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  1. The NBA will have a D-League team in Mexico City starting with the 2021-22 season. Not clear if it will be affiliated yet but it'll be managed by the guy who managed the lakers D-League affiliate.
  2. I think part of the reason the ending fell flat for me was that as soon as he started climbing, I knew that there was no way in hell that Jericho is taking any kind of serious bump, so it was clear that either MJF would take the bump (which wouldn't make sense booking-wise) or there would be fuckery. Now if you put Sammy in that same position instead of Jericho the whole thing comes off better because there is at least the tension that Sammy might do something extremely stupid up there so there's still a sense of tension instead of immediately wondering how they're going to get themselves
  3. LOOK AT EDDIE'S LITTLE SUIT! The whole thread is a great variety of pictures. This Nick Mondo picture is basically 2002 personified.
  4. They're all old enough now that the Gold Bond Mafia can be the Icy Hot Mafia.
  5. To be fai-uh to Jericho I think he started climbing too early and had to keep pausing so he wouldn't get up there til the commercial break was over.
  6. Finally found a picture, he also had this going on: It looks like someone tried to give him Vanilla Ice hair and it went horribly wrong.
  7. Oh yeah, what the fuck was going on with Jake Hager's head? Did he cut himself before the match?
  8. As crazy as the Blood & Guts match was Darby's bump down the stairs must be acknowledged because that was a stupid, stupid bump.
  9. Good match and I didn't mind the finish but the Inner Circle control segment went on too long for a comeback to be realistic so I knew there had to be some fuckery afoot. I watched with my non-wrestling fan wife and I appreciate Sammy and Dax both calling spots and getting the blade on camera so I could explain them to her.
  10. What's the benefit in keeping a sub-.500 coach that the locker room hates?
  11. Oh dang, I hadn't seen a picture of you since your weight loss. Looking good, Dolfan!
  12. I always forget about Animal's little run in Battlarts. He was pretty nice with that dragon screw.
  13. They also dedicated his park today:
  14. Yes, absolutely! And the movie just kind of treats Quigley as a guy you should already know about. It's so fuckin' weird.
  15. "It'll be fine, Psicosis does this bump all the time"
  16. I felt like I'd been hit by a truck for about 24 hours after both my first and second shots of Pfizer, but other than that was fine besides some injection site soreness. My wife had no effects from either one. I went to my normal Friday night hangout with friends for the first time since the pandemic started and folks: it was nice.
  17. I think he was that kind of Euro retired where you just go play in your home country til you're 45.
  18. Cavs are signing Anderson Varejao for the rest of the season. I assume this is a 'retire a Cav' thing because dude looked incredibly busted the last time I saw him.
  19. Thanks, just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing out on another source.
  20. The Brunette Dusty appears in only 1/1000 encounters but has a much higher chance to drop rare loot.
  21. Is there a good way to gauge how much specific cards are actually selling for beyond, like, just looking at completed ebay auctions? I own exactly one sports card, but it's a Lebron James rookie card that's been in a hard sleeve since I took it out of the pack and I'm trying to figure out if it'd be worth it to go through the cost and hassle of getting it graded.
  22. Sure, the last coach they hired from Buffalo was a disaster, but what are the odds of that happening twice?
  23. One of his sci-fi friends posted some pictures of him on twitter that folks might want to see. There are also plenty of people memorializing him in the replies.
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