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  1. Cleveland New England Carolina Atlanta Green Bay Baltimore Kansas City Los Angeles Rams Las Vegas Arizona Tampa Bay San Francisco New Orleans Tiebreaker 1 - 377 Tiebreaker 2 - 65 Tiebreaker 3 - 121
  2. Honestly, I'm a fan of an NFC North team, and when the Vikings played the Lions a couple of weeks ago, the receivers the Lions were running out there sounded like names that pop up in the 14th season of a Madden franchise. Of course, the Vikings still almost lost to them, because Vikings.
  3. Vance Joseph (defensive coordinator) and Jeff Rodgers (assistant head coach/special teams coordinator) will split head coaching duties in Kingsbury's absence.
  4. So much for the "this has been in the works for weeks" line.
  5. Tampa Bay Jacksonville Cincinnati Kansas City Minnesota Indianapolis Los Angeles Rams Baltimore Green Bay Arizona Las Vegas Dallas Pittsburgh Buffalo Tiebreaker 1 - 117 Tiebreaker 2 - 65 Tiebreaker 3 - 2
  6. NFLPA: "Hey, can we see the results of that investigation?" NFL: "Get fucked." NFLPA: "Okay, good talk."
  7. Spider 2 Why Don't I Clean Out My Desk?
  8. This will be an entirely new level of Chargering if Cleveland pulls this off.
  9. And you'll never see them if they had no loot.
  10. The Vikings won. It didn't feel like a win but the scoreboard says they won. Yay.
  11. I know that Malenko isn't in the greatest of health, but I still got a smile out of seeing him "adjusting his wristbands" as he came down the ramp.
  12. Absolutely would not be surprised if Hester got in on the first ballot, just because he. . .even though I hated the sumbitch because he played for a division rival. . .was the best in the history of the league at what he did, and by a ridiculous margin over everyone else.
  13. Seattle Atlanta Washington Cincinnati Minnesota Denver Tennessee Carolina Tampa Bay New England Los Angeles Chargers Las Vegas Arizona Dallas Kansas City Baltimore Tiebreaker 1 - 71 Tiebreaker 2 - 111 Tiebreaker 3 - 247
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