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  1. Just knocked out my last long paper for my Master's. Think I'll celebrate by hitting Priority: Earth and finishing this thing again. Debating who to take with me on each half of the mission. . .not locked into anyone specific yet other than taking Liara (love interest) for the second half.
  2. Legendary comedian Jackie Mason has passed at the age of 93. "He doesn't want to put holes in the cans, he wants to put holes in you!"
  3. I did the Citadel DLC and damn near bounced to the Cerberus Base without going back and doing all the individual invites to the apartment. Would have been quite annoyed with myself had I missed that. Eff your pull-up record, Vega.
  4. NIKKI~! Aside from that, I don't know what was going on with this show and Kross losing to Jeff Hardy just strikes me as being mind-numbingly stupid, but hey. NIKKI~!
  5. It's right up there with the teenager at the desk at the Citadel that's waiting for her parents' shuttle to arrive. Although the one you mentioned gets worse once you connect enough dots to figure out that the "Hillary" that the Asari commando shot on Tiptree is Joker's sister.
  6. Man, I had forgotten how awesome the Leviathan conversation is. The whole Leviathan portion probably should have been included in the original game and not released as DLC. On to Anderson's place on the Citadel.
  7. Priority: Horizon is over and done with. I couldn't remember if I had given Miranda the heads-up on Kai Leng or not, but I must have because she didn't die. Now it's time for Leviathan and Citadel before the final run at the end.
  8. This time it appears to be true.
  9. That sounds. . .bad.
  10. Went through Omega yesterday. Managed to not find Aria's couch for Harriot. Damn it. Since my Paragon score is high enough to save both the Quarians and the Geth later on I allowed myself a rare Renegade moment by putting a bullet in Petrovsky's head, largely because I figured it would irritate Aria. Think it's time to go visit the Perseus Veil.
  11. TIL that when you're planet scanning in ME3 and you have to escape from the Reapers after too many scans, you can determine which side of the system you enter on by rotating your ship on the map before you re-enter it. I'm guessing that everyone else knew this already and I'm just 8-9 years behind.
  12. Did Priority: Tuchanka this afternoon. Yeah, Mordin. . .it had to be you. Damn it.
  13. Happy I went and did the Javik recruitment mission before I hit Grissom Academy. The combination of the Particle Rifle and Incendiary Ammo makes short work of a lot of things.
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