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  1. All of Kathryn Hahn was on TV in Mrs. Fletcher
  2. Stargirl doing by way of Eclipso and the JSA is... certainly... something.
  3. For this episode they bring everyone back?
  4. Fan fic of your deceased sibling for 20+ years over multiple media is kinda gross.
  5. It'll probably still be $30. The real sweet spot is a $20 rental with a $25 buy option. WB did that for "Scoob!" and you're like "well, if I watch it in the future it'll be $5 to rent anyway..."
  6. I bet it goes theater->D+ Premier Access-> Home Video -> D+
  7. Buses (even new) start to shake apart over 65, so it's completely unrealistic for an articulated bus to even get up to that speed It's actually a problem with everyone filming in Vancouver. There's a company that has a monopoly on public transit vehicles for motion picture shoots, and you can pinpoint most any transit shoots to Vancouver because of this. A (new) artic will run you $750k, minimum. Our new hydrogen artic's were $1.5M each!
  8. He fights on an outdated bus, and Awkwafina is so short they had to cut a section of the bus's steering wheel out so it wouldn't cover her face in reaction shots. /Spoiler
  9. @NikoBaltimoreNew Warriors is a series that didn't make it past the pilot because the Disney owned channel it was developed for passed, then due to the stink of Jeoh Loeb on it, no other Disney channel wanted it
  10. It was nice to hear Clark Gregg again. Such a big part of Phase 1, then nothing until Captain Marvel.
  11. That final fight was right out of a Venture Bros. episode. Great stuff.
  12. It's hilarious because the Smith show was to assuage the assholes before this dropped.
  13. This kinda reminds me of the time I spent three hours trying to fix a VHS copy of Let It Be without opening up the cassette, but in reverse.
  14. I'm honestly sad everyone didn't die. That's the outcome of like 95% of the comics version.
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