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  1. There's a couple podcasts out there with people who were on the plane. Talk n Shop was definitely one of the podcasts where it was discussed. The stories from everyone all line up. They weren't being held hostage per se, but the situation was definitely fucked up because they had pilots getting on the plane, then getting off the plane, and some other wishy washy shit that I can't remember now, but it all added up to there being one excuse after another to keep them there. Then, once everything was resolved, they were all of a sudden allowed to leave. And there were guards out on the tarmac with assault rifles, which added to the spookiness of the situation, but I think that's just a normal reaction. Any time I go to a Cubs game now and see a bunch of cops with assault rifles it is a weird to see. It certainly didn't make me feel more safe. Now, if you're those people on that plane and you're in a country where the Crown Prince had a reporter chopped up and you see dudes standing around with AKs, it's not going to make you feel any better. The fact of the matter is that those dudes standing around with AKs is probably just a normal thing over there.
  2. I think you had to catch Battle Royale in the moment and certainly don't watch that sequel before the original. At the time, Battle Royale was wild if just because you had kids killing other kids. And it had Beat Takeshi doing Beat Takeshi shit. Now though, there's nothing really unique or special about Battle Royale. It has also been so long since I last watched it, at least 15 years, that I'm not sure it's even any good. Typing this did drive me to do a search for Takeshi and I see that in September his car was attacked by a man with a pickaxe. Sounds about right.
  3. Cincinnati and 13 other teams.
  4. No, that guy was Tommy End. Tommy End, the guy who wrestled Excalibur, had different tattoos on account there being less of them, and didn't have a bone crowd. It's a common misconception. Don't worry about it.
  5. We already saw Cody as a main event babyface and he was damn good at it. Problem is, he hasn't been that Cody for a long while. I think he can get back there, but he'll need to drop the jingoistic, America rah rah shit, and stop trying to look better than all of the fans. Get back to what works - Set your sights on a goal, encounter obstacles to that goal, kick ass, show fire, and accomplish that goal. Right now, he doesn't have any goals and beating a dude that has already beaten you twice in a row doesn't exactly count.
  6. Well that's good at least. I've just been using the PS5 since it now has just about every streaming service I use. HBO Max, Apple+, YTTV, etc. all work really well on it. I had stopped using the app on the Roku TV altogether because I would keep trying to select my profile when you open the app and nothing would happen until you clicked on it 4 or 5 times.
  7. I don't really have an opinion one way or the other on kicking out of the OWA. However, I do think Page should go old testament on Kenny and do shit to really put the fear in him, like hitting him with a Rainmaker or two to make Kenny wonder what the fuck is happening.
  8. That's not a bad idea. My only problem with that is that, at least for me, I can't imagine this version of Cody having a good match with this version of Punk.
  9. Yep. That's Malakai Black.
  10. I need Cody and Arn to have this training montage:
  11. Finished Squid Game last week. It was good, but I don't see why it's the sensation that it is. It's not THAT good or anything. Episode 6 particular, the episode with the marbles, is maybe the toughest of the bunch to watch. I do at least appreciate them reaching into my nightmares and pulling that glass bridge right out of one of my dreams. Seriously, that's something I've had nightmares about in the past, walking over a glass bridge. So fuck all of that. But yeah, the series is good, but also pretty predictable. And this is where I now open up a door to whole bunch of criticism, but...it's cool and all that Americans are suddenly, "OOH! WOW! KOREAN MOVIES AND TV SHOWS!" like with this or Parasite. Thing is...Squid Game and Parasite just aren't that good. Where were all these people when Old Boy came out? That's a way better watch than the examples I mentioned. I don't know, this all feels like a fad that will pass at some point. I at least have faith that a second season of Squid Game will be better than the sequel to Battle Royale. Also watched episode 1 of Foundation. No one else on here has talked about this series yet, but I thought that first episode was pretty fucking good. I'm a sucked for weird sci-fi shit though, but I love almost everyone in that cast even if Lee Pace is the same shitty guy he's played in Halt and Catch Fire and as Ronan in the MCU. I may have to rewatch the episode though, because I started getting a little confused at a couple things, in particular when it seemed like they said the word "foundation" a bunch of times and then showed an actual location called Foundation, who gave the order to destroy the elevator, and what was going on that allowed the three Empire dudes see what people were saying. Are they also telepaths or something? I don't know. It's probably why I shouldn't watch shit at 1 am when I'm dead tired.
  12. I don't think Black loses. I just want him to win and finally escape the Cody Rhodes Booking Vortex. And not because I don't like Cody, I just think two wins over Cody is enough and I'm not sure people really give a shit anymore about whatever feud Cody and Black still have because they deemphasized the hell out of the feud the moment Cody lost a second time. I just don't know what Cody does next and feuding with Arn would be pretty damn weird.
  13. It may be the Austin fan in me, but I had always hoped that with so much time off that he would have been able to let his body recover like HBK's. Even around the time there were rumors of a Punk vs Austin match, Austin was saying at that time that he was in the best shape of his life and had never felt better. He did say that wrestling is such a drug that it makes you not want to give it up, but after so many years of being away that it had washed out of his system and he no longer felt the pull to go back to it. I can understand that. Plus, he's been successful with his other business/media ventures. So yeah, why kill yourself all over again for Vince when it's abundantly clear that you're not going to get booked like how you should.
  14. Also, Jericho's shitty facepaint is ok in Japan because I don't think they care as much about that - after all, just look at EVIL. But in the states, that shitty facepaint is going to look really bad.
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