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  1. Man, Gresham is such a black hole of a charisma. I really don't even know how you fix it. Fucking Dean Malenko was one of my favorite wrestlers and maybe my favorite wrestler when he was killing it as a Cruiserweight and US champion in WCW. He never said a word. He did have this sort of physical charisma though that just made him so compelling to watch. I have tried thinking of Gresham in that way and he just doesn't have it. He's a great technician, but he has a total inability to be remotely compelling. Him talking only makes it worse. Someone compared him to a dude that does your taxes. More than anything he just reminds me of the plethora of UFC guys that are horribly, horribly bland and that would get owned at pre fight press conferences.
  2. Yeah. My problem with Metroid was never combat. It was all of the traversal, item finding, back tracking, etc.
  3. I don't see Notre Dame leaving their independent status. I also wonder how stuck they are with the ACC given that all of their other sports are with them. Someone ran the financials and I want to say ND would be pulling in less money by joining a conference. And who knows how this affects their deal with NBC. My own personal opinion is that being an independent at this point is stupid because you're going to be left out in the cold sooner rather than later. You may as well jump on now instead of trying to figure out how or where you fit in once the B1G and SEC stop giving a fuck about the CFP and wind up doing their own thing.
  4. I'll go out on a limb and say that GTA Online will remain it's own thing independent of whatever GTA VI is unless they can figure out a way to get everyone's shit to transfer over to whatever the new GTA Online will be. And I doubt that GTA VI will just be a reskinned GTA V. That has never been Rockstar's way of making new GTA games. There's always something new and they're always take things further than they did before.
  5. I feel like you had to have a strategy guide to beat Super Metroid. You could get lucky and find a bunch of the upgrades on your own, but even then there’s almost an order to get them in and some areas of the map seem like they’re inaccessible except for some stupidly small thing that would get you in.
  6. Shit, I totally forgot about Serge figuring out they used Novichok on Soldier Boy. Going to be a little hard to make that back in the states unless his Russian frenemies happen to have the chemicals to make it here in the US and that's going to be a stretch. I'm really, really worried they're going to kill off Butcher or do something crazy like make Butcher a permanent supe. That's the only way I could see Kripke fucking this all up and if they kill off Butcher then it's presumably because Karl Urban is lining up a lot of new work and won't have time to be on the Boys anymore. That's his choice and that would really, really suck.
  7. The Duffer Brothers already said that they don't know how they would do season 5 without a time jump considering how much everyone has aged. At the same time, how are you going to do a time jump when the episode ends with the end of the world beginning? Now that I've had a day to process it more, here's my additional thoughts and I'll just spoiler things just in case:
  8. Tunic is not that hard. Honestly, I have seen people not even realize how early you can get a sword and they're going around for over and hour or two with just the stick and that includes beating the first "boss." The difficulty with Tunic comes more from its isometric POV and sometimes you can get a lot of projectile enemies firing at you at the same time. And I only say the isometric POV is difficult because it intentionally obscures exactly where you can go. Everyone that has played Tunic eventually has that moment of, "holy shit, I could have actually gone to this place so much sooner, but I had no idea I could access it because my view was blocked. The "Soulsborn" part of Tunic comes from its bonfires. They work exactly like how they do in Soulsborn games. You go to a bonfire, use it, you get all of your health and mana back, but it also makes EVERYTHING respawn. Thankfully, enemies respawn right where they were before so beating them again is even easier. It's more of an annoyance if anything. I really need to get back to playing it, but I've been putting my new video card, CPU, and monitors through the ringer seeing what 1440p games on ultra look like. Tunic is awesome and it's probably my GOTY at this point unless Horizon FW winds up blowing me away. Honestly, Tunic reminds me so much of Fez and that's probably why I like it so much. There's so much under the surface for games like Tunic and Fez and the deeper you get the cooler it gets.
  9. Yeah. I guess it really is still the original dude in the Noir mask. So much for it being a clone of Homelander. Then again, they’ve deviated a bunch from the comics already and I doubt they would have even thought of repeating the ending from the comics. Honestly, I think this is an improvement over the comics. And yeah, everyone is majorly fucked.
  10. Holy fucking shit. That ruled. And now I’m going to be spooked out the rest of the day.
  11. I forget…does Arthur Ashe Stadium not have air conditioning, heat, or both?
  12. BTW, I never in my wildest dreams would have imagined that Ex and Taz would be the best commentary team in wrestling, but here we are.
  13. Meltzer seems to think so. It sounds like JR will be doing the second hour of Dynamite and all of Rampage replacing either Starks or Taz.
  14. Regarding Tay's dress/skirt, props for dressing EXACTLY like the type of character that would be with Sammy's character. After it happened I was like, yeah, Sammy would be with a woman who would have to pull her skirt back down in a fight.
  15. Jane: Also Jane, Orange Cassidy, and Wet Hot American Summer: Get it now? And no, Trent's look didn't mean anything. He always looks like that.
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