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  1. I watched just the second hour of Dynamite for Blood and Guts. Absolutely loved it. First time I've ever seen this type of match live and I couldn't get enough. Unpredictable, violent and crazy. I had no issue with the ending ... protects the IC and gives them a reason to seek revenge down the road. To be honest, I'm curious to see what Cody can get out of Ogogo, who has been stuck on neutral far more than Jade Cargill. All I've seen out of him is that he has charisma, is a powerful puncher and has trouble dressing and undressing himself. He's got to start showing more
  2. Abadon vs. Ryo Mizunami on Monday's Elevation ... that should be a fun watch.
  3. colonial

    1997 WWF

    Only wrestler off the top of my head to Bret 1997 is maybe Jerry Lawler in 1990-91 during his run as AWA/WCCW "Unified" champion. He was a face in Memphis and a heel everywhere else (though eventually he would turn in Memphis as well). The Truth Commission was just ... extremely out of place in 1997 WWF. When you look at those early matches (before Commandant was replaced as manager by Don "Jackyl" Callis), you have to remember that the Commandant was (and still is) a professional actor from South Africa who befriended Bret Hart during one of his visits to the country. Hart apparen
  4. Felix Silla has died at 84. Actor and stuntman, who stood 3'11", is probably best known for playing ... Cousin Itt ... And being in the Twiki the Robot costume on "Buck Rogers" (Mel Blanc was the voice) ...
  5. After nearly a year, my neighborhood's island of lost cinemas re-opened to the public a few weeks ago. It's a slow process -- only one of the buildings are open, and the individual theaters are being opened one at a time. Currently, we're at six movies, so the chances of us getting something wacky and off the beaten path is somewhat slim at the moment. But then, something happens ... This is apparently what would happen if Pure Flix opted to reboot "Oh God, Book II." I was honestly waiting for George Burns to show up at any moment. Kevin Sorbo sighting? C
  6. colonial

    30 For 30

    Per Deadline, ESPN is planning a 30 for 30 on "American Gladiators." Not much is being suggested about this ... only that will focus on show co creator Johnny Ferraro and "many of the larger than life Gladiators." Curious who will be interviewed, particularly since Mike Adamle is likely unable to participate due to his health and two of the more popular Gladiators -- Hawk and Siren (the deaf Gladiator) -- have passed. Also wondering how much time will be given to the 2008 revival with Hogan.
  7. Eric Young out 6-9 months with torn ACL, per Observer
  8. Tonight's Dark: Original Recipe has JD Drake vs. Fuego del Sol with Ryan Nemeth in Drake's corner. Looks like JD's joining the winner's circle. Also ... Brian Cage defends the FTW Title vs. Brandon Cutler Chaos Project vs. John Silver and Alex Reynolds QT Marshall vs. Shawn Dean Cezar Bononi vs. John Skyler Jack Evans vs. Dante Martin The Bunny vs. Jazmin Allure Ashley Vox vs. Alex Gracia Penelope Ford vs. Miranda Alize SCU vs. Jorel Nelson and Royce Isaacs Evans-Martin could be fun.
  9. As a 4th/5th grader, I always got a kick out of Barry O being introduced as hailing from "the Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada." At the same time, I was disappointed that he tagged at least once with Mr. X, and they never went full-time as "Team Tic-Tac-Toe." (I was 10 at the time!) Doesn't appear to be on YT, but there was a 1985 TV match where O and Moondog Spot won a tag squash, with the finish of O walking the middle rope before dropping a knee on the jobber, who Spotty had in the "Demolition Decapitator" position. The finish looked rough (O seemed to be regretting his rope walk as soon as
  10. Glenn Close nominated for an Oscar and a Razzie for the same role. Believe that's only the third time that's happened (James Coco in Only When I Laugh and Amy Irving in Yentl are the others).
  11. Given that Heath just had surgery to fix 3-4 issues, he may be out of action for quite a bit.
  12. Looks like the premiere of Dark: Elevation will be just like original recipe AEW Dark. 13 matches. Riho vs. Maki Itoh Jungle Boy vs. Danny Limelight Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Brandon Cutler Tay Conti vs. Ashley Vox Max Caster vs. Dante Martin Big Swole vs. Alex Gracia QT Marshall vs. Marko Stunt Red Velvet vs. Dani Jordyn The Sydals vs. Joel Nelson and Royce Isaacs (ex-NWA Power) Miro/Kip Sabian vs. Baron Black/Vary Morales Abadon vs. Ray Lyn Diamante vs. Leyla Grey Butcher/Blade/Private Party vs. Dean Alexander/Carlie Bravo/Br
  13. First PPV I've purchased in probably over a decade, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Yes, there were dud moments, but no show is perfect. I'll hold off judgment on the final explosion -- my major concern at the end was the tired trope of no one saving the babyface for several minutes after the match was over until Kingston came out at the last minute. That's "very WWE" and should be scrapped. You could play that lack of reaction in the storyline -- Omega is an AEW VP (I think), and he mentions this on-air and in interviews, have him claim that the wrestlers were threatened with being deleted
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