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  1. HOME SWEET HOME ALONE So ... are Disney+ films eligible for Razzie nominations?
  2. Apparently, Slick managed Johnny K-9 for all of 90 seconds in the WWF. Also, Johnny was Samoan for one night. We also have one of the great underrated Monsoonisms ... "Suspended for life plus 10 years."
  3. Highlights from last night's CMLL Women's Grand Prix main event at Arena Mexico. CMLL does tons wrong, but they do occasionally get it right. The pomp and circumstance at the start of the video is a bit over the top, but it gives the match a World Cup final-style feel, and the fans seems to enjoy it.
  4. NBC will revive the "Original Recipe" version of "Law and Order" because they have completely run out of ideas ... ‘Law & Order’ Revived By NBC For Season 21 From Dick Wolf & Rick Eid – Deadline
  5. Here is the "World Wrestling Legends: 6:05 The Reunion" PPV telecast mentioned in the Viceland thread on Chris Kanyon.
  6. Clifford the Big Red Dog will now be released Nov. 10, both theaters and P+.
  7. AMERICAN UNDERDOG: THE KURT WARNER STORY Those Rams game uniforms look a tad off ... like football uniforms you'd buy at Five Below. Mike Martz is apparently a cartoon supervillain, so if he doesn't spend time stealing candy from kids and tying people to train tracks in this film, I'll be disappointed.
  8. https://www.avclub.com/exclusive-dave-holmes-previews-the-music-mystery-thats-1847685135 I was 17 when "Motownphilly" came out, and my sister (who is two years younger) used to joke about the whereabouts of Sudden Impact for a few years after the video. Guess we're getting an answer.
  9. Saw him wrestle twice in dark matches in 2001, and I still believe to this day that the WWE really dropped the ball with Steve Bradley.
  10. Matthew Fox, who pretty much vanished into thin air back in 2015, is returning to showbiz by fronting a "limited event" series for Peacock ... Matthew Fox Joins Joanna Froggatt In ‘Last Light’ Peacock Limited Series – Deadline
  11. Those having their HBO Max account terminated thru Amazon Channels can resubscribe at $7.49/month for up to six months, according to Deadline. New subscribers also eligible for rate discount, which is available thru Sept. 26. Per Deadline, HBO Max remains available on Fire TV. Article also quotes "sources" as saying HBO Max may lose five million subscribers because of this.
  12. Watched a YT video of the Becky-Bianca interaction. Becky looked like she mugged a Times Square Elmo on her walk to MSG and took his costume. Not a good look to cut the Zelina segment, especially given her connection to NYC and 9/11. Didn't watch the show, but you could have easily cut five minutes out of one of the longer matches or segments to make room for her in some manner.
  13. Ex-WWE Star Al Snow Heroically Saves Child From Ocean Riptide (tmz.com)
  14. Didn't know the Unknown Comic wrestled on the side.
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