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  1. Jazz signed Rudy Gay to the MLE . . .
  2. I wonder if the colts are dumb enough to give the Bills a 1 for trubisky.. . .
  3. Ain't nobody making a Hershel Walker deal for Ben Simmons. . . .
  4. Otherwise why have agents until your second contract, and most never make it that far.
  5. Pretty sure the Johnson trilogy is dead as a doornail, though Disney may or may not announce it formally. Solo bombing took a bunch of stuff down with it. . .
  6. That's a horrible name. . . .
  7. Yes and yes. How much, and when is it due?
  8. Mercedes is already back, so that didn't last long. Someone needs to write a book about the White Sox though, I bet there are a ton of out of touch Larussa stories just waiting to be told.
  9. If anyone backs out, I want in on the pay league. . . .
  10. Who knows how legit Price's injuries are, but if I didn't want to move to an expansion team on the other side of the continent, that would be the story I'd have out there.
  11. He's getting an unpaid vacation for that. . .
  12. So Kang is pretty much Rick? Because that's what I was thinking through the whole reveal.(not a comic reader). Thought majors sucked and I hope they recast, but otherwise i liked it.
  13. Although 71 is too young, by 80's wrestler standards that's a pretty good run. RIP.
  14. That might have been the worst episode of the series. . . .
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