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  1. Flash and Supergirl both have dipped to "late 90s syndication" levels of quality this year. It's really sad.
  2. Quantumania is definitely February 17th. It's our wedding anniversary, so my brain always sends up a flare when I see it.
  3. I mean they built the set, they could have filmed whomever they wanted in the scene before they struck it. Thematically it wouldn't work for Rhodey to be there with the Captains America.
  4. I'm heartened they changed her name to GPC. I may back the Kickstarter for that reason alone.
  5. This episode felt like a new writer was brought in to wrap everything up and their politics were a whoooooole bunch more conservative than the original writer. Sam's two speeches were so corny and naive that June Cleaver would've been ashamed to recite them.
  6. Venom on D+? Are they still censoring non-PG movies?
  7. I said it on Twitter too. Influencer! I wish Simu Liu didn't look bored in everything to do with the movie.
  8. And you never will, because they're "too goofy" for Michael Uslan.
  9. To be fair I had forgotten about it existing until the pictures of the action figures showed up. Also, it was going to come out in July until they had to hold off BW again again, do there should be *some* kind of trailer, even just a teaser, by now.
  10. I love how bored Simu Liu looks in action figure form.
  11. Is anyone else worried we haven't seen a frame of Shang-Chi 5 months from its latest release date?
  12. Yeah, it's a shame they made Luke the most powerful Jedi that ever lived. Real slap in the face to all the real fans.
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