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  1. WWE fired ring announcer Greg Hamilton today. Judging by the abuse allegations, he seems like a swell guy.
  2. Memorial services for Io Shirai will be held at the Performance Center tomorrow.
  3. I'm convinced one day Junior will be declared Emperor of Seattle.
  4. So.... cross Tomlin's name off the list. It's funny how he clearly gets more and more furious after each word he says.
  5. He was involved in the Brock suspension angle on Friday and teased out a potential future match on IG later. And Brock trying to outpower Cesaro for 10-12 minutes would be the bee's knees.
  6. Oh, I'm being snarky alright. I don't deny that for a minute. I liked Sonic. It was the last movie I saw before lockdown and thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact, much more than I thought. What concerns me, is the new film's teaser. It really looks like they took the wrong lessons from the first one, turning into the comedy and less from the story. And words like "sexy" being thrown around for the characters?
  7. I mean the 2023 Razzie committee will probably not even need to meet at this point...
  8. YOUR Columbia Lions (*double checks*) TRAVELLED to the frozen tundra known as Hanover, New Hampshire. They ENTERED Memorial Field. And they CONQUERED the grotesque and disgusting Dartmouth Big Green. Handing them their first shutout in 10 years, 19-0. AND the first time Columbia has shut out Dartmouth since World War 2! It's the Lions first win against a nationally ranked team since 2003! This is the single source of joy in my life! Next up.... CLAMS?!? On my pizza? It's more likely than you think!
  9. Just a reminder that this is the worst timeline.
  10. KO's got some kind of issue with ladders But hey, that match was pretty alright!
  11. Because they've literally invested millions of dollars to make Charlotte Flair the character she is today? Banks is the cross-over star, but Charlotte is the wrestler you use to continue to sell shows. She gets a lot of criticism and crap for who she is and what her attitude is reported to be. Rightfully so, too. But unless something massively egregious happens, Charlotte will fulfill the entirety of her contract before she will ever step foot in another company's ring.
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