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  1. I guess this could go in either thread now, but Marvel is switching gears on Armor Wars and are now developing it as a movie instead of a series.
  2. Picking the Trans-Am for herself is an absolutely unbeatable joke.
  3. Jerry Lynn's gotta have one more match in him, right?
  4. Ison trying not to break while he's getting pinned is funny stuff.
  5. I'm betting you can get a great deal on it now!
  6. I think the combo of NWO and Stone Cold shirts in 96/97 trapped us with black for the rest of time.
  7. Google is finally shutting down Stadia. Everyone who bought games or hardware through the Google Store is getting a refund.
  8. Two small things I liked from last night 1) Hanger's Dolly Parton shirt/embroidered jeans combo 2) When Yoots jumped MJF and was getting pulled off by security but made sure to get a last stomp in. A real 'fuck you' move that Eddie Kingston would be proud of.
  9. I really liked Danielson/Menard and wish it had gotten 3-4 more minutes to let things breathe. Daddy Magic still has the best punches in AEW. Has the challenger ever actually won one of the 'championship eliminator' matches? It's such a dumbass idea. I can only assume Saraya was some kind of Bull Nakano-esque superworker because her mic work stinks on ice. The whole segment was rough but the match was pretty good. I fell asleep during the main so I'll have to revisit it later. The parts I was awake for were good, at least.
  10. He's here to finish what he started with Jericho 25 years ago
  11. Sunrise, sunset Sunrise, sunset Swiftly fly the years One season following another Laden with happiness and tears
  12. I'm guessing no one asked him the obvious followup "Why were you 100 pounds overweight last season?"
  13. OK, that is an interesting matchup.
  14. They must have updated the article because there's a different #1 now than when I looked earlier. E: There it is.
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