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  1. Top 15, no particular order: Big Boss Man Vader Eddie Guerrero Genichiro Tenryu Bryan Danielson Yuki Ishikawa Alexander Otsuka Tajiri John Tenta Toshiaki Kawada William Regal Amazing Red Andre Taka Michinoku Dick Togo Otani, Kingston and Dr Death all honorable mentions.
  2. Ah, well, could be worse. We could be the Suns.
  3. I feel like No Mercy had the ideal entrance creation because it was only three choices: what do you do on the ramp, how do you walk, and what do you do in the ring. That's the level of complexity that I need.
  4. An Arkansas baseball game probably has no shortage of people who can catch a racoon with their bare hands.
  5. Daryl Morey announced that they're going to lose in the second round bring back Doc as coach for next year. Also announced that Danny Green tore his ACL and LCL last night. Green has really been showing his age the past couple of years before this so you gotta wonder if this is about the end.
  6. Speaking of disappointments, Nike is planning on dropping Kyrie after his deal with them ends next year.
  7. I am choosing to believe this because the alternative, that there are multiple dumbasses cosplaying Hat Guy at AEW shows, is too depressing to contemplate.
  8. The NBA is adding a conference finals MVP award. The east trophy will be named after Larry Bird, the west after Kareem. They're also renaming the east & west conference championships after Bob Cousy and Oscar Robertson respectively.
  9. On a show full of good shit, Starks' facial expression and dragging himself to the ropes with his fingertips might have been the best shit. Jungle Boy should steal the Eddie STF spot where he traps the arm that's going for the rope. That's a good spot.
  10. Goddamn, that was good. First episode of Dynamite in a while where it felt like they actually nailed the pacing and nothing was too rushed. Barry Horowitz!
  11. Seeing both Dukie and Marlo as cops is...weird.
  12. I never realized that John K did the titles for Troop Beverly Hills. My vote is for One Crazy Summer:
  13. Disney is making Giannis biopic, apparently? Looks bad but I'm still going to watch.
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