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  1. Yeah, I'm not trying to understand where some misogynist stuck in a wrestling bubble is coming from. I know where they're coming from and it's no place I want to be. Nice try though. You're also at least intelligent enough to not be cool with low hanging fruit, misogyny, and making fun of mental health.
  2. It's astonishing you are this fucking dumb.
  3. "Looks like Jones is hanging his left a little low. That's going to hurt him in the later rounds." I couldn't find the actual clip from Major League 2.
  4. Jesus Christ. Some of you people need to get out more.
  5. There's no way I would re-sign with WWE if I was Cole. Vince isn't leaving any time soon and he's going to be jobbed out hard if he's ever moved to the main roster. Go be with your girlfriend in AEW and have the flexibility to work NJPW or Impact every now and then.
  6. The fuck are you headhunting for during practice?
  7. Javy is fine. This is just who Javy is. As someone who has watched him in the minors until now, he's always been a little, um, dramatic when it comes to any ache or pain he has. Get used to it because it won't be the last time he looks like he was hurt.
  8. Have there been any updates on the American BMX rider that completely wiped out the other day? Dude was bent up like Tom Segura on the ground and the whole thing looked nasty. I tried searching to see if he's ok, but the last thing I saw was that he was moved to a different hospital because he had a brain hemorrhage.
  9. It's WWE. The hometown guy almost always jobs.
  10. Woah...What in the fuck. It's so much worse actually hearing it instead of reading what @Dolfan in NYCsaid it was. He shouldn't be outright fired for this, but he should at least be suspended and have to go to some kind of sensitivity training. I'm also not interested in hearing excuses like, "it's wrestling though!" Yeah, it's wrestling, but if you have the skills to put rhymes together like that then you don't have to sink to the absolute bottom of the barrel to get heat. Be better and be more creative.
  11. I bought Valhalla just to have something for the PS5, but I thought it wasn't for me. The gameplay felt a little on the clunky end, but this was also the first AC game I played since AC2. Plus, it felt like it was trying to play like Spider-Man or God of War and each of those games are just better. What this means for Dead Space, I have no idea. Dead Space should be a 12 to 15 hour game at most and not some epic length thing with combo based attacks. It should be all about weapon variety, using the right weapon for the job, no HUD and life and shields are displayed on your backpack and ammo is displayed on your weapon. Look, just take everything from Dead Space 2 and use that. Man, I even really liked the Doom-lite story for Dead Space until we got to the third game, which was bad...and you fought a moon...Ugh...
  12. Yeah, the Acclaimed have always been heels in AEW. Even still, if Michael Che was a piece of shit then Max Caster is just as much one. Shit, are we sure he just didn't directly lift all of that purported promo from Che? I like Max Caster, but man, Michael Che is such a smooth brained idiot and that is not who you want to say, "hey, he's got a point!"
  13. I'm guessing that any of the embiggen stuff would look like shit on a TV series budget or you'd only see it maybe once or twice when you would have to show that stuff off multiple times. Honestly, I'm ok with the change and I like how it makes Kamala closer to Carol and Monica. And I also agree with @J.T.that Kamala having embiggen powers kinda steps on what will happen with Reed Richards.
  14. Crockett was so much fun to hear. Bear vs Darby was fucking awesome. They were stiffing the shit out of each other.
  15. To be honest, I forgot they were in Jacksonville on Wednesday, so yeah, maybe pass on that.
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