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  1. Sasha/Becky was really good. Liked that they incorporated some new spots. And cool that Bianca got a measure of revenge. I also like that Naomi is getting some sort of storyline. It's not often that the women get a chance to get involved in something that gets time to actually develop. Would be cool to have Naomi return the favor and cost Shayna her Queen's match against Doudrop since these Queen's matches have been pretty much used as angle development. Speaking of which, surprised to see Carmella and Liv still going at it. And I liked the gentlewoman's agreement between Mella and Zelina that understandably didn't last long.
  2. Love that we are getting some storylines going in the women's division. When Serena was talking, I kept hoping Shida would show up. And then Bam! It was on. Then Anna Jay tussles with Britt and Ruby gets a little revenge on Penelope and Bunny. This is what I've been waiting for since the inception of the division.
  3. It's interesting to go back and watch their match against one another in NXT and then this one. In the previous match, both are kinda slow, tentative and it looks really rehearsed. In this one, I think Tay looked far better. Maybe Santana has a little ring rust.
  4. I enjoyed Ruby/Bunny and the post match beat down. If they drag Kierra into this, since she's taking on Penelope, we have ourselves a nice little feud.
  5. This is the episode I was looking forward to most. Always dug Luna. She wasn't the best wrestler but loved her as a personality. I can only imagine what she experienced and then her kids. Good episode. Plus we got Mad Maxine and Penelope Paradise!
  6. Masha is everything. Really great show. So happy for Mercedes.
  7. I was here for the battle at the barn. I'm very much looking forward to this Deonna/Mickie match.
  8. The build for Cargill has been great. I liked what we got of the three way, including Nyla dying for our sins, and I like the little rivalry between her and Jade. And Thunder Rosa is a treasure. She's come a long way since those Lucha Underground days.
  9. Hit Row are money so I'm not surprised by the call up but I cringe to think of how they are going to be ruined. Enjoyed the main event. Cool ending with poor Bianca getting screwed on all ends.
  10. Great stuff with the women's tag match. Toxic Attraction has breathed new life into Mandy Rose.
  11. I'm ready for Penelope and Bunny to go around screwing with all of the face women.
  12. Liked the Becky/Bianca and Naomi/Sonya segments. Nice to see the latter getting some more build. I thought they forgot Shotzi/Nox too so I was pleased to see them come out last night. They are overdue their title opportunity. I'm looking forward to Liv/Carmella. Sue me.
  13. Enjoyed Britt/Ruby. Another great moment for Ruby and great to see the crowd behind her. I know there was no chance that she would win but I was hoping for an upset regardless.
  14. Love the cast of Titans but yes, the show is a mess. Sorta like Batwoman. Doesn't make much sense but I can't stop watching. For me, Starfire is the show's MVP though. And yes, Stargirl is such an underrated gem. Last episode was awesome.
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