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  1. HBO had their 50th anniversary last month, there was barely any mention of it on HBO or HBOMax.
  2. I watched Heavenly Bodies when TCM showed it a few years ago, first it’s very Canadian, second the R rated stuff really doesn’t jive with the rest of the movie, and third there’s an AEROBICS SHOWDOWN!
  3. Slovis was the best they could get last year and Jurkovec is the best they can get this year.
  4. Since I had way to much time this morning here's what this year's post season would look like using the set-up from 1982, the match-ups would have been set once the regular season was over, not a week or two before Thanksgiving which was the norm back then. January 2 Sugar Bowl: #1 Georgia (SEC Champ) vs. #3 TCU (At-Large), 8PM ABC. TCU's loss in the Big 12 Championship Game free's them up to play for the National Championship. A Georgia win would give them at minimum a share of the National Championship, TCU would need a win and Michigan loss in the Rose. Orange Bowl: #11 Kansas State (Big 12 Champ) vs, #5 Alabama (At-Large), 8PM NBC. The Big 12 is a continuation of the Big 8 so their champ goes to the Orange. Rose Bowl: #2 Michigan (Big 10 Champ) vs. #7 Utah (PAC-12 Champ), 5PM NBC. A Michigan win and Georgia loss gives the Wolverines an undisputed National Championship, but a close win against Utah and a big Georgia win over TCU would keep Michigan #2 in both polls. Cotton Bowl Classic: #20 Texas (At-Large) vs. #6 Tennessee (At-Large), 1:30PM CBS. Since the SWC is long gone the Cotton goes to two at-larges. Fiesta Bowl: #4 Ohio State (At-Large) vs. #8 USC (At-Large), 1:30PM NBC. Both Ohio State and USC would have passed on the waning Cotton Bowl for the up and coming Fiesta Bowl. December 31 Astro-Bluebonnet Bowl: #14 Tulane vs. #13 Florida State, 7PM ESPN. Peach Bowl: #17 LSU vs. #15 Oregon, 3PM CBS. Hall of Fame Classic: #20 South Carolina vs. Illinois, 1PM ESPN. This is what became the Outback Bowl in Tampa, it was played in Birmingham back then. December 30 Gator Bowl: #10 Clemson vs. #9 Penn State, 9PM ABC. The Gator was the top non-New Years Day bowl game back then. Also, the ACC didn't have an auto-bid for their champ in 1982. December 29 Liberty Bowl: #24 Mississippi State vs. North Carolina, 7PM USA Network. December 26 Aloha Bowl: #12 Washington vs. #19 Notre Dame, 9PM ESPN. Sun Bowl: #18 UCLA vs. Pitt, 2PM CBS. Same match-up as this year. December 17 Tangerine Bowl: #25 NC State vs. Purdue, 8PM Mizlou. California Bowl: Boise State vs. Toledo (MAC Champ), 4PM ESPN. December 16 Holiday Bowl: Fresno State (MTN West Champ) vs. #22 UTSA, 9PM ESPN. The MTN West basically took over for the WAC as the #2 conference in the west, so their champ goes to San Diego. December 10 Indepence Bowl: Ole Miss vs. #17 Oregon State, 8PM ESPN.
  5. Fun Sun Bowl fact! The last time Pitt and UCLA played, Dave Wannstedt was then starting LT for the Panthers and Mark Harmon was the starting QB for the Bruins.
  6. The NCAA really doesn't like to go after big state schools like Colorado, they only bring the hammer down on private schools like SMU, USC, Miami or smaller state schools like UNLV.
  7. It looks like the Sun Bowl pushed back announcing their teams, assuming it’s because of this. Sadly, I have a feeling this will end up with Pitt playing in Birmingham or the F the Finals Bowl in Boston.
  8. How much money did Joe Buck have on the Colts? His tantrum at the no call at the end was pathetic.
  9. Looks like Beverly Hills Cop 4 has started shooting. https://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/detroit/2022/11/28/beverly-hills-cop-4-eddie-murphy-filming-detroit/69682700007/
  10. I bought the 4K download of Planes, Trains & Automobiles, that has a ton of deleted/extended scenes! Most of the extended scenes with Steve Martin and John Candy at the gate and on the flight could easily have been a really good short film, the rest of the deleted or extended scenes aren't that funny or are kind of hokey, they also included a scene where Steve Martin's wife talks about him cheating on her, they should have left it in the original release. This is the only John Hughes directed movie I actually like, but I still think he's one of the most overrated directors in Hollywood history. Also, it looks like Will Smith's slap most likely KO'ed a Planes, Trains & Automobiles remake with Smith and Kevin Hart.
  11. Oregon State with a big 4Q comeback win against the Ducks.
  12. It was common knowledge in the Dallas area that Fritz Von Erich was actually former SMU star football player, prominent local business man, and church goer Jack Adkisson. I think he had some bs story about his mothers maiden name was Von Erich or something like that, no one really cared since 99.5% of the audience over the age of 9 knew it was a show.
  13. I prefer the escape the cage rules to having a ref in the cage doing way too many ref things like calling rope breaks, doing the 5 count on chokes, giving warnings for punches and so on, but the heel taking a beating then accidentally falling out of the cage is one of the worst finishes.
  14. Nice to see you pulled off the Heinz Field double play of Pitt on Saturday and the Stillers on Sunday.
  15. CBS gave the Cowboys and Vikings the hook, bumped up the Steelers and Bungles. Also Watt just had an insane INT.
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