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  1. As a fan of a school in the ACC I'm all for this! This would slot both conferences above what'll eventually be the Group of 6, even with the distance a Conference Championship Game in Las Vegas is a million times more appealing than one in Charlotte, this would be for football so the other sports wouldn't have to make trips like Miami to Pullman, and the biggie the Big 12 is pretty much the Mos Eisley of college sports and it would be gross to be affiliated with them.
  2. I can see Stanford if the B1G can land Notre Dame, it gives basketball and Olympics sports three games/events close together on West Coast trips, Notre Dame keeps a traditional rival on the schedule which leaves a non-conference game slot open, and the whole “we’re an academic conference” thing gets a boost. If the B1G does end up snagging ND would they stop at 18? The money is going to be huge, so why cut anyone else in.
  3. UVA and UNC will be the “southern” teams the B1G adds, with Washington, Oregon, UCLA, USC, Arizona and Colorado for the western expansion. This isn’t just about TV money, there’s a population and brain drain in most of the B1G states, adding schools in states where that population is moving to is a factor in all of this.
  4. I guess it’s safe to assume Phil Knight it on the phone telling the Big 10 President’s and AD’s all that Nike money is gone if the Ducks get left behind.
  5. I feel really bad for the student-athletes in the ACC/Big 12/PAC 12 leftovers conference, those Miami to Pullman trips are going to be a killer. For me at least it’ll lead to Pitt and WVU playing every season.
  6. I don’t think you’ll see an elite league spring out of the super league, these schools are still going to want 8 home games every other season, in conference teams like Indiana to beat up on every year, and double digit wins every year to keep the big money donors and fans happy.
  7. The ACC is next, but it all depends on how many teams the Big 10 and SEC want to max out at.
  8. The B1G could also add Colorado and one of the Arizona schools to keep the contiguous thing going.
  9. It's not about bringing in a top team, it's about the number of TV sets you bring, that's why Rutgers and Maryland fell ass backwards in the Big 10.
  10. Had the two VCR’s and may or may not have copied some movies, by the time the copy protection rolled around I had access to all of the movie channels and would tape whatever off those.
  11. I want that track suit Bad News is wearing.
  12. While I enjoyed the final episode, the bad of the entire series outweighed the good for me. This really should have either been a 2 hour movie like originally planned or they needed to expand things to 10 episodes.
  13. Didn't they already shoot season 5?
  14. Oneil Cruz who'll be traded for prospects in a few years made his Pirates debut last night, 96.7 mph throw from short to first.
  15. I see Vince more as a Daniel Plainview from There Will Be Blood, instead of yelling about milkshakes he’d yell about protein shakes, and instead of beating someone to death with a bowling pin he’d beat them with a dumbbell.
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