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  1. Yeah he can fuck all the way off.
  2. I'm actually reading his memoirs right now, and they are fascinating in the level of detail. As a history buff they are a great read(I'm about 500 pages into the 1500 page first volume) but only for the hardcore policy wonk types.
  3. But that's not nearly as much fun to talk about. . .
  4. That's assuming he makes it more than a series this time. . . .
  5. Never gotten the love for Donna. I thought she was the most annoying companion by far(I've only watched NU WHO), though a few later ones have come close. She was much better in this ep, I agree. Too bad they didn't do Martha Jones instead. .
  6. Or he has some REALLY good pics of someone. . .
  7. You could argue all of college football is a cult. . ..
  8. I'm also taking the Bye week vs the BIlls. . .
  9. As a coach, Mcdermott is just good enough to get you beat. He needs to go. . . .
  10. Billy Wagner is the only one of those pitchers that has a shot(or should anyway).
  11. As if its not bad enough to have their sex offender QB hurt, Cleveland has to do Cincinnati's work for them too?! :)
  12. If that's clean, I don't want to know what you think is dirty. . . .
  13. Lie down with a predator and give him a guaranteed contract, you get fleas. . .
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