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  1. Nevermind, got it figured out. I checked my library on my PS5 again and this time it showed the download button. Now I hope I have enough space for it. Here's a question for you guys...Since ME is a PS4 title, if I move it to my external HD to play it off of it, will I not get the benefits of enhanced graphics and framerate?
  2. Hmm...so I preordered from the PS App, but it's not pre-loading for me. The app said to go to my library and download the game to my PS5, but there's no option there. And actually checking my PS5, it doesn't show a way to pre-load it there either...Grr, I was wanting to play this at midnight.
  3. I would rather Cody get into the details of how he and Dustin helped train Ogogo and get him ready for this spot, but not only does he cheap shot them, he's disrespectful enough to bury him under the Union Jack. And then say something like he brought him into this world of wrestling and he can just as easily take him out and he's no one's meal ticket.
  4. Needs more promoting of Goop to the North Korean people.
  5. Maybe the last thing I'll say about Cody. At this point, I don't see an actual need for him in AEW. Much like Brandy was the black hole of booking for the women, Cody is now the black hole of booking for the men. Now, if this were Cody at the start of the promotion and probably for the first 9 to 12 months, I wouldn't have a problem. He was involved with Jericho, he was involved with MJF, and each of those feuds had good builds. It felt connected to AEW overall. I doubt he's on the way out, but it is weird that he has essentially nothing to do with the Young Bucks, Kenny, Hangman, the Dar
  6. Cody needs to get back to what worked for him before when AEW started and stop being this quasi-featured act thing. Aside from his stint with the TNT Championship, he just feels very disconnected from the rest of the show. Like, Cody exists in an entirely separate universe from everyone else. My other problem with the promo goes back to what I said about Eddie Kingston just days ago. Kingston is out there cutting 2 to 3 minute promos and saying a ton in a very restricted amount of time, but it's ultra effective and every time he speaks I want to start punching the air, I want to go fuck s
  7. lol But I blame text not being the best way to add on to comments or drive conversations otherwise it would all make more sense, but it would then add a 10th thing for you to do and, like, a 6th thing for me to do.
  8. You're misunderstanding me. I was adding on to the first part of your comment for how facepalm worthy repeatedly saying USDOT was. It was clear you were being self-deprecating at the end.
  9. MY GOD. That promo. It was one of the worst fucking things I've ever heard. That's shit I expect from a dumbfuck like Josh Hawley or Tom Cotton, not Cody Rhodes. Coach Tony K, I know you fucking lurk here. Have a talk with your boy. This shit is GROSS. Ugh. It's seriously one of the worst fucking promos I've heard just for how angry it made me. And yeah, I'm not remotely patriotic, but even if I was, I think that promo would still turn me off.
  10. Dude, and he not only said USDOT once, but he said it twice. I'm sitting there thinking, what the fuck...But for a dude with political ambitions, I suppose it's on brand to not know what the fuck each part of the government does.
  11. I do enjoy that Geralt is basically annoyed by everybody. Every time the discussion of money comes up with someone that is poor, I wish there was a prompt to cut the person off, roll your eyes, tell them, "yes, I understand, you don't have any money, fine, I'll kill this monster and find your daughter for free and risk my life in the process, great, wonderful" and have the person respond with, "thanks, but you don't have to be a dick about it."
  12. That Cody promo. I typically cut him a lot of slack, but that promo was all kinds of weird and gross and jingoistic. I swear, I thought he was going to announce a run for governor more than a match against Ogogo. That promo was *tugs on collar* really, bad. Ok, I can't drop it. What in the fuck. That was the most tone deaf shit ever. I think if that promo were cut most anywhere else, he would have been booed just for how gross it was. I'm in the minority...I don't like the Troggs version of Wild Thing for Moxley's entrance. I wish he used the version from Major League. I believe it'
  13. This is so fucking awesome. Yeah. I'm all in with the Bills.
  14. I watched another video for it last night, this one from Game Informer. It was their last preview of the game, but it was a hands off preview. Basically, they went to Experiment 101 and someone there played it and then Experiment 101 gave them the video so Game Informer could commentate over it. It was all very positive sounding and it looked cool. Reminds me a little of Fable and Fallout. The Giant Bomb Quick Look is the thing I want to see the most, but I don't think that happens until after the game comes out.
  15. Basically, on paper, this card looks pretty low key awesome.
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