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  1. Hopefully we'll get the giant spiders before then. . . .
  2. They need a better name though, how about the Jobber -14?
  3. Josh Allen is God, but Dabol is an idiot. .
  4. WOOF! The Monday night crew sucks. . . . .
  5. The nfl could tell me the sky is blue and I'd think they were lying. . .
  6. I'm active, I just forgot I had started Goedert. Besides, i'm 4-1. . . .
  7. I think I caught at least two different version of Hepatitis just looking at that ring. . .
  8. I would imagine California games would be an exception to that.
  9. Yeah, but will he finish?
  10. Either the Bills or Cleveland.
  11. There is always Barstool. . . . (shudder)
  12. The NFL may have cleared Snyder, but by bringing it up again, they may open themselves to unwanted scrutiny. Seriously Gruden loses his job but nothing happens to Snyder?
  13. Disney plus is a pain in the ass too sometimes.
  14. Yeah, I had a snafu with debit card changes, had to resign up to access HULU, still cant read ESPN plus stuff, despite signing in. . .
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