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  1. Not sure if it’s been posted yet, but highspots.tv has a two hour Briscoes in PWG special posted for free on their service. Just need to sign up, just create an account, don’t set up a subscription or anything, and it’s there. Watching Briscoes vs KoW from 2007 from the JCC right now and it’s wild. RIP Jay.
  2. Hi bud! Just taking some time off, no biggie. Thanks for asking!
  3. Oh shit double top secret suspensions for Andrade and Sammy?
  4. Worked out in an actual real gym for the first time in a long while…hurting but happy right now!
  5. That's awesome! If only the closest one to me wasn't two and a half hours away, near Philly. Maybe next time I go to corporate HQ.
  6. I'm on a work call right now and someone is asking my remote coworker if they have pythons in Florida. It's taking all my strength to not yell "JUST THESE 24 INCH PYTHONS, BROTHER!"
  7. I remember explaining to a friend that PCO is Quebecer PIerre and he was blown away. ?
  8. I was surprised Jeff and Jerry were there together and interacting in a friendly way. Did they sort their shit out or was this a case of "old carnies putting issues aside to make money?"
  9. Word. Cody always came across as disingenuous and acting was his first career choice. Everything @Greggulator said about Sammy is spot on. He used to wear a panda head to the ring and when asked what that had to do with anything, his reply was something like, "I just think pandas are cool." Kid gives zero thought to any aspect of wrestling that's not "what dumb shit can I do in the next match and how many flips can I add to said dumb shit?"
  10. The former, I totally understand. The latter, not so much! Me, I always mix up Anthony Henry and Kevin Blackwood.
  11. No problem! It's called Tales from the Territories. It's from the same production team as Dark Side but is more about multi-wrestler discussions of various territories (one per episode) and less about awful stuff.
  12. Thanks for the reminder that the new Vice wrestling show starts tonight! ?
  13. Speaking of...didn't he get into a Twitter spat with Donovan Dijak over that move? At some point, you learn that you don't need to engage every single time you disagree with words on the internet. Mfers out here treating a dumb Tweet like they just saw the Bat Signal. I MUST GO! SOMEONE POSTED SOMETHING THAT I CANNOT LET STAND!
  14. Sammy's double springboard bullshit cutter Cody Cutter Ozcutter Lethal Injection All these garbage-ass cutters that require the opponent to stand, stunned, as time stands still, waiting forever for the guy on offense to do some elaborate parkour, can fuck right off. Any cutter that takes more than 1.5 seconds and is more convoluted than "I grab your head and fall" is unnecessary.
  15. I keep thinking, "don't actual real companies have social media policies?" You know, policies that try to discourage employees from airing embarrassing company business on social media? I know wrestling is different from real businesses (just go ahead and imagine that in the Spongebob meme font, thanks), but this is embarrassing.
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