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  1. Random jabroni who thought it was best to fuck with Haku. Surprised that he lived to tell/type the tale.
  2. Corny skits aside you guys really need to watch this video Xplay did on the Def Jam games.
  3. The unfortunate thing of going out to either get drinks or merch is I tend to miss out on certain things. I had no idea Silver was facing Deppen until just now though it sounds like I didn't miss much. But it was great seeing Sonny get the win though my friends and I agree she needs to be featured a lot more. And as soon as I saw Emi/Abadon facing each other I knew you folks would like it.
  4. Oh, FFS that sucks. It was a pretty fun one he had with Caster and I believe the reaction was bigger than last time. I would have them give it another go at some point and make sure the power actually works. That does explain why Nyla/Skye was listed as a "Baltimore-exclusive" match since they were dealing with power issues at the time. Some thought the line was nonsense until I confirmed they never did that before. Odd thing is the camera lights were on for that match so I'll be curious to see how this plays out.
  5. Actually that sealed my vote for Grace since he's technically not with them anymore. I'd love to see him in AEW but of the current list Jordynn would be wonderful to see on there.
  6. They did a couple Elevation matches but then said they were doing a match that is just for the crowd which was Nyla vs. Skye Blue. I'm not sure if it messed up the timing or something but they said the last Elevation match they had would be done after Dynamite. So after that ends we get Keith Lee and Swerve vs QT and Solow which did start to wake the crowd up. A big part of me feels it was a timing issue but there is part of me that feels they knew in advance the crowd would be dead for the ROH match. But I'm trying to not think too much about that as whether intentional or not having Lee/Swerve come out got the job done.
  7. Heh, I saw gameplay of that and was getting some Monty Python vibes from it. Might have to give that a try one day. Also, if you haven't played Trek to Yomi please get on that ASAP. Doesn't take long to get through it and is deep in the Kurasawa vibe.
  8. I don't blame Tony for thinking that but the problem is expecting that people in Baltimore still cared about ROH. Some did/still do but interest here has gone down quite a bit since they made here their home base. If they wanted something with a bit more to it I think a Joe TV championship match would have been a much better idea. But since we got this match I think it would have made more sense to have this as the Dynamite opener instead with Dante/Fenix main eventing as a dream match. Considering they had some all-time classics start the show it would have worked and the crowd would have at least had a sense of energy to them. But not only was it a bit cold with them in the main it was not long after Dante/Fenix where people were just spent after that match. If for some reason Tony insisted on it being the main then put Riho/Yuka on Dynamite and start Rampage off with Lethal/Takeshita. Oh, and as for Pillman it's time to keep him on YT forever but have Griff do singles matches. I respect the legacy and everything but he just doesn't have it even if he was a heel. All he needed was not even a minute to say something and the HoB comes out. It also could have given Dante/Fenix more time to be shown as is and not in PiP which I would be upset about too. If there was ever a time to consider their Fite subscription to go commercial-free that match would be it.
  9. Didn't have a chance to post about it so won't read the thread yet. But while the show might not have been the most stacked we had a really great time regardless. Yeah, they lost us on the Pillman and Page promos and it was hard to get full energy for the main after Fenix/Dante. But the opener was great and Fenix/Dante had us losing our goddamn minds. And Morrissey looked really great so kudos to him for getting it together. Fun match and Wardlow was insanely popular. So even if it was a "weak" show I'll gladly take this any day over...well you know. And I'll give love to the small Baltimore crowd as they were sold out and were super amped up for the good stuff. But since I'm going to watch it back tonight with my wife I'll just let her know that we're gonna skip over the Pillman part and pretend it didn't exist. For one it would make the show more enjoyable to watch and for another watching it back would allow me to be more invested in the main. With Ramapage at 5:30 today it'll be pretty much AEW day which gets no complaints at all over here. Also, @John E. Dynamiteby any chance were you in section 101? I ask because during Rampage I heard somebody pulling for Yuka then they mentioned Takeshita wrestling a giant panda in DDT. The second example in particular made me think "Hmm...I wonder". EDIT: Wait, wait, wait, I almost forgot about the BCC match. I know they need meaningful matches soon but no way in fuck can a show be weak with those three crushing it. I flipped my shit seeing them and there's nothing better than all three beating the fuck out of three fools at the end.
  10. I feel like the one person here that liked Moon Knight. Not saying the whole thing was a home run but there was plenty that we enjoyed about it. I think what hurt it the most was it needed at least two more episodes to flesh things out. But episode 5 was far the best one with the finale being solid enough. I also maintain that even with Steven being annoying I liked how they worked it where Mark realized how much he needed him. Ethan did a good job but I think Oscar was great in nailing the transitions between personas. I know it's TV magic but he pulled it off really well. So while I don't have this anywhere near the top I thought the show was a good enough starting point. If there's a season two I hope things are more cohesive and they have a chance to go all-out with this.
  11. Especially with everything going on I do appreciate you pinning this, sir.
  12. That's another reason I would say no to Morrissey for AEW. He sounds like he's in a much better place and I wish him well. But if it means a chance of nZo then I'd rather they didn't bring either in.
  13. First off, what in the flying fuck?! Second, I created this Discord mainly to keep political stuff out of the board though know it's going to be hard not to mention it on here. But for the sake of the admins if you need to please do it here. https://discord.gg/kyBKaHE Third, aw fuck it, WHAT IN THE FLYING FUCK?!
  14. I haven't seen much of Deonna but know of the choices she'd be by far the best bet. I heard Morrisey's a lot better and Jonah is awesome but there's also been enough big men joining for now. Alexander is a close second choice if they did the Scorpio face turn and Page got Josh to team against Scorp/Kaz. Which is something I didn't know I wanted until typing that out just now. Despite that Deonna's the safe bet as while the women's division is great she can help take them to new heights.
  15. I'm sad to see Legends go but count me as the one that's really sad to see Batwoman go as well. It took them a season to get over the "You're not Kate Kane!" arc but it was a much better show after that. The Poison Ivy stuff helped to tighten things up and my hope was come next season it'd be a lot more cohesive. But unfortunately it's not to be though they did a good job finishing up one some loose ends. The cliffhanger didn't get me interested so I'm okay with calling this their series finale.
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