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  1. I'm both surprised and amused that the NFL thinks they can have international games this season.
  2. I'm sure that will end well.
  3. Get this fake Savage fool off the fucking stage. . . .
  4. I truly long for the Sat/Sun format, as this stretched out stuff is a bridge too far for me.
  5. FFS, this is 2nd rd bullshit. . .
  6. He's an idiot just like his dad.
  7. Shut the fuck Roger and make the damn pick. . .
  8. APB out for Gettleman for grand theft. . . . .
  9. I want the giants to take fields just to see rippas head explode. . . .:)
  10. This fan thing is moronic. . . .
  11. Hellava smokescreen by the niners. . . . .then taking Lance.
  12. Could they be more ostentatious and full of shit?
  13. I wonder if the 49ers are dumb enough to trade #3 for him. If so, both teams should make that deal and run.
  14. After the OSU QB discussion, is there any other positions that tend to be busts from certain schools? I can think of maybe PSU running backs?
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