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  1. Welp, I'm rooting for Cincy now sorry Kelvin.
  2. Hopefully his money lasts longer just on the basis he'll have made more than 4 times as much in player salary. I mean, he might be able to blow it, but it should at least take a little bit longer. Maybe.
  3. The great San Francisco collapse
  4. Hackett is going to be in the hot seat in near record time at this rate.
  5. More than halfway through the third, and neither team has gained 200 total yards.
  6. I've always said that Mortal Kombat is shitty but fun Mortal Kombat Annihilation is shitty but also shitty
  7. Wow. What a difference that one second made.
  8. Oh don't worry, Urbs would've probably lost it.
  9. That might be coming back but Brady just did his best "Lamar Jackson in slow motion" act for what would've been a big gain
  10. And, as expected, Geoff Collins is done at Ga Tech
  11. It's too early to go "oh my God Brady is finally washed"...But so far this season Brady is looking kinda washed.
  12. They wound up 26th, one spot behind Kansas State
  13. A whole lot of teams in the top 12 or so got their first test today. Most of them survived, but a whole lot of tougher than expected outings. Fun day.
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