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  1. LA trades Pierre-Luc Dubois to Washington for Darcy Kuemper.
  2. Calgary trades Jacob Markstrom to New Jersey
  3. Her name is Yoshimi, she's a black belt in karate. Working for the city, she has to discipline her body. Well we're another week closer to Forbidden Door and time to fight to see who else gets on the show! Cause she knows that it's demanding, to defeat those evil machines. I know she can beat them! Here's what's on tap tonight: Oh Yoshimi they don't believe me, but you won't let those robots defeat me.... Such a shame the Acclaimed are jobbing on Juneteenth. Oh well, at least MJF is back to curse on live TV! Enjoy the week!
  4. Justin Timberlake was arrested yesterday for a DUI in the Hamptons. And let's just say, if you're as rich/famous as JT is and in the damned Hamptons, you need to be fucking *egregious* with your intoxication for them to have actually arrested him. Britney keeps on winning.
  5. Yeah, but Otis/Gable doesn't need the IC title to sell it. Bron needs a reason to go after Sami, and the IC belt is a pretty good reason. And if Gable ends up grabbing the case, Otis can be a constant thorn in his side. Or better yet, if Otis costs him the briefcase, then there's your SummerSlam opener.
  6. For those who aren't baseball peeps, the NY Mets have been terrible this season. Last week they had Grimace out to throw the first pitch of a game and are now 6-0 since. NY is fully embracing Grimace-anity.... Except... This clip btw should provide you with all the ammunition you need to defend this as an objectively Good Thing.
  7. Yankees... The good news is Gerrit Cole is making his season debut on Wednesday. The bad news is Anthony Rizzo is out at least 4-6 weeks with a broken arm.
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