ever going to be back to a fiery babyface it looks better with that than the blonde look.
  11. If they're going to have Cena steal Finn's opportunity then I hope that means Finn gets pissed off and has a mini feud with him. Hopefully that will be the catalyst to him getting back into NXT Finn mode which he quite frankly still should be. If that doesn't happen then he is already quite the afterthought after only a couple weeks back.
  12. Major congratulations on that, dude. Sounds like a pretty nice setup there.
  13. Watching the replay y for a track event and I saw a seemingly rare Greek athlete on TV. "Hey, alright, go for it!" *Said woman gets injured before hitting the first hurdle* "Fucking hell, man!" But hey, at least other countries I care about are having great results so it could be worse.
  14. I swear to shit if they do this then I don't know what I'm gonna do seeing this live. I'll hate going solo but feel even in the nosebleeds it'll be a fucking crazy atmosphere. Now watch them have to go back to Jacksonville soon because of dumbasses all around. I'll understand why but I'll be so fucking pissed if this doesn't happen there.
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