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  1. Alvarez had a bit where he'd mix up Tatum Paxley and Paxley Tatum and I legit had no idea which was the correct name.
  2. I think of that every single time they say his name. It's a curse. Not as bad a curse as being doused by gamma rays. But a curse nonetheless.
  3. This is like the time Danielson got hot at HHH for stopping a match where Danielson's arm came out of his socket and the majority of posters were on Danielson's side there. Or the time when Sin Cara broke his finger and wanted to go home and the now noted piece of shit Alberto Del Rio shot on him, and the majority of fans sided with Del Rio. Funny how we're always on the wrong side because we're romanticizing old school macho bullshit. We're no better than Undertaker talking about crusty old men sorting out their issues with pistols and how today's wrestlers are soft because they're not stabbing each other over perceived slights. Don't put this shit in the hands of wrestlers, who are wrapped up in tough guy bullshit. Don't put this shit in the hands of refs, who are not medical doctors. Just put a fucking doctor at ringside, one who knows the signs of possible concussion instead of some musclehead "doctor" whose doctorate is probably in kineseology or some bullshit. Not to shit on Doctor Sampson but if your company's head doc has bigger arms than a good deal of your workers, something's wrong.
  4. I get you, but like I said, this is absolutely not all on him. It's easy to pull out the pitchforks and to look for an easy answer, but this is way more complicated than that. Again, what stops Moxley from telling Knox "I am fucked up...we need to end this match now" aside from wrestlers just being macho and dumb? At the end of the day, the was one person who absolutely knew that Moxley was hurt and had all the power to avoid a worse outcome, and that wasn't Knox.
  5. Are the young guys in question also wild? Like, are they wild and young?
  6. Eli Ass To be fair, Vince thought he was firing Michael Tarver.
  7. I have a soft spot for Knox as a PWG fan going way back, so I'm biased. Still, he feels like one of those early AEW hires where they were picking up the not necessarily most talented indy guys just because they needed people; guys who didn't fit in once AEW got past a certain level and were let go. And also, obviously, he's a friend of the Bucks. All that being said, I'm not one to call for a guy to lose his livelihood over a mistake a lot of people in the same position make. This shit is hard to do in the moment. And the point I was trying to make is that the company needs to set up guidelines. Knox made mistakes but if the company is not directing these guys to call it like a shoot, then why should he be expected to have done that? Maybe Mox should have told someone that he was fucked up. Maybe the "I need to tough it out" culture has to change. Brain trauma is nothing to fuck with and if you're concussed in the first minute of a match, anything that happens after can make things much worse for you. Even if the finish had gone perfectly, we have a guy out there working 20 minutes with brain trauma and that's pretty fucked. I was reading the reddit thread about this and one poster said a relative had sustained what was classified as a "mild concussion," and then they hit their head again soon after, and ended up with brain damage. This is on both wrestlers in the ring, the doctor, and absolutely the company, who seems to have no guidelines in place for any of this shit.
  8. AEW needs to do more to recognize injuries when they happen and act accordingly. As mentioned, this is this latest in a pretty good-sized list of in-match injuries that have gone unchecked. Also, they really should just tell the refs to call it like a shoot. And not the WWE style "call it like a shoot," where the one time a ref does it, he gets in deep shit for it.
  9. All I remember about Wrestling Classics is that time some dude worked them into thinking he was an old timer and close friend on Lou Thesz and how there was a fake Buddy Rogers. Or maybe that was the KM board. Hilarious either way.
  10. I wish but probably not, since, as mentioned, they just had new belts made. The Acclaimed with Billy Gunn feels like Jurassic Express with Marko Stunt...a decent team with an extraneous and gimmicky third member that nobody really cares too much about. I saw enough Billy Gunn a quarter century ago.
  11. Just the idea that he attacked another person and made him fear for his life, and then it's cool that he's allowed to joke about it, is disturbing. If this was David Starr making equivalent jokes about his own situation with his ex, there'd be an uproar. But it's two men so society dictates we're supposed to think TK is a wimp or some shit and make jokes about monitors falling on the guy like fuck him, right? Probably best we stay out of gender studies and get back to Zune talk, I guess.
  12. I don't know man, I'm just saying that, ostensibly, Punk is not a "drop a lawsuit out of the goodness of my heart" guy. But @Elsalvajeloco is correct that it's apples and oranges anyway. I just really enjoyed the kicker of the story, that Punk was dropping the suit because he was done with the drama AEW caused in his life. Meanwhile, Punk's out here doing indy MMA commentary and making jokes about attacking his boss.
  13. My last experience seeing Cole Radrick was 2109 Paradigm Pro. Then I just saw him on a GCW show. In four years he went from "your redneck NASCAR loving neighbor" to "deathmatch scumbag" and that was just a wild thing to see.
  14. I think the consensus theory is that he didn't get what he wanted but rather, they have footage of his outburst and his "worse than just a lunge" thing and all that, and his lawyers agree they'd be as effective in a lawsuit as Punk in a MMA match. AEW and whatever outside counsel they brought in was confident enough in their case to fire him with cause, after all. You think a guy who sued his former friend would back down from a suit against AEW just to avoid "drama?"
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