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  1. Really good main event. I love Shotzi and Ember but The Way have been killing it. So I'm not too upset about the outcome. Plus Candice has been one of my underrated faves for a while. Enjoyed the showdown between Mercedes and Raquel and I'm looking forward to their match. NXT does a really good job of having lots for the women to do that actually feels important.
  2. There are like 15 things going on with the women's tag titles at the same time.
  3. Conti/Shida was a good match. AEW has been great for Tay. And I'm so ready for Britt/Shida. They've really done a good job of building to this match. It's a long time coming.
  4. Good stuff from Jade and Velvet. Red Velvet has been one of my favorites for a while now and Jade is joining her. Also great to see Statlander return. The pieces of the women's division have really come together.
  5. While I had a feeling that they weren't going to have Nattie and Tamina go over, it was still cool to see the crowd get solidly behind Tamina. Asuka has carried the Raw women's division for better or worse through all of this mess but it's cool to see Rhea have her moment since she got screwed last year. Interesting to see where they go from here.
  6. This women's tag storyline has been all over the place for weeks now. It would have made more sense to do the contender's match on Raw, where the teams would get a decent amount of time. As it is, this was like something out of 2015.
  7. I was hoping the women's tag would at least be decent but it was a mess. But I should have known with how haphazardly it was thrown together. Most of the women just seemed off and it didn't smooth out until the end. I have no problem with Tamina/Nattie although I was pulling for the Riotts. Another plus is that most of the teams actually looked more like real units tonight, especially Mandy and Dana. I don't see Tamina and Nattie going over the champs tomorrow but we'll see. Omos is a true killer. I enjoy when celebrities actually take this seriously and put in the work especially si
  8. I enjoyed Io's reign a lot but the build for Raquel has been really good. So, I had a feeling it was going to be her night. Plus, it should be good to see the faces chase after her. I'm guessing Io makes her way to the main roster now.
  9. Good stuff from Tay and Bunny. Good chemistry there. And yes, Britt, we are ready for that title match.
  10. Cool to see Mercedes with the Robert Stone brand again even if it was as a last minute substitution. Always liked their dynamic. Shotzi remains my favorite part of NXT. Raquel has to win the title at this point.
  11. Great promo from Britt. And I enjoyed Nyla/Tay. Great win for Tay and cool to see The Bunny get back into the women's scene. I'm ready for Jade/Velvet the singles match.
  12. Britt and Thunder Rosa tore the house down. Just a great match and fitting end to their feud. Rebel even got some moments to shine. Very cool main event and just shows how far the division has come.
  13. They just threw Lana/Naomi vs the tag champs at us. No kind of announcement or anything. As soon as I saw Reginald, I knew what was up. I did like what we did get to see though. And Lana really died for our sins last night.
  14. As evil as Dakota as been since her turn, the continuity geek in me was so rooting her on against Shayna lol I dug the chicanery at the end too. I'm not sure what's up with the poor Robert Stone brand.
  15. Great stuff from Velvet and Jade. Both looked like stars tonight and, once she really comes into her own, Jade is going to be a force.
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