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  1. That is a lot of money for DeMar DeRozan
  2. Good pickup at a good price for the Nets. Steph gets his extension: 4/215M. The Warriors also signed Bjelica
  3. I am thrilled for him that he gets to live by Disneyworld for a year.
  4. Thanks! I'm looking forward to this because I've seen next to no Kingston outside of AEW. I did watch your earlier match and I swear I'll write something about it, I've just been crushed taking care of my wife after surgery and getting my dad moved. Hopefully in the next couple of days. I've got something light for you this week. The WWF C-Shows haven't really been known for their hidden gems like the WCW ones were, but it turns out when you put Lawler, Terry Funk, and Dustin in a match together it's pretty good:
  5. I think the Caster thing is tacky but still within the boundaries of "heel says bad shit to get heat." My bigger problem is that the whole gimmick feels like some limp, dated mid-card indy bullshit. They should be having not-that-heated feuds with the Holy Rollers or The Ballard Brothers because he rapped mean things about their mom on a PWF show.
  6. FYI for anyone else still playing WWE 2K19 the servers are apparently shutting down soon, so I guess get whatever CAWs you want while you can.
  7. CP getting himself voted president of the union solely so he could negotiate bigger max contracts into the CBA for him and his friends is truly a great moment in Securing The Bag. The Bucks kept Portis for 2/9M, which is nice. They should have ponied up for Tucker to run it back next year, but that's cheap owners for you. E: It could always be worse, you could be a Knicks fan:
  8. AEW could crib from CMLL and run a tournament with all of their smallest wrestlers where the winner gets to act like he's not tiny anymore.
  9. Does the Dragon Gate streaming service have older Toryumon stuff on it? Yoshino's retirement really has me wanting to revisit T2P shows.
  10. I'm really glad the ordeal turned out OK in the end, Curt, but sorry that you and your family had to go through all that.
  11. He posted a short statement on Twitter, glad to hear he's OK. The scare did prompt me to rewatch Mr Show, which is always a good idea.
  12. I'm sending you and LoneWolf to the island from The Prisoner to protect the world from your dangerous ideas.
  13. You shut your goddamned mouth before we get a masked wrestler called "The Quencher" who beats his opponents with the Gatorade Driver while a commercial loops on the entryway screens.
  14. In terms of big stars this may actually be a big edge case. Black Widow is probably going to be the only Marvel movie that gets a dual release unless things go really south and theaters get shut down again. And ScarJo was the 2nd longest-tenured main MCU actor (3rd if you count Paltrow) so it's certainly possible her contract has more generous language in it. Plus per the article WB actually negotiated a new deal with the DCU stars, so it's less likely we would see lawsuits from there. I can't imagine why Disney didn't negotiate with her unless they felt secure in their contract or didn't care if they pissed her off since she was on the way out and figure they can outspend her on litigation.
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