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  1. Does the Dragon Gate streaming service have older Toryumon stuff on it? Yoshino's retirement really has me wanting to revisit T2P shows.
  2. I'm really glad the ordeal turned out OK in the end, Curt, but sorry that you and your family had to go through all that.
  3. He posted a short statement on Twitter, glad to hear he's OK. The scare did prompt me to rewatch Mr Show, which is always a good idea.
  4. I'm sending you and LoneWolf to the island from The Prisoner to protect the world from your dangerous ideas.
  5. You shut your goddamned mouth before we get a masked wrestler called "The Quencher" who beats his opponents with the Gatorade Driver while a commercial loops on the entryway screens.
  6. In terms of big stars this may actually be a big edge case. Black Widow is probably going to be the only Marvel movie that gets a dual release unless things go really south and theaters get shut down again. And ScarJo was the 2nd longest-tenured main MCU actor (3rd if you count Paltrow) so it's certainly possible her contract has more generous language in it. Plus per the article WB actually negotiated a new deal with the DCU stars, so it's less likely we would see lawsuits from there. I can't imagine why Disney didn't negotiate with her unless they felt secure in their contract or didn't care if they pissed her off since she was on the way out and figure they can outspend her on litigation.
  7. Well, that's interesting. Assuming the assertions in the suit are correct regarding what was in her contract it sure sounds like Disney is in breach.
  8. Bad news for anyone hoping the Man of 1000 Holds would get involved in Jericho/Juvy next week: Looks like he's in a walking boot: Old Man Haku and Old Man Konnan are both pretty adorable.
  9. They're both stupid but the demon has better paint at least.
  10. Yeah, I've always heard of Baba being a pretty straight shooter
  11. Wet Hot American Summer, one of the funniest movies of all time, came out 20 years ago today. It is impossible to pick a best bit from the movie but these are some of my favorites:
  12. To be fair taking Ghostbusters way, way too seriously is pretty funny in itself, but I don't think that's what they're going for.
  13. @moribund Kawada & Fuchi vs Fujiwara & Kikuchi. It's a bit rushed but with these four you know it's good.
  14. Man, that sucks. I've never been a huge lucha guy but Super Porky always stood out as having amazing physical charisma. 58 is too young. RIP
  15. In a battle between Vince's ego and Vince's parsimony I'm giving a narrow lead to his ego, especially if they get someone else to finance it. I didn't even think of the third option, which is that they throw a bunch of money at an Oscar winner to try to give Vince some gravitas.
  16. I think everyone is overlooking how absolutely bonkers Vince is going to be about casting himself for the series. We're either going to get a digitally de-aged Vince playing himself or a Hemsworth brother doing a full Thor steroid cycle.
  17. Seems like she landed on her feet
  18. Those 2-3 years under Mangino (which ended with him getting fired for abusing his players) The normal state of KU football hovers somewhere between "benign neglect" and "active buffoonery." Kansas also still has the Adidas investigation (plus whatever else falls out about the Les Miles era) hanging over their heads.
  19. I don't hate the name, although it has real strong "fake team in a movie" energy. But keeping the same font really makes it look like they just scratched off the "Ind" and put a "Guard" in its place. I agree with Gorman that the flying G logo is pretty good.
  20. That was such a crazy/stupid bump. I loved it. I liked the death match because it stayed a crazy violent brawl instead of getting caught up with weapons or setting up spots. Just a couple of guys beating the hell out of each other. My wife was extremely grossed out by it (especially the fork) but couldn't stop watching it so I consider that high praise.
  21. I think Kansas' geography and the omnishambles that is their football program leave them with fewer options than you would think. As I recall the last time it looked like the Big 12 would fall apart the consensus was that KU would probably get an offer from the AAC but it was unlikely any bigger conferences would be interested.
  22. Just putting this into the universe: they should rip off the Matsunaga in ZeroOne angle with Gage.
  23. That's a good point. My new conspiracy theory is that ESPN is orchestrating this as way to get out of paying for the Longhorn Network for the next decade.
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