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  1. Any word on whether the operating doctor thought it was open mic night?
  2. Herc/Steamboat might be the best match on Mania 2. Damning with faint praise, I know, but still.
  3. Re-watching a bunch of 80s WWF, I found a lot of the conventional wisdom around "muscleheads" to be bullshit. A lot of these guys were at least average if not above average. Hercules Hernandez, as an example, was perfectly fine to pretty good. There are always exceptions, like Warlord and the Ultimate Warrior (whose good matches I can count on one hand). But really, you had to train with a reputable person and at least know how to not shit the bed to get to the bigs, for the most part. On the flip side of that, someone in the AEW thread, discussing Purrazzo and Deeb, mentioned that, in a lot of cases, "great scientific wrestler" was the gimmick you got if you had no personality and/or no desire to work on your promos or presentation. I guess what I'm saying is, and maybe it's Meltzer's fault for molding so much of wrestling's early discourse, people need to separate the gimmick and the appearance from the work itself.
  4. Has smart mark discourse on this event evolved yet? I remember back in the day: Brody = awesome real man, carny, outlaw, took no shit Luger = musclehead who didn't belong in tha biz And thus "fuck Lex Luger look at that pussy getting his" was the prevailing thought. Looking at it as an older, hopefully wiser, person, I see it as "yeah, Brody wasn't cooperating (and if apocrypha is to be believed, flashed a blade) and Luger, being an actual pro, was like "yeah fuck all this dumb bullshit" and is 100% in the right.
  5. They can put him in again when they induct the Nation of Domination
  6. LOOOOL every pic looks like "Hey, Ho, Hey: A Loving Tribute to The Lumineers."
  7. When you look back on it, the Attitude Era in many ways succeeded despite itself. It was largely low quality garbage like Beaver Cleavage but you had generational talents in the mix and that elevated the whole shipyard. Bischoff and Russo were "trying to attract young viewers" with stuff akin to the worst stuff Russo did in WWF and they didn't have a Rock, Austin, Undertaker, Foley, etc. to actually draw an audience. It's like the old Eddie Murphy act where he says "I do put some jokes in between the curse words." All Bischoff and Russo had were the curse words.
  8. Their screams and kid behind the camera with the Butthead voice saying “you guys okay?” live in my head and it’s been like 20 years!
  9. It's just shocking that Rock is so far up his own ass that he thought the storyline, as written, would have worked. But that's fame for ya. Surround yourself with yes men until you're completely out of touch and think you can do no wrong.
  10. I'm absolutely positive that producers working for Vince McMahon (a guy who had Apollo Crews running around carrying a spear in 2021) felt completely empowered to use racist language, both coded and overt, and that's some bullshit. It's completely unacceptable. Now, their reason for refusing to do the job is hilarious because it's WWE. I stopped watching in 2016 due to, let's say their rather overt political ties to a very awful person. But by that point, they'd buried their men's tag belts so far down you'd need Steve and Alex to go look for them. Jobbing your tag champs to elevate singles stars was standard operating procedure. So Sasha and Naomi were kind of ridiculous to refuse to job in those circumstances. HOWEVER, pushing back against that refusal by being a racist, sexist piece of shit is a zillion times worse.
  11. I'm impressed Gewirtz can do interviews with Rocks balls in his mouth. Truly impressive.
  12. I remember that game! Boy was that shit. Unrelated, but man, fighting games have passed me by. I remember buying two of the six button Genesis pads to play Super Street Fighter 2: The New Challengers in the mid-90s. It was all so fun and simple. Nows it’s all combos, parries, other techniques I don’t understand, hitboxes, meta, etc.
  13. Also, wrestling, while physically demanding, is still a work. You can have an easy match where you “take a night off” to nurse an injury. You can wrestle your same old low effort routine match. You can also wrestle six man matches around the horn like Flair did when he was injured in either the mid or late 80s (can’t be bothered to check house show results right now), where I’m sure the other Horsemen did the majority of the work. So yeah, fuck Flair for lecturing a real competitive athlete and having the nerve to compare the two.
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