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  1. I don't like that change either, @Log though it fits MJF's MO, @just drew.
  2. You're welcome. Thanks for wishing my best friend a happy birthday. I'll pass that on. When I found out last year you share a birthday, it was easy to remember you.
  3. Happy 45th Birthday, @Shartnado. Hope you have a good un!
  4. Happy Birthday, Aje who is like a brother to me. Hope you have a good un!
  5. Racking mine: Dark Order's debut on AEW Dynamite. Rhodes/Ogogo weigh in. Saraya's promo.
  6. It'll be the third Bryan Danielson vs. Chris Jericho match this year. The AEW Dynamite match was much better than the AEW All Out one.
  7. Tribute to the late great Eddie Guerrero.
  8. Speaking of Miro (cheers, @Zimbra) Fuck.
  9. Keep House of Torture the fuck away from AEW. House of Torture are the drizzling shits.
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