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  1. I finally got to watch Suzuki/Danielson and goddamn that was as good as everybody said. I'm not a huge fan of the I-hit-you-you-hit-me strike exchanges but they sort of worked in this case with Suzuki getting overconfident and eating some hard shots that let Danielson start to build an advantage. The matwork was amazing and I wish there was more of it; both of these guys are really great at realistically feeding limbs and transitioning into counters in a way that doesn't look too cooperative. That elbow from Suzuki that opened a cut on Danielson's jaw? Effin' beautiful, and a great sell from Danielson.
  2. Sure, Texas will have lost in humiliating fashion to both Oklahoma teams in back-to-back weeks, but all of their players will stand up for I've Been Working On The Railroad so who are the real winners here?
  3. Simple: 1)Trash Simmons publicly and privately, alienating him from the team and hurting his trade value 2)Ask for a return on a trade that would have been laughable even before you did step 1 3)Process! 4)Ringzzzz, baybeee I cannot believe the Sixers have made me sympathetic to Ben Simmons but here we are.
  4. I'ma guess that "current" is doing some insanely heavy lifting in that headline.
  5. Did the cameras miss something in the six-man? The crowd was chanting holy shit right before JDS got put through the table.
  6. I found some unmarked DVDs while cleaning that turned out to be wrestling, including a Schneider Comp that had this on it; Strong Kobayashi vs Andre The Giant from 72 As the kids would say, this match fucks. Andre is still young and spry and Kobayashi is an amazing prick dragging him to the mat with all kinds of nasty headscissors and armlocks, throwing nasty punches to the face and body while he has him in the holds and stomping him every chance he gets. And while Andre isn't going to make you forget Billy Robinson he hangs with Kobayashi on the mat just fine It goes on a little long but goddamn this rules.
  7. I really didn't think they could make job hunting shittier, but the absolutely non-stop calls, e-mails and texts from incredibly scammy 'recruiters,' most of which are pushing jobs that are either clearly not in my skillset or are $15/hr customer service jobs halfway across the country from me, have managed to do it. Hats off.
  8. When it comes to the children, RVD is for the children. He teaches the children.
  9. Zion is still out with a foot injury and is getting re-evaluated in two weeks. The most that the Pels will commit to is that they expect him back "sometime in the regular season," which doesn't sound great. He's also put back on a fair bit of weight based on his preseason photo. To be expected since he's been injured for the offseason but it does mean that when he does come back he'll have to play his way back into shape. Seems like the Pelicans are gonna be going through it again this year.
  10. Alex Lasry is already running ads for his Senate campaign here so I think I have to stop being a Bucks fan.
  11. This is very cute E: Also I was playing Guacamelee last night and had never realized that Player Uno appears on some of the billboards in the game, so that was neat.
  12. Lot of ass-showing going on today: "I'm not a journalist, here's how journalism works"
  13. Dibiase. Favre hasn't faced any charges so far, just a civil demand.
  14. We finally have a measuring stick for how deep the shit Ted Dibiase & sons are in: The tweet is slightly incorrect: Ted Sr owes about $775k, Ted Jr the $4.6M. Brett has already pled out to charges and turned state's witness.
  15. If you're a Rovell, Shams or Woj who has no real talent besides access I'm sure you do this all the time. I mean half the shit Rovell puts out is just lightly-rewritten press releases. But that doesn't make it good journalism practice, it just makes those dudes hacks. Speaking of hacks, the Shams piece from yesterday? The one that was clearly ghostwritten by Kyrie's agent?
  16. I'm sure Schefter isn't the only one at ESPN to do this but the obsequiousness is genuinely astounding.
  17. Hell yeah, Yatsu! Love this picture because it looks like the ref is just noticing that he has one leg. "Holy shit, are you guys seeing this?"
  18. OK, yeah, that'll get me to watch.
  19. He'll be on Outkick before the month is over talking about how anti-Catholic discrimination is the REAL racism.
  20. Or a guy who keeps losing matches because he's obsessed with his sweet ring jacket.
  21. Really the only choice the Nets could make. You can't let your star player sit out half the games for a bullshit reason and still be considered a serious team.
  22. I appreciate whoever is leaking these spacing them out enough so people could show their asses defending Gruden. A+ work.
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