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  1. Enjoyed Asuka/Nikki/Naomi. Nice to see them get some time too.
  2. Cool to see Zelina Vega return and she looked good in-ring wise. I'm also hoping that Liv gets added to the MITB match after these wins. I'm assuming third time's the charm for Bayley?
  3. Pretty much this. My match of the night was Bayley/Bianca. Also cool to see Nattie and Mandy get some time. Not sure what's going on with Alexa playing The Princess of Darkness but it's not good.
  4. She had a shoot interview a while ago that touches on a lot of this and she definitely comes across far more grounded than expected. It's a shame that women's wrestling in the WWE was coming to a stop when Robin became champion. She was starting to come into her own before they pumped the brakes.
  5. Lita Tribute Dive aside, good stuff from Bunny and Red Velvet. I've always liked Bunny/Allie and Velvet is due to breakout soon. I can also get behind the team of Velvet, Swole, and KiLynn. Nice to see more direction in the division. I'm here for a pissed Nyla taking on Britt.
  6. And the hits just keep on coming for their women's tag division...
  7. I liked Nattie/Tamina vs the Riott Squad. I would be behind a decent program between the two teams.
  8. I like the look of the new women's title and it's cool that they celebrated Shida's milestone. She had the hard task of having a reign under the most unenviable of circumstances. Despite it all, I still enjoyed her as champ but this is definitely Britt's match to lose. At this point, there's a lot more that can be done with her as champ and the faces giving chase.
  9. Red Velvet and Serena were my favorites of the night. Just really good stuff. Velvet is such a star in the making
  10. Very cool moment for Nattie and Tamina. And a pretty decent match against the former champions.
  11. Really good main event. I love Shotzi and Ember but The Way have been killing it. So I'm not too upset about the outcome. Plus Candice has been one of my underrated faves for a while. Enjoyed the showdown between Mercedes and Raquel and I'm looking forward to their match. NXT does a really good job of having lots for the women to do that actually feels important.
  12. There are like 15 things going on with the women's tag titles at the same time.
  13. Conti/Shida was a good match. AEW has been great for Tay. And I'm so ready for Britt/Shida. They've really done a good job of building to this match. It's a long time coming.
  14. Good stuff from Jade and Velvet. Red Velvet has been one of my favorites for a while now and Jade is joining her. Also great to see Statlander return. The pieces of the women's division have really come together.
  15. While I had a feeling that they weren't going to have Nattie and Tamina go over, it was still cool to see the crowd get solidly behind Tamina. Asuka has carried the Raw women's division for better or worse through all of this mess but it's cool to see Rhea have her moment since she got screwed last year. Interesting to see where they go from here.
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