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  1. Paramount has pulled "Clifford the Big Red Dog" from its release calendar. Was scheduled to be released September 17. ‘Clifford The Big Red Dog’ Pulled From Paramount Release Schedule – Deadline Word is it's NOT COVID-related, but more "the dog looks stupid and we need to fix it stat." (Paramount had the same problem with a certain blue hedgehog not too long ago) ...
  2. https://www.thewrap.com/black-widow-star-scarlett-johansson-sues-disney-over-films-streaming-release/ Scarlett Johansson suing Disney for same-day streaming Black Widow, claiming breach of contract.
  3. Infomercial and "As Seen on TV" king Ron Popeil has died at 86 ...
  4. KING RICHARD Will Smith is Venus and Serena Williams' dad in this upcoming biopic.
  5. Got an email last night inviting me to buy tickets for the Orlando stop of the MST3K "Time Bubble Tour" in January ... Tour – The Time Bubble Tour (mst3klive.com) The tour features Emily Marsh in the "Joel/Mike" role and the following film will be riffed ... MAKING CONTACT -- the North American cut of the German movie JOEY directed by Roland Emmerich.
  6. Took my daughter to see Space Jam 2 for her 10th birthday. She liked it. As for me, well, she liked it. Probably one laugh the entire film, though Cheadle did what he could with the dismal script. Most of the audience at our screening was the 7-12 crowd and their parents. Highlight was during the trailer of the PAW Patrol film, one mother yelled out "that's a hard pass" when Kim Kardashian's name popped up in the credits. Pretty much all the adults laughed at that. The kids and parents did get a kick out of the Clifford the Big Red Dog trailer ... probably the only trailer of the five shown that got any reaction. (Also got trailers for Sing 2, Hotel Transylvania 4 and Jungle Cruise)
  7. WWE Looks To TikTok In Search Of New SummerSlam Ring Announcers – Deadline
  8. I can't put up the link on the phone, but there is a Pipers Pit from December 1984 that featured Buddy Rose and Heenan. The pairing didn't last long ... not sure if Rose even had a TV match with Heenan managing him. UPDATE: Here it is ... Sivi Afi was a one-shot with Heenan for TV. I remember Heenan introducing him as being just as evil as Haku and Tama, then Afi walks to the ring, slapping and shaking hands with the crowd. No wonder it was a one shot
  9. Paul Orndorff was arguably the first wrestler to be the focal point in school for me back in the day. His turning on Hulk Hogan was the talk of the sixth grade for at least two days. Simply great at what he did, both as a heel and babyface. Part of me wished he had some sort of title run in the WWF (either World or IC), but he didn't need it. He was that over. Dolfan makes a great point about Orndorff being the MVP of the WM1 main event. He's the forgotten man in some sorts (and, depending on who you hear it from, may not have been in the match in the first place if David Schulz wasn't fired), but he was the glue that kept the match together and did a great job carrying Mr. T (who, to his credit, was not a slouch) into an acceptable match.
  10. Fuego has hit the tornado DDT before ... believe he did in a match against QT and at least one other instance. I'm pretty sure the announcers went nuts in the QT match, then quietly moved away from the "Master" schtick.
  11. One of tonight's matches is a tag with Marko and Fuego teaming against Baron Black and Ryzin. Will Fuego finally get a win? Will Baron and Ryzin end their winless runs? Will it end in a double count out?
  12. I remember The Patriot when the Global Wrestling Federation debuted on ESPN. IIRC, he was going to be the top babyface in the promotion (even won the tournaments to crown the initial heavyweight and TV champs), then bolted when all the big names did. Joe Pedicino used to drop by the old CompuServe wrestling discussion groups way back in the day, promoting the GWF and encouraging people to watch it and ask questions. Someone asked him if The Patriot and AWA's Trooper were one and the same. Pedicino complimented the guy for having "a good eye" and sent him a GWF hat and T-shirt. (The Trooper was a goofy gimmick in the AWA's dying days -- after winning a match, he'd give his opponent a ticket -- but Wilkes found a way to make it work). He was in the WWF for a hiccup, but he did get a title shot against Bret at the September 1997 IYH and, at the very least, played a role in the tail end of the "Bret vs. America" storyline. Even if he didn't get hurt, I really can't see The Patriot working in the Attitude Era at first -- as someone previously mentioned, perhaps bring him back when you debut Angle. Do need to check out some of his All Japan work.
  13. Pitbull is really going all in with NASCAR. He's part owner of Trackhouse Racing, which runs Daniel Suarez in Cup, and the team just announced it purchased Chip Ganassi Racing and grabs its two charters for 2022. Trackhouse leased a charter from Spire this year, but that goes to the new Kaulig full time team next year. Suarez stays for 2022. Current Ganassi drivers Kurt Busch and Ross Chastain in running for second car.
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