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  1. Well, it's purge season. Aidy Bryant, Kyle Mooney, Kate McKinnon, and Pete Davidson are all leaving after this season. Kate & Pete only 5 years after the should have too!
  2. Everything you said is true. But in no way, shape, or form is brand extension ending. Fox and USA have both said they want "exclusive superstars". So, for that reason alone, it's not ending.
  3. Well it's definitely interesting to see when Dunn and Vince get their hands on very good cocaine.
  4. Yeah, if there's a winner tonight, it's probably the Usos via Roman-terference. They're currently at 305 days into their reign, and only have to get to early November to get the longest WWE tag title reign (pun!) ever. RKBro is fun, but if they're going to be moved back to singles to go back after Roman, now is as good a time as any. All that said -- I'm guessing DQ tonight, with a rematch at HiaC. Possibly in the cell.
  5. Jesus fuck... EDIT -- Oh, and in hilarious news, there's a new Monopoly Stranger Things tie-in game that apparently spoils all of season 4.
  6. I can't wait for that Velvet/Statlander vs. Danhausen/Hook match they have in the middle there. Gonna be a shame when Kris makes Hook tap out.
  7. That looks like such a fucking mess. All my friends will watch and cackle about it. I will watch, pretend that I hate it, and secretly love it.
  8. I may have shared this twitter at some point in the past, but here is an entry from "Threatening Music Notation" that (if you can read music) will make your heart explode in your chest:
  9. Yeah if he's pissed off, then it's going in the right direction. @hammerva
  10. I'll freely admit, seeing a guy who I don't know holding two cute dogs and broadly smiling in front of a beautiful countryside shot is not usually followed up by: "This dude is a terrifying monster and should be jailed forever. " --- Not commenting on the merits (because reading up on it, fuck that guy), but wow, did the optics just work on me.
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