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  1. Can a network not turn off the down lines during a live play? Doubt anyone was asking the specific yard marker where Josh Jacobs could casually try a dropkick. (And, to be honest, the FG marker line works a lot better in college than the NFL, where kickers are pretty much expected to reach 57-60 as their max kick). Watched the end of the game at a sports bar that was showing the feed from the Las Vegas CBS affiliate. On the bottom of the screen, there was a message that we could watch "Raiders legend Jay Schroeder" talk about what happened on a local post-game show. Half the bar started laughing, and the other half asked who Jay Schroeder was.
  2. Star Trek meets The Hustle ... My daughter and her friends discovered this YouTube channel of symphonic covers of Eurodance tracks last weekend. It's different ...
  3. Speaking of Abadon, Observer and PW Insider are reporting that they appeared to suffer a broken collarbone due to an in-ring injury this weekend. Awful to hear as they've been improving a great deal over the last year, both in ring and presentation. And I think AEW had booked a show in Colorado next month, likely meaning no "home field" match for them
  4. John Aniston, father of Jennifer and a daytime TV icon in his own right, has died at 89. My wife watched Days religiously for 20+ years before her death, and I got roped into watching as well. Anything with John as Victor Kiriakis was gold --- he could have taught a few pro wrestlers the art of being a tweener.
  5. It was mentioned a few years back that Backlund's 1994 push was inspired somewhat by George Foreman getting a heavyweight boxing title match in his mid-40s. Foreman won the title two weeks before Survivor Series, and Backlund got a quickie title run as a result of Big George's upset. If Foreman lost his fight to Moorer, I wonder if Bret would have gone over Backlund at Survivor Series, then move him to a heel Nash or Michaels for his next feud.
  6. Watched the NWA PPV as well. Haven't followed the company in a few months, so some of the storylines didn't make sense to me at first. -- A "Hardcore Team War" that's essentially a cibernetico with only two wrestlers in the ring at a time didn't seem to make sense. Neither did two people in the ring and about 12 others out of it (including the "heel security" that did nothing after being introduced). I'm also guessing Christi Jaynes was brought in solely to have chats in Portuguese with May Valentine -- she seems decent in the ring but being absolutely wasted doing the magician's assistant schtick. -- Richards-Corino was good -- liked the end where Richards went immediately to different finishers after a two-count rather than giving a shock face. Would like to see Corino make the move up to Impact, NXT or ROH 2.0 (if it gets TV). Did get a laugh at Joe Galli talking about Corino's father being Stevie Richards (he clearly misspoke and was quickly corrected, but it got a big laugh from me). -- Velvet Sky's announcing reminded me of .... Susan St. James at WrestleMania 2. 3-4 hours of her in Mom mode expressing concern over what's happening around her was too much. -- Too many production bloopers to count -- from the free hour beginning in the middle of a match to entrance music and pre-taped interview segments starting at the wrong time. -- Odinson looks like a Viking and talks like an accountant. -- EC3 put me to sleep, as did his match. Cyon match was dull as watching grass grow. -- Kerry Morton has potential. He does face in peril as well as his dad. Like dad, he may be better as a tag worker. Like Corino, maybe a move to Impact or ROH 2.0 would be a better fit. -- So this Rolando Freeman guy is the love child of Spike Dudley and one of the Fabulous Ones? Announcers made a big deal about him pulling upsets on Cardona and company on TV, but all he did here was take bumps from The Fixers (who I enjoyed -- kind of a low-rent Bear Country). -- Tyrus may be a nice person outside the ring (I have no idea), but giving the belt to a morbidly-obese 49-year-old who gasses out after two minutes is mind-boggling.
  7. Comedian Gallagher has died at 76 ... https://youtu.be/gasAFyonmmI
  8. Jeff Cook, co-founder, guitarist and fiddler for iconic country group Alabama, has died at 73 after a long battle with Parkinson's ...
  9. https://deadline.com/2022/11/the-iron-claw-a24-film-adds-pro-wrestler-maxwell-jacob-friedman-1235166702/ Now to wonder who MJF will play in the Von Erichs movie ...
  10. Full trailer for A CHRISTMAS STORY CHRISTMAS.
  11. ‘The Bad News Bears’ Comedy Series With Female Lead In Works At CBS – Deadline CBS announces it's working on a TV version of "The Bad News Bears," which would itself be a remake of a show that aired 40+ years ago. The first TV version aired on Nickelodeon constantly in the 80s (usually paired with "Camp Runamuck") -- didn't mind that version as a kid, as Jack Warden made a great Coach Buttermaker.
  12. Sacheen's sisters are now telling a different story, alleging she had as much Native American heritage as Chief Jay Strongbow ... Sacheen Littlefeather wasn't Native American, say her sisters (sfchronicle.com)
  13. JESUS REVOLUTION Starring: Kelsey Grammar, Joel Courtney, Jonathan Roumie In Theatres: February 24 Not a movie about the creation of a Christian dance video game, but rather a faith-based drama inspired by the 1960s and 1970s "Jesus Movement" that launched both the Calvary Chapel and Vineyard denominations, as well as inspired modern Christian pop/rock music. Roumie plays Jesus in the online TV series "The Chosen," and has become the 2022 version of Ted Neeley.
  14. Fundraiser for Hans Muster by Greg Werner : Brian Muster's family support (gofundme.com) AEW's lead video engineer from day one, Brian Muster, passed away this week. He also served a similar role at Impact before moving to AEW.
  15. Lansbury was nominated for 18 Emmy awards (12 alone for Murder, She Wrote). She won zero. Also went 0-for-3 at the Oscars, but got a Lifetime Achievement Award.
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