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  1. Unbreakable is a really fucking good movie. Easily my favorite of his. But The Village... I have never had a more disappointing movie experience. I was so excited for that after seeing the trailer. And it's so beautifully shot by Deakins. But it's just so bad. So so so fucking bad.
  2. M. Night co-wrote and produced Devil, but he didn't direct it. I remember years ago telling this story on here, but who cares, it's like 11 years ago. I can't remember which movie I was at, but the trailer for Devil came on. It's a really strong trailer, and the audience, myself included, were all getting sucked in. Then his name came up, and, swear to God, you could see the whole theater lose interest all at once. People leaned back into their seats, you heard whispering and snacking again, etc. I've never experienced anything else like that, before or sense. His name alone killed the in
  3. They fired Nate McMillan for this shit. I just can't get over that. Meanwhile, there's McMillan moving right along, overachieving again.
  4. Yeah. Bill does those kind of columns a lot, about potential destinations and such.
  5. So firing the coach who consistently gets his rosters to overachieve, because you think you're medicore team should somehow he a contender isn't a winning idea?
  6. Did anyone mention Westbrook clinching another triple double season and becoming the first player to ever have multiple career 20 rebound/20 assists game (He and Wilt were already the only two players to do it once)
  7. DAIMAJIN!!!! IN QUALITY EDITIONS!!!! (No, seriously, they are really fucking good movies)
  8. I legit didn't realize he wasn't retired.
  9. A few years ago, I started a shelf porn thread. John, of course, showed us all a beautiful example of his shelves and shelves of books. When I and a few others expressed concern about the picture showing him smoking after he had quit, first he reassured us it was an older photo. Then, he sent me a pm, asked for my address, and sent me a handful of relatively rare first editions to add to my shelves, including one with his autograph. He was cranky, stodgy, and grumpy, but he was also warm hearted, hilarious, and brought knowledge that few if any other people on Earth have. Certainly nobody
  10. Hmmm I wouldn't mind seeing Reeves in a tragedy instead. He might have a great King Lear inside of him.
  11. The Branagh Much Ado About Nothing is probably the best filmed Shakespearean comedy, fwiw.
  12. Lions have made like 5 good draft picks in my lifetime, so...
  13. That would be awesome. If you are likely going to suck, at least make life miserable for the opposing defense coordinator.
  14. In 8th grade (but I was taking 9th grade English as Farwell was still struggling with the idea of "advanced classes" back then) we watched the 68 version, but the teacher taped construction paper over the screen for the nudity. Which, by the way, was god damn underaged nudity at that, so, in retrospect, good call Mrs. Farr.
  15. I've always said that Mortal Kombat (1995) is shitty but really fun. And Mortal Kombat: Annihilation is shitty but also really shitty.
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