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  1. TJ Watt just showed why he’s getting the big bucks.
  2. The call from New York to review that catch is why people think the NFL is rigged, the over/under for the game was either 42 or 42.5 going to OT all but guaranteed it'd be 43 or more.
  3. That’s total bs, up until 1984 the NCAA controlled all the tv rights and Tennessee would be on live tv at most twice a year(1 national game and 1 regional game) the only way they’d be getting a national game is if they had a really good team. From 1984 to 1995 they would have been on more but not every game. I would also call bs if he claimed that Southeastern got higher ratings than the Tennessee football highlight/coaches show that aired Sunday mornings. Every big school had one of those shows, they got monster ratings and usually had a big money sponsor. Take all of those “we got bigger ratings than Dallas or Monday Night Football” with a grain of salt, sure wrestling got a big share of the audience during their time slot but less people were watching tv when wrestling was on.
  4. Who'll be the first team to play Monday night then turn around and play the 4pm game on Saturday?
  5. It's weird seeing a clean shaven Afa & Sika, also nice touch announcing them from American Samoa to make sure everyone knew they were faces.
  6. While I'll watch License to Kill whenever it's on it's low on my list, replace Bond with Sonny Crockett and Felix Leiter with Rico Tubbs and it's basically an extremely violent Miami Vice movie. I'll add I'm not a huge fan of the Dalton flicks even though Dalton is a good Bond, he was dealt a bad hand in his two outings as Bond. Am I the only one who loves Tomorrow Never Dies? The World Is Not Enough would have been good if they cast anyone else as Christmas Jones, Die Another Day was a mess and that's a shame because Rosmund Pike was great in it. I will add that the only Bond film I won't jump into and watch when it's on is Thunderball, that movie is a painful bore.
  7. The league is the ones leaking the emails, since Gruden didn’t resign or get fired earlier today for the DeMaurice Smith leak the league leaked more emails. I wonder what else they had in case Gruden and Davis dug in and told the league to F off.
  8. I really liked No Time To Die, I would rank it behind Casino Royale when it comes to the Daniel Craig flicks. I know people are all over the place when it comes to this flim, for everyone who liked No Time To Die would this be the best "last" Bond film for the actor playing Bond?
  9. Neither Iowa or Penn State should have been ranked that high.
  10. Switzer was still able to benefit from all the draft picks Johnson got from the Vikings, Johnson didn’t have that luxury in Miami. Also, had the Vikings passed on the Walker trade it’s doubtful Johnson and then Switzer would have had the same success in Dallas.
  11. Sure Switzer was the head coach but did he really do anything besides stand on the sidelines? Jerry Jones was making all of the personal decisions and Switzer seems smart enough to stay out of his assistant coaches way. Also, he only has the Super Bowl ring due to Neil O'Donnell who was the MVP for the Cowboys that day.
  12. Is there a Cliff Notes version somewhere? That podcast is almost 6 hours long.
  13. A lot of people including yours truly hated Paterno before the Sandusky story broke.
  14. Yes, it's a concept album that's mimics a pirate radio station.
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