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  1. Clemenza is showing you the recipe for the sauce(gravy) and Ralphie is showing how to get the "macaroni" to absorb the gravy(sauce). I don't get Ralphie's addition of the butter, maybe that's another New Jersey thing like calling sauce "gravy" and all pasta "macaroni".
  2. Wow! Those are some bad accents, I'm waiting to hear someone say "Dat's ah spy-see-ah meat-ah-ball-ah".
  3. Heenan was at ringside for the first few Flair-Hogan matches, he tapped out once he realized being on the road with Flair would kill him. They had Jimmy Hart sub for a “sick” Heenan until Perfect showed up, I was at the Pittsburgh show right after Heenan bailed, they announced at the beginning of the show he wasn’t going to be there.
  4. Does that episode bounce between comedy and drama like Pine Barrens?
  5. I was a few weeks from turning 10 years old when Ghostbusters was released and loved it because it was FUNNY!!!! Is the nostalgia I see from so many people towards Ghostbusters from the cartoon and toy line more than the movie? I was 12 and aging out of those things when the cartoon first hit tv so it’s not in my nostalgia wheelhouse.
  6. Pine Barrens is the best episode of a television show in the entire history of television, I will fight anyone who doesn’t agree.
  7. 3x3 Basketball is a fun watch, the OT of this mornings Japan-Belgium game was crazy.
  8. 2007 was a crazy and weird season! Michigan lost to Appalachian State, Pitt saved everyone from seeing West Virginia in the National Championship Game, Hawaii went to the Sugar Bowl! Cal, Boston College, Kansas, and West Virginia all were ranked #2 at one point, and Missouri was #1 for a week!
  9. That makes sense, the PAC12 has always made rumblings about adding teams in the central time zone, maybe they pull Kansas, Ok State and Texas Tech from Big 12 leftovers, then tack on UNLV, New Mexico or Houston to get to 16. All the teams on the coast in one division and the mountain/plains teams in the other.
  10. If the Big 10 adds Notre Dame they'll ditch divisions and have the two teams with the best record play in the conference championship game, having an even number of teams is no longer needed.
  11. I don't think the Big 10 is going to expand just to expand like they did with Rutgers and Maryland, they'll wait at the alter with the ACC for Notre Dame's hand and if the Irish join up that'll be the only team they add(same if ND would join the ACC).
  12. WVU couldn't even get a sniff from the ACC due to their academic standing, there's no way the Big Ten would even include the Mountaineers on a last resort list. West Virginia lucked into the Big 12 due to them desperately needing a team to get up to 10. The Big 10 wants to expand southeast but to places where people actually live, like Virginia(UVA), North Carolina(UNC) and Georgia(GT), but many many factors will keep that from every happening.
  13. I didn't know until this morning that NBC is actually showing the Opening Ceremonies live, is this the first time they've done that for Games in an inconvenient time zone?
  14. What options does Kansas have? The ACC is going to be waiting at the alter for Notre Dame until the end of time, even if ND decided to join Kansas would be way down the list of contenders. The PAC12 needs to add a team with a football program people want to watch and Kansas doesn't have that, plus I doubt the politicians in Kansas would allow the Jayhawks to be in a conference with the likes of Cal-Berkley, UCLA, Oregon and so on. True that BSU, Cincy, UCF and Houston won't bring in Texas/OU money, but the table scraps the Big 12 leftovers would get by adding schools like that will be more than chilling in the AAC with the likes of East Carolina, Temple, Tulsa and Tulane.
  15. If Texas and OU bolt the Big 12 will absorb schools from the AAC and MWC, kind of like how the Big East(current AAC) went and added C-USA teams after the ACC raids.
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