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  1. I really enjoyed the WOL show the other day where Dave got some low-key payback on GCW shitting on him by casually mentioning that GCW used plants to start the whole garbage-throwing thing. Nothing says hardcore, renegade indy like working something like that for attention. Maybe they'll work a riot next. Between this and the IWTV rights kerfuffle, I'm wondering about Lauderdale.
  2. Also, Punk in pic #2 has his arm taped from forearm to bicep, evident of probably his 9th case of Z-Pak resistant MRSA that week.
  3. BRB, gonna sync up Dark Side of the Moon with Iron Man 3.
  4. So many great characters in that show. The former Nazi turned cop. The deputy who slowly goes from "let's do this by the book" to "I'm suspicious of Hood" to being all-in with Hood and taking a rocket launcher to the baddies' truck. The horrifying Native American heel. Sugar Bates. Job. Carrie and her episode long fight scene. Just amazing.
  5. When I was a kid, refs were sacrosanct. They'd get accidentally bumped but I couldn't remember a single angle where a wrestler or manager intentionally hit a ref, outside of the Flair/Tommy Young comedy shoving spot. I mean that shit was unheard of.
  6. Just 15 minutes of Excalibur and Schiavone talking over JR's heavy breathing.
  7. My newfound love for Spears will continue as he cuts off his opponent's promo with, "are you gonna bark all day, little doggie, or are you gonna bite?" Bonus points if he's nonchalantly slurping a large soda.
  8. Jim Cornette booked Bruiser Bedlam, for fuck's sake. Maybe watch the Dark Side of the Ring episode, and possibly grow some empathy.
  9. "Old school fans" calling out Gage for a bank robbery is the most hypocritical shit. These dudes harken back to a time when the locker room was filled with actual murderers, child predators, rapists, domestic batterers, straight-up klansmen, and all manner of carny-ass criminals, and they're going to shit on a guy for falling into addiction and making a really bad decision one time? A guy who, by all accounts, has straightened his shit out to the best of his abilities? Yeah, I got no time for these people.
  10. I remember one year the Bash in Baltimore was sponsored by Schaefer and Schaefer Light. God damn, some old NWA wrestling and some malt liquor sounds like a fine way to pass the time, IMO.
  11. God I hate this. I guess we're to assume all refs have no peripheral vision and terrible hearing. I'd like a moratorium on loooooooooong setups for top rope moves. If it takes you more than like 10 seconds to get to the top and hit your move, and your opponent is just lying there the whole time, what the fuck? He's clearly dead, just pin him.
  12. I'm just blown away that, between a second NXT stint where not much happened and not doing anything since his release, he's done nothing really notable in five years. That time between his release and now really gets to me. The dude made a big thing on social media about the return of Chris Hero, and then nothing outside of a podcast nobody listens to. I remember after his first release, he went on Colt's podcast to promote some sort of wrestling training gimmick he was doing. Nothing came of that. Maybe that's just Hero; more of a planner than a doer.
  13. He had such a great indy run after his first NXT stint, just so much good stuff. Then he went back to NXT, which was such a head-scratcher, and really did nothing as far as I can tell. Then he was released over a year ago and there was some buzz but then he didn't do anything. Now it's a few wasted years and he's in his early 40s and nobody's really talking about him. I like Hero a lot but I'm not sure what else there could be for him.
  14. Oh man, we litigated the women's division to hell and back in one of these threads sometime last year. It's gotten better but yeah, the women absolutely need more. Maybe Rampage can do that.
  15. What's so tremendous is that it sounds like WWE's push to get a deal with NJPW was their last ditch effort to keep Danielson. I hope WWE's past treatment of other promotions they've "partnered" with over the past 30 years factored into NJPW's decision. That would be some excellent "chickens coming home to roost" shit. Bring in an amazing dealmaker in Nick Kahn in an effort to go legit, only to get tripped up by your carny trash past. Delicious.
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