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  1. Sarah jessica Horseface has to do something besides sex and the city I guess. . .
  2. Haslam(sp?) Still owns them right? I can believe he is. . .
  3. Fair enough. Just let them throw at batters, and ban charging? My guy takes one, your guy takes one, move on. . .unless you go for the dome. Hit a guy in the head and its 60 games or somesuch.
  4. Just make it a automatic 15 day suspension for charging the mound. The only way to stop pithers throwing is eliminate the dh.
  5. Immediately my mind goes to vandermeer, but forget that pitchers have breaks. . .
  6. Oh i agree, I'm not sure if it's a defense for watson though. . . .
  7. Well it's not the kind if thing you come up with spontaneously, I wouldnt think. Theve done the prep work, and I dont it functions like a court of law. Owners are different than players though, and aren't subject to the cba.
  8. The rest of the league. Pkusxwouldnt that be a tacit admission by kd that he can never do it on his own?
  9. We can be sure hes not afraid of needles. .
  10. What fool wouldnt opt in for that much dough?
  11. When did the Lakers sign Rincewind and Granny Wetherwax?
  12. But subok has been established as a character for over 30 years. The only surprise is that they decided to more with him.
  13. The only way reva finding that message from bail makes sense is if Vader blasts the place to smithereens, with her in it, just to be a dick.
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