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  1. Did that actually happen or was it a Scott Keith thing?
  2. What the "Medina Spirit ate hay tainted with some grooms cough medicine laced pee on it" excuse didn't fly?
  3. No mention of the bald guy in the teal shirt who got a face full of the Funker’s taint.
  4. That movie always seemed like it was the third or fourth flick in a franchise, like they didn't know what to do with Quigley anymore so they sent him to Australia. I don't think it was a flop due to Tom Selleck, no one was interested in standard westerns or standard westerns with a twist in 1990, they could have put a bigger star in that role and it still would have broken even. It had a second life on cable where most people saw it and enjoyed it, but how can you not enjoy Alan Rickman as a villain, Laura San Giacomo playing crazy, along with some kick ass stunts and shootouts. Quigley is #2
  5. Big Daddy falling on top of someone with an Irish name and Catweazel wasn't comedy wrestling?
  6. Anyone they interview that's still associated or wants to be associated with the WWE, is going to use the "they used them to rehab injuries", "they might have used them" and so on, while George & her sister don't give a F about pleasing the McMahon's so they said the obvious. There seemed to be a put the knife in and twist it feel to this episode, one would assume that's Vince still holding a grudge.
  7. Rocca was born in Italy then moved to Argentina as a child, they billed him as Antonino “Argentina” Rocca to draw fans of Italian and Latinx descent. I think he even cut promos in English, Italian and Spanish.
  8. Did he learn how to bust out the crocodile tears at the WWE Performance Center?
  9. Ed Wood is one of the best films of the 90's, for some reason it's never on the streaming services! Sleepy Hollow is really good, I think a lot of people avoid it due to it being another Burton-Depp flick. Even though it's a mess I really like Dark Shadows.
  10. We got to watch the Franco Zeffirelli version of Romeo & Juliet in high school, our teacher put a beach towel in front of the tv during a nude scene. The same teacher also had us watch One-Eyed Jacks because it was his favorite flick.
  11. That makes sense, I'm hoping they'll do team centric broadcasts on TNT & Tru when TBS has the Cup Finals.
  12. So no Kenny "Marv's son" Albert!
  13. The in memoriam was really really fast, most names and pictures were up for a second with a few big names getting two or three seconds tops, it felt really disrespectful.
  14. Really good oral history of the MST3K movie. https://film.avclub.com/mystery-science-theater-3000-the-movie-the-oral-histo-1846694612
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