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  1. Can you give an example of what you mean by "treats everything about his wrestling character as if it's 100% serious?" Because that sounds ridiculous without a lot of qualifiers.
  2. On the plus side, I have a technician coming to my house. For real, his name is Roman and he is eastern European. I hope he wants to go bowling, play darts, or go find some big American titties when he's finished his work.
  3. I think we're talking about two different things here, maybe two sides of the same coin. Wrestling is just a weird thing, man. I've used this example before, but when Joe Anoa'i goes on the Tonight Show, he goes on it as Roman Reigns. Not as "Joe Anoa'i, who portrays Roman Reigns on WWE TV." When Hogan or Warrior did talk shows in the 80s, they did it in character. That shit was so cringe and corny, and I can imagine people who weren't into wrestling watching it and saying, "what this fuck is this bullshit?" That's what I mean by maintaining kayfabe long past its sell by date. You don't see Bryan Cranston on Kimmel staying in character as Walter White and cutting promos on Gus Fring. Wrestling, at some point, needed to fully and completely acknowledge what it was. People absolutely want to suspend disbelief in all forms of entertainment. Shit, I'm not watching Avengers and thinking about how it's not real. But only wrestling goes out in non-wrestling circles and insults everyone's intelligence, making non-fans think it must be the dumbest shit ever, only fit for children, lower-class people, and the mentally infirm. That's my point and I'm sorry if it wasn't clear enough initially.
  4. Hey, can somebody give me a quick opinion of how this game is, single player? I'm about to get back into GamePass and I see this is on it. Is it a waste of time or decent? Thanks, bros.
  5. I soured on the Definitive Edition games and uninstalled them yesterday. I had finished 1/3 of GTA 3 and booted VC just to drive around and listen to music. Me giving up on these games wasn't even a matter of the glitches (I didn't encounter any). For me, the issue is how lazy this remake is. They just gussied up the graphics of the mobile ports and added a few features and called it a day. I guess I was hoping for these old games rebuilt in GTA 5's engine. The stuff I'd been hoping for was poorly implemented or not done at all: Weapon wheel: works okay, glad time slowed down when using it, but they kept the original "click L1 to cycle weapons" functionality as well, which was dumb. So to turn off your current weapon, you have to open the wheel and choose the fist. Radio wheel: works okay, glad time slowed down when using it, but it doesn't show the current station or song. Mapped to a different button than in GTA 5. Checkpoint/continue: This sucked. Your "checkpoint" is your meeting with the mission giver. No mid-mission checkpoints. If you fail "Bomb Da Base II," for example, you should continue from the docks. Instead, you continue from picking up 8 Ball and still need to drive across town. Fucking garbage. GPS: can't use it during a mission. For example, the mission where you need to make several trips to pick up prostitutes, GPS refused to map their locations. Also, pathfinding is wonky. Combat: Rockstar touted "enhanced combat" or some such marketingspeak. What we got was better camera controls and free aim, which is nice. What we needed was a GTA 4 or 5 cover system. I don't care if it's a remake of an old game. In 2021, I'm not standing 6 feet from a Triad guy and just pumping lead into each other until one drops. Again, this is all stuff completely non-related to the glitches and graphical issues. This is purely gameplay shit that was over promised and under delivered.
  6. You have to ask yourself, why does nobody respond "don't you know that shit is fake?" when you say, for instance, "I like kung fu movies." Unlike movies, wrestling's lifeblood at one point was fooling people into thinking it was real. And then wrestling kept kayfabe long past the point where doing so made sense. Somewhere, sometime, someone should have worked to reposition wrestling in popular culture. Don't ask me how. It just should have been done. Because of promoters clinging to kayfabe far past its usefulness, there's a lingering impression among non-fans that people who like wrestling are stupid and/or trashy. That may change in a generation or two, unless Covid kills us all off first, but for now I'd rather not admit to my coworkers that I enjoy the fake fighting. What really gets me is that reality TV should get worse disdain then wrestling gets. I feel like more people are fooled by reality TV than wrestling.
  7. Same here! But my technique is I walk into meetings wearing nothing but a sequined robe to see if anybody gets the reference.
  8. FINALLY got back into a healthier diet as part of my "rebuild from spinal surgery" project. Started lower carb (I don't want to say "keto" as it seems to draw strong opinions) yesterday and did pretty well, only 13.3 net carbs all day. Drinking water like a goddamn fish as well, and no alcohol last night. Trying to limit to booze to maybe just weekends. Did some at-home lifting, dumbbells and bodyweight stuff and will do some treadmill work today. WIsh me luck, fellas.
  9. I just figured it was a throwaway joke. I mean Clint sees it at a urinal at a moment where everything is kind of shitty (he's a an awful musical, some guy is bugging him for a autograph), so it's just piling on the awfulness and maybe in that moment, he's thinking we'd be better off with half of everyone gone.
  10. Arn Anderson’s creepy Anne Coulter/David Kessler/Dave Grohl in that one video left hand freaks me out.
  11. I LOVE how Eddie’s solution to the backfist getting ducked is…another backfist! Nice.
  12. I know I saw Drake Younger (long before he moved to Florida and lost his mind) vs Sami Callahan (long before he got lazy and made a whole career off of one in ring accident) in a PWG match using a traffic cone as a weapon a while back.
  13. At first glance I thought this was a vintage 80s Hustler cartoon. RIP Larry Flynt
  14. First pic of a pink, bald, throbbing member on the board since the time we got hacked.
  15. It’s amazing to me that Vince apparently thinks the “let’s talk for a few minutes, then I act like I see big things for you and demand creative write something for you” trick will still work after 1) the Adam Cole thing and everything revealed about the dogshit plans for him and 2) everything that’s come out over the past few years about scripts being torn up before Raw. The one thing Vince ever said that wasn’t a lie is that he undoubtedly has some balls. “I am high on you and will ask creative to write some storylines” the WWE equivalent of the car salesman saying “I’ll run these numbers by my manager.”
  16. I just read the following: BRUCE TELL BEARCAT WE HAVE A MANAGER FOR HIM PAL Umm, Vince, we fired Bearcat. GOD DAMMMMMIITTTTTTTTT
  17. I like wrestling pun-based usernames and I work in IT.
  18. Holeeee fuuuuuck. Vince is speeding toward that place where age and plastic surgery keep adding up until they meet in the middle and you come out looking like a Spitting Image puppet.
  19. 4. A sex act wherein the recipient is dressed in a kilt and is violated with haggis
  20. Just being a pedantic prick here, but Wandavision dropped its first two episodes in week 1. And thank god for that, because episode 1 was such a going nowhere table-setter that gave no indication of what the series would be that people who didn't just go ahead and watch both might have been turned off.
  21. I agree, that's pretty cool. The Pinnacle sort of works this way as well, as we saw a good period of time there where FTR mostly acted alone.
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