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  1. The Mortal Kombat movies might be a ten if you add their review scores up. … and throw in the direct-to-video animated movies that came out recently.…. … and count the cheap, awful USA Network animated series from way back. …… ok. Not sure all of that gets you to 10, but you’ve got at least a solid 5 or 6 if you count all that together. And there’s always the Street Fighter movies…… Those movies were…. Um, What was my point again?
  2. I really liked Greedfall so I'm in for Greedfall 2. Also following Spiders' new game - steelrising - pretty carefully. Releasing in September, It's an action rpg in the vein of Dark Souls (lol, isn't everything) set in an alt-history steampunk version of the French Revolution.
  3. Very true. People are shit, unfortunately. We took the threat(s) seriously. Police took the threats seriously. I think, if the guy hadn't been apprehended, we would all have worked from home yesterday. but, if we had gone to the office, there would have been a lottttt of security. In this case, the guy really was just an idiot mouthing off. Apparently, he could prove that he had planned to be out of state yesterday. Police said they found no evidence he owned a weapon or was putting together any sort of toolkit. No criminal record. He supposedly told the cops he didn't remember making the threats (so... drunk or high?) and probably just wanted to scare people. We got the day off yesterday anyway. Management decided we could use the day to decompress. I gotta admit, I'm relieved it never got to the point where I had to seriously consider going to work "packing heat". I've owned a handgun or two since I was in my early 20's and have a chl (concealed handgun license), but I've never had any need for either outside periodic trips to the practice range. I'd much prefer to keep it that way.
  4. Upshot is that Haskins had recreational drugs in his system and a bac of .24 when he died. Story going around is that he was partying all night with a woman and left the club (with the woman) after some sort of fight, then ran out of gas on the interstate and left the woman in the car while he went for gas.
  5. Tomorrow will hopefully not be interesting. One of my employees got himself fired earlier this week (not by me, though I wouldn't have minded being able to do it personally) and posted a threat on social media. Apparently he's claimed he's going to come in and shoot up the place (edit; tweet has since been deleted). General feeling is that it's an idiot mouthing off on social media and not a serious threat. Still, police and have been alerted and are looking for the guy and the company is assigning extra security to the office tomorrow. Since I'm in charge, I'm going to be the first one in the office and last one out. I told everyone to work from home tomorrow if they're at all uncomfortable. edit: dude was arrested this morning. No excitement tomorrow.
  6. Same. I’m not expecting a decisive outcome. Probably Roman interference that leads to a no contest.
  7. Stumbled across the Twitter feed of an ESPN employee who was live-tweeting Fisher’s press conference. Pretty entertaining. Jimbo wasn’t holding back. If I was a lot more naive and a lot less cynical, I’d completely believe A & M was an innocent victim in all this.
  8. From a booking standpoint, John Morrison makes sense as the joker. It seemed unlikely they’d want to job Joe out already, so I was wondering if they’d really bring in a big name and set him against Joe in their debut match. Morrison as the mystery opponent is still underwhelming to me. When I read that this morning, my first thought was “Welp, at least Savio Vega is off the hook.”
  9. That video is Dave at his Meltzer-iest. 12 minutes of talking in circles, only for him to wrap it up by saying something like “Well, I can’t really comment on the issue because I don’t really know what the issue is, so I can’t comment on it.”. Ugh. I want those twelve minutes back, Dave. Dave did remind me that I forgot to go through my YouTube follows when I purged pro wres from my social media. Thanks, Dave. Sorry I have to drop your channel. This incident feels like a shoot that will be turned into a work when all is said and done. It’ll be interesting to see if Roman feels like getting involved to throw Naomi a lifeline. Sasha could be out of luck, but Sasha went from being a main-eventer to being half of a “creative has nothing for you” tag team with Naomi. It feels like she was on her way out anyway. Kinda agree with the people speculating the “didn’t want to work with someone” thing is a cover story. Contract issues seem plausible. Meltzer speculated (?) Naomi and Sasha didn’t think Nikki and Doughdrop should be in the match and lobbied for them to be replaced.
  10. On the one hand, it feels like the right business decision. On the other hand, so what does Xbox have to show for this year? I feel like it's getting time for Xbox to finally make good on its promise to beef up its roster of exclusives. They've been making the same promises for 20 years and then spending a lot of time kicking the can down the road. No one expects them to compete with Sony or Nintendo overnight, but the "next year or the year after that or the year after that" promises are wearing me out. I still really dig my Series X but I've mostly been using it to play back-compatible X360 games lately. Sony and Ninendo are shaping up to have good years with first-party games. Xbox is still a question mark.
  11. lol, this ad popped up in my Twitter feed (that’s what they all say) and I laughed way too hard when I realized the guys looks like Adam Cole to me.
  12. Adam Silver probably needs to send our a memo reminding teams that the playoffs are still going on. Philadelphia and Golden State were apparently very surprised to learn that they had games this week.
  13. Meltzer is saying that Roman is not leaving WWE but did just sign a new contract that requires far fewer appearances. Basically, Roman has a Brock Lesnar-type deal and is going to stop working house shows.
  14. Update: Wife and sis-in-law have been on the trail for a week now and no one has been eaten yet. I'm considering that a win. Lol, actually, they're doing quite well and really enjoying it, which is odd 'cause it sounds like my idea of Hell Weather has been awful. Lots of rain, cold, mud, etc. Past two days have seen torrential downpours and strong winds that blow the rain sideways. They're somewhat behind schedule due largely to weather, but still covering 12-13 miles (!) a day. They're hoping a combination of lighter packs and better weather this week will allow them to get back on schedule. My wife is floating the idea that they could stay on the trail and extra day or two and still cover 230 miles but I dunno that the others want to do that. There's also the matter of whether provisions could be stretched any further, I'm extremely impressed and, more importantly, our kids are extremely into this and doing what the can to signal boost for Mom and Aunt K. The Appalachian Trail isn't an easy hike under ideal circumstances. Wife and I were hugely into endurance sports when we were younger, and still do the occasional big-city marathon, but this is a whole 'nother level. The logistics (weather. food, clean water, no showers or change of clothes, etc.) seem more challenging than the actual hiking.
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