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  2. Sounds like Black Adam 2 and Man of Steel 2 may also be shelved.
  3. The other thing to Miro and CJ and their acting careers is that they either now have a second home in LA or they just have their home in LA. It's entirely plausible that TK told Miro that Black was hurt and to just pursue whatever he wanted, take some time off, heal up, and he'll bring him back in when his schedule is free and when some of these other storyline have run their course. It's too simple to just say creative has nothing for him. That connotation means something way different in AEW than it does in WWE during Vince's time there. The alternative is just have Miro on TV doing random matches and not really fitting in anywhere because TV is already full with main angles. Random matches is what Dark is for. I'd rather he do acting and Twitch streams until some of these other storylines clear out to make room for him, Cole, and a whole bunch of others who are currently on the shelf. I can even see a scenario where after Revolution we get a big turnover and a lot of current guys get a break and a lot of people on the shelf start being on TV regularly.
  4. They’re paying him 700k. Cubs are basically paying around 40 million for Heyward and Bellinger.
  5. I told you guys this already, but Miro is actively acting and auditioning. My friend works out at the same Golds Gym in the valley that he works out at. My friend said, hey man, I love your work, but when are you going to be on TV again and Miro said basically that wrestling was on hold while he was auditioning.
  6. Also regarding SF 6, Jeff Gerstman mentioned the other day that Capcom would soon be re-opening the closed beta or rather, letting more people into the closed beta for the game. With the amount of positive buzz for SF 6, this is probably the first time I've been interested in getting a SF game in years. I'd pull the trigger if I didn't now totally suck at fighting games.
  7. Yeah. The Ricketts are notoriously broke and poor having suffered "biblical losses." If not for the World Series win, I'd say this team now is run worse than the Zell/Hendry years. And from what I understand, Jed is the perfect yes man/dope to just do whatever Tom Ricketts wants so I'm sure Jed will remain as GM until his soul is finally crushed by ownership and Theo helps give him a soft landing with whatever F1 stuff he's secretly/not so secretly into. Although, even without such a corrupt owner, I think Jed still sucks as a baseball executive and honestly always has sucked as an executive. There's no excuse for how poorly this team is run when you can look at smaller market teams and see how much better they're run and how much better they perform.
  8. He's just going to take that money and build himself a submarine that can go deep enough in the ocean to find one of those portals from Pacific Rim.
  9. Yeah, that ending of the first season is going to be really hard on kids. My daughter is still sad about that ending.
  10. I THOUGHT THE SAME THING! I meant to ask on here, "Hey, was Darby vs Joe almost the modern day Joe vs Necro match or as close as we'll get to that again?" That really is about as close to that level of violence. I mean, I was going nuts during Darby and Joe and completely forgot that Joe is in a program with Wardlow. Now I wish Joe was in a program against Darby.
  11. Some dumb bullshit that you'd expect from a fucking idiot I'm sure.
  12. You're confused because you're dumb, not actually watching, and just looking to bitch about whatever. They're delivering a message from the Briscoes.
  13. Holy fucking shit. What a Dynamite. Everyone was playing “hold my beer.” Starks’ promo was out of this world star making god. Then that gets topped by Darby vs Joe which I’d give 11 stars to. And then somehow the main event topped that. And if that wasn’t enough, after the main event we get the announcement of FTR vs Dem Boys 3: Double Dog Collar Match?!?! Are you fucking kidding me? Yeah. AEW rules the whole motherfucking world.
  14. Got hurt, then changed his batting stance, and hasn’t changed it since. He’s a shittier Jayson Heyward.
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