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  1. Buddy, people here don't even know the difference between socialism and communism. We're so dumb we take them to be synonyms. We know that both mean "not 'murican" and therefore bad. Don't get me started on the "rugged individualism" myth this place was built on and how we're still hung up on that bullshit today. People don't even understand that "to pull oneself up by one's bootstraps" was a metaphor for an impossible task instead of something literal we should all aspire to.
  2. LOL WUT I just looked up every Wrestlemania Booker was in and this was the most high profile match of all of them. To reiterate, he worked the most important PPV of the year for a top title against a top guy and somehow felt it wasn't important? Not to Occam's Razor this thing but isn't it far far faaaaaar more likely that WWE suggested maybe A&E should leave that part out considering the current racial climate and how calling attention to a low-class race-based angle run by guys who are still in company leadership might not make them look too great?
  3. Ha! Now that wouldn't surprise me. The state of healthcare here in The Greatest Country In The World is insane. Doctors' hands are tied concerning what course of action they can recommend. For instance, my doctor came right out and told me he'd like me to get an MRI but, based on who my insurance company is, he knew they'd deny it. So we have a situation where it's the insurance company determining my course of care instead of my doctor. And of course it's in the insurance company's best interests to pay out as little as possible in order to keep profits up. Their guidelines for a MRI w
  4. Don't sleep on "You fell off faster than when you wrestled Zandig"
  5. Hurray! I've had enough health issues this year that I've met my insurance's out-of-pocket maximum, so they will cover the rest of the year at 100%. Now I can get a taste of how people in countries with scary socialized medicine live!
  6. Guy with a thin blue line flag in his profile pic can't spell. Who would have guessed? Given the political beliefs Cornette claims he has, it's delicious that his awful rhetoric has brought him this kind of audience. Nick Gage is a cool redemption story. Fuck anybody who doesn't want to see it. People who classify him as just a garbage wrestler are disingenuous Cornette bootlickers who are just seeking out YouTube clips to back their dumb beliefs. I recently started watching Uncharted Territory from the beginning. So far I've seen several Gage matches and not one has featured a
  7. If you haven't listened to it yet, this past Friday night's WOR interview with Kim Woods is an excellent companion piece to this show.
  8. Along those lines, Jake Something played Brody in that ep. I love the minimalist set design in the reenactments. Just like one piece of furniture indicative of the place where they are, and a bunch of colored smoke, like something out of a dream.
  9. God DAMN, that Kingston promo. I know it's been beaten into the ground, but promos like that need to be on Dynamite.
  10. Holy shit I literally gasped at that.
  11. I like when the camera zooms way in and you realize he looks like a Romulan.
  12. Today's sign that the pandemic is coming to a close and things are opening back up: my local grocery store has reopened its hot food bar! It's the little things, folks.
  13. Aimed for Death of Superman, hit My Chemical Romance. Dude looks like Depeche Mode's loan officer. Ted Kaczynski looked at that and said, "damn, dude, that's a little too much pyro."
  14. With all the lurid details brought to light in this doc, I'm surprised this one was left out: didn't Pillman tell someone that he believed he'd seen Rochelle's face in the rearview before one of his car crashes? I wanted to say it was before the famous Humvee crash but he was passed out during that one, so maybe another one. That story is creepy as fuck.
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