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  1. I’m sure Dusty was telling himself the business had moved on and there were no heels or faces anymore…right around the time the fans were tiring of him and starting to boo. If Dusty never said “heel” or “babyface” around Cody, he was probably kayfabing the poor kid.
  2. I was reading some Wikipedia articles about the old GTA games and I'm struck by how many of the voice actors from those games are no longer with us. Just a short list and I'm sure I'm missing some: Burt Reynolds (Avery Carrington -- VC) Dennis Hopper (Steve Scott -- VC) Peter Fonda (Truth -- SA) Guru (8-Ball - GTA 3) Robert Loggia (Ray Machowski -- GTA 3) Sondra James (Mama - GTA 3) Frank Vincent (Slavatore Leone -- GTA 3 & LCS) Chris Penn (Officer Pulaski - SA) Charlie Murphy (Jizzy B -- SA)
  3. In a world where 90% of actors can't be bothered to hold guns correctly and most guns have unlimited ammo, I can live with a slight lack of realism w/r/t spent shell casings.
  4. On the flip side, my local news' bullshit gotcha headline was "shooting on a movie set, ALEC BALDWIN WAS HOLDING THE GUN!" As soon as I heard the vague wording, I figured out what had happened. It's 2021. Why don't we have better special effects by now regarding guns instead of doing it the same archaic way it's been done for decades? We can put a talking raccoon into movies but we can't do gun effects without still using actual gunpowder? Like @The Naturaland probably many others, my first thought was Brandon Lee.
  5. I really liked the two week saga of the white wrist tape. WWE can't do that kind of continuity! Week 1: "Gonna see how this white wrist tape works out" Week 2: "Didn't like the white wrist tape" All Hangman lower-thirds here.
  6. Teams of six can’t use their dicks! (looool that’s a cocaine joke)
  7. Little known fact? Singer Bryan Adams was not singing about the year 1969.
  8. Years later, when introduced to Crush, a drug-addled Davey Boy wouldn't stop talking about the time they met in Japan.
  9. Yeah, I think a lot of folks in threads like these, here and elsewhere, have a tough time looking at the 1980s/90s WWF in the context of the times and how things were done. Like I see stuff like, "why didn't Razor ever get a world title run?" or the aforementioned "Perfect could have been champion" or "Owen should have gotten a run." We're kind of missing: The world title wasn't a participation trophy that was handed around willy-nilly Some guys, as much as we see them as legends today, just were not seen as WWF title material @NoFistsJustFlipsmention that WWF was not a heel champion territory
  10. Yeah, if something is only a day old and they just fry the shit out of it to make something new, I think we're ahead of the game, all things considered I mean I was a prep cook in college and the majority of our menu, in a decent restaurant down by the ballpark in Baltimore, was from the walk-in and at LEAST a day old. EVEN THE CRABCAKES HON Anybody here tells me anything bad about Popeye's, you're getting consequences.
  11. All I can remember from that book, and this is really good advice: Never go to a Sunday brunch. This is where restaurants liquor you up and feed you all the stuff they couldn't sell during the week. Never order a fish dish that is heavily-sauced. Fish has a delicate flavor that stands on its own. Heavy sauces are typically used as coverup when fish is old. Make sure your kitchen mise en scene is fucking TIGHT
  12. How we got this far without suggesting “Lifeinvader” is beyond me.
  13. Umbrella, Tyrell, Cobra, the list is endless
  14. Sounds like "Facebook is changing its name" is a bit overstated. I don't think the social media app's name is going to change. The parent company, which I think is also called "Facebook," will be changing. Like when Google changed its name to Alphabet, but the search engine, etc., is still branded "Google." But that's a more complex headline to write and "OMG FACEBOOK IS CHANGING ITS NAME" gets the clicks.
  15. The Kiebler pic was taken in Baltimore and it blows me away because, coincidentally, one of the guys in the photo used to be a really good friend of mine until his slightly right wing politics blossomed into, uhhh, I guess what you'd call their final form and I could not deal with that shit.
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