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  1. Clifford the Big Red Dog will now be released Nov. 10, both theaters and P+.
  2. AMERICAN UNDERDOG: THE KURT WARNER STORY Those Rams game uniforms look a tad off ... like football uniforms you'd buy at Five Below. Mike Martz is apparently a cartoon supervillain, so if he doesn't spend time stealing candy from kids and tying people to train tracks in this film, I'll be disappointed.
  3. https://www.avclub.com/exclusive-dave-holmes-previews-the-music-mystery-thats-1847685135 I was 17 when "Motownphilly" came out, and my sister (who is two years younger) used to joke about the whereabouts of Sudden Impact for a few years after the video. Guess we're getting an answer.
  4. Saw him wrestle twice in dark matches in 2001, and I still believe to this day that the WWE really dropped the ball with Steve Bradley.
  5. Matthew Fox, who pretty much vanished into thin air back in 2015, is returning to showbiz by fronting a "limited event" series for Peacock ... Matthew Fox Joins Joanna Froggatt In ‘Last Light’ Peacock Limited Series – Deadline
  6. Those having their HBO Max account terminated thru Amazon Channels can resubscribe at $7.49/month for up to six months, according to Deadline. New subscribers also eligible for rate discount, which is available thru Sept. 26. Per Deadline, HBO Max remains available on Fire TV. Article also quotes "sources" as saying HBO Max may lose five million subscribers because of this.
  7. Watched a YT video of the Becky-Bianca interaction. Becky looked like she mugged a Times Square Elmo on her walk to MSG and took his costume. Not a good look to cut the Zelina segment, especially given her connection to NYC and 9/11. Didn't watch the show, but you could have easily cut five minutes out of one of the longer matches or segments to make room for her in some manner.
  8. Ex-WWE Star Al Snow Heroically Saves Child From Ocean Riptide (tmz.com)
  9. Didn't know the Unknown Comic wrestled on the side.
  10. Fun show and well worth the $50. Watching the crowd react positively to each and every wrestler who appeared on screen was worth the money. If there are any nitpicks ... -- I'd like to see AEW experiment with picture-in-picture during future Casino Battle Royals, particularly when wrestlers begin entering per "deck." I don't know every wrestler's entrance music, and it's hard to hear the ring announcer at times, so perhaps have the inset of a wrestler entering while maintaining a larger picture of the in-ring action can help the viewer identify who is who. -- Maybe I'm being a bit prudish, but I sometimes get the feeling that the announce team chooses to swear because they just learned the words and want to say them as much as possible to seem cool. We get it -- you're angry and upset. But months upon months of dropping "S" bombs while announcing with Callis gets extremely tiring. -- Got a laugh out of JR mentioning how he was "afraid to chew" while having breakfast with Minoru Suzuki. Cringed when the first thing out of JR's mouth regarding Leyla Hirsch is that she's an awesome softball player (she's Lady Sid!). -- It's been nearly a year since the Shida match on Dynamite, and AEW still has no clue what to do with Abadon. She sounded extremely over when she was introduced, and I liked the 80s-esque mohawk. But she did little of note outside of saying "Boo" to Shida and Sakura and getting cheap heat with the Skye Blue elimination.
  11. From November 2000 ... an eight-man tag featuring Daniel Bryan, Spanky, Lance Cade and Shooter Shultz in Power Pro Wrestling ... From Memphis Championship Wrestling -- Bryan and Spanky vs. Seven (Kevin Thorn) and Thrash (Headbanger Thrasher, who wrestles in an overcoat for some reason) ... And from 2001 Puerto Rico, Los Boricuas take on Headbanger Mosh and Pete Gas. It's Puerto Rico, so expect weapons, liberal interference, and a referee wearing jorts. Mosh and Pete Gas is a team I would have created in an e-fed back in the day, just because I had a tag team hole to fill.
  12. Longtime Southeast indy wrestler and trainer Steve "The Brawler" Lawler (Steve Kyle) passed away from COVID-19 complications last week at the age of 56. Southern wrestler Steve 'The Brawler' Lawler dies of COVID - Slam Wrestling Steve had a hand in training Buff Bagwell and Disco Inferno, among others. Recall his name popping up a bit on "Pro Wrestling This Week" whenever they showed indie matches from Georgia.
  13. Movie theaters showing All Out ... AEW All Out Theatres (joehandpromotions.com)
  14. SPENCER Kristen Stewart is Princess Diana in this film, expected to be released later this year.
  15. Tony Mendez ... David Letterman's longtime cue card guy, passed away July 29 at age 76. His career came to an abrupt end shortly before Dave's retirement when he got into an altercation with a writer. Also handled cue cards at SNL for years and was a Broadway dancer for a time.
  16. Don Everly of the Everly Brothers has passed on at age 84 ...
  17. Well, at least he kept Bob Barker's legacy of lawsuits going on TPIR. Mistake that would only make me seethe: She's not going to the Showcase Showdown, Mike. She just won the Showcase Showdown; she's going to the Showcase.
  18. Per the Observer, Bowens has a match for Elevation next week.
  19. Has AEW even mentioned that Omega is defending his AAA title against Andrade in Mexico soon? Admittedly, AEW doesn't have a great track record about mentioning the AAA belt on TV (he defended it twice on TV early pandemic, then mentioned going to Mexico to defend it at TripleMania last year). Kurt Schiavone looks to be in his early 30s or so. I remember him doing traffic reports on WSB Radio in Atlanta when his dad was the sports director there, and that was 7-8 years ago. The whole bit was awkward, and it's hard for me to take The Factory seriously as a threat when they pretty much lost every match in the Cody and Company feud. I know the purpose of the "no entrance music" stipulation is to have the fans sing "Judas" as Jericho enters the ring, but when I heard MJF mention this stipulation, my first thought was that he's completely run out of ideas. I half-expected him to come up with something more ridiculous ("You're a Hertz Gold Star member, but I've made sure you'll come to the arena next week in a car rented from Avis. And you'll be sharing your car with Abadon!")
  20. Bruno also made mention of Giant Baba during the first few weeks of the Machines angle, referring to him as "Baba the Giant." Again, no reference to All Japan. On the Buddy Rose Piper's Pit clip that I posted after Orndorff's death, Piper makes mention that he and Rose worked together elsewhere, but does not go into too much specifics. When Flair and the "Real World's Title" showed up, I believe Heenan and others would always say the belt was from "another promotion" and not an official WWF title. Not TV, but I swear I remember a WWF Magazine article from 1984-85 that mentioned Hogan wrestling Tatsumi Fujinami in Japan, but did not say anything about NJPW (it was more "Hogan is a world champion who travels the world").
  21. Stupid question, as I may have missed the explanation earlier ... Who is the man paired up with Andrade and Chavo? I've seen him at least three times with Andrade and Chavo, but he's never spoken, doesn't exactly do anything and is barely even acknowledged by anyone on screen (Taz did ask who he was on AEW Dark last night, but that went nowhere). Has there been an explanation on-air as to who he is?
  22. On his FB, Prentice mentioned earlier in the week that his sister would be running his wrestling promotion while he underwent cancer treatments. I remember his shows running on America One and other low power TV stations in the late 90s. In a market filled with extreme attitude and can you top this gimmicks, the Prentice shows felt like they came from a time machine set to 1982, and it was a nice counterpoint to what you got from WWF, etc. Last I recall seeing him, he worked backstage for TNA during its Nashville Asylum days. One review, either from 1Wrestling or PW Insider, mentioned that one show was so bad, the lone positive was "Bert Prentice lost a lot of weight." (He popped up on screen to break up a brawl).
  23. Per PWInsider, Jojo Offerman (partner of Bray Wyatt) was quietly released by the E several months ago.
  24. This is Poppy. She's a Goldendoodle that my then-seven-year-old daughter got as an end-of-school present by my wife's parents back in 2018. As my wife/her mother was battling breast cancer the first time around, my daughter was understandably confused. Hard to explain any illness to someone who was starting half-day kindergarten when we first learned the diagnosis, but we did our best, explaining that Mom was fighting an "owie" and we needed to be patient, loving and understanding through all this. Fast-forward to 2018 (about 18 months after the initial diagnosis). Mom is doing better, chemo, radiation and surgeries are done. My daughter starts asking again about having a dog. She loves dogs -- as a toddler, she enjoyed the "Clifford" books and TV shows (from the movie thread -- even as she's grown out of the books, she loved the movie trailer), as well as PAW Patrol, Snoopy and the like. She had stuffed dogs from floor to ceiling. Finally, my wife's parents found a breeder and purchased Poppy (named for a character in "Trolls") for my daughter. Unfortunately, my wife passed away in October 2018 after the cancer returned with a vengeance. A lot of things changed after the funeral, with my daughter living temporarily with relatives out West while I handled my wife's estate and affairs and pondered my work future (I temporarily gave up custody given the work hours I had at the time -- it would be impossible for me to be a full-time parent as I was either going to work at 4 a.m. or coming home at 1 a.m.). I also gave Poppy to a neighbor's friends who had lost a dog in a car accident -- again, I couldn't take care of a dog that was six months old at the time given my schedule. I miss Poppy, but her new humans update me every once in a while on her progress. She has a new name (Gracie), graduated obedience school with flying colors and is loving life. I bring Poppy up because when she joined our family, this was the first time I ever became a dog owner. My parents were not fans of having pets that require a lot of work -- as kids my sister and I were limited to goldfish and an occasional hermit crab. But with my wife never feeling well and my daughter afraid of the dog, I was her companion 99% of the time. And we hit it off well with our walks, play time, feeding time, etc. She was always happy to see me when I got home from work and came downstairs in the morning. She wasn't part of the family for long, but Poppy was a keeper.
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