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  1. I think you're digging to deep into Vince's psychological issues when it comes to him screwing employees or giving women jobs so he could screw them, that kind of behavior was pretty common for executive types back in the day, it never stopped being 1987 for Vince in that department. Also, Vince was way too much of a workaholic and work-out-aholic to leave the office at 1pm for the Country Club and hit on Lacy Underall types, or stop at some upscale Greenwich brothel on the way home from work.
  2. Chad McQueen(Dutch) not sure if he refused or they didn't really ask since they'd know what the answer would be. There's also Larry B. Scott(Jerry) not sure if he actually had any lines, I'm surprised he hasn't at least made a cameo.
  3. They need to do a dark part acoustic/part symphonic version of Pac-Man Fever for the trailer.
  4. I guess the rumor is FOX, CBS and NBC will split the B1G package.
  5. That would be Avenue 5 and that show was amazing in a sense that it was written, shot and aired right before the pandemic, yet if you watched it now you'd totally think it was inspired by the pandemic.
  6. That final skating/dancing sequence at the end of Xanadu makes up for the rest of the movie being crappy.
  7. Not going to jump into the what's WarnerDiscovery going to do to AEW, but I have a feeling in a few years the "basic cable channels" like TBS, TNT, USA, AMC, Paramount and the FX's will just be glorified preview channels for their respective corporate overlords streaming service.
  8. The Netflix Woodstock 99 doc is ok, the HBO Woodstock doc is the better of the two by a mile. My biggest issue with the Netflix doc is the groping/sexual assaults/rapes that happened at Woodstock 99 only got talked about for five minutes near the end, the HBO doc covered it more but still not enough. Both docs overdid it on blaming Limp Bizkit and The Red Hot Chili Peppers for the crowd getting out of control, the promoters cut corners to make a few more bucks in every aspect of Woodstock 99, if there was actual security and not random dudes off the street pretending to be security they might have been able to control things. Just like the HBO doc promoters John Scher and Michael Lang came off really bad, the present day stuff has some "wow" they went there and the footage of them from Woodstock 99 comes off as "we got our money & don't give a shit".
  9. Wouldn't the courts strike down any law that limits what a player can make from NIL? Also, it seems to me that Auburn boosters and Bama boosters via Saban to Manchin basically want a salary cap since they won't be able to compete with the big money boosters at Texas and Oklahoma. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/34343197/senators-tommy-tuberville-joe-manchin-working-sec-bill-tackle-nil
  10. Looping this back to a TV discussion, with Amazon buying MGM there's a good chance they try to do something with the Rocky IP, Stallone has talked about wanting to do a Rocky prequel series set in the 1960's, that could lead to an Apollo and/or Clubber series.
  11. There never being a Rocky extended universe sucks, an Apollo vs. Clubber flick taking place between Rocky III and Rocky IV would have been great, I think Apollo wins in a bout reminiscent of Sugar Ray vs. Hagler. Also, Clubber vs. Drago both on the comeback trail and fighting sometime in the mid-90's would have been great.
  12. I can totally see wresting fans doing something like this in front of the guard house to Vince’s estate. https://medium.com/ride-the-pine/are-penn-state-fans-really-kneeling-in-prayer-outside-of-paternos-home-2de47a01bc6e
  13. I think Savage was winning the World Title at WM4 even if he was IC Champ, I can see Vince thinking of having DiBiase win the belt at WM4 then dropping it to Savage at SummerSlam after those two do a house show run in the Spring/Summer, but changing his mind due to not wanting a heel to go over at WrestleMania along with having a heel champ for a few months. Savage going over Honky at The Main Event would have been purely about Macho Man winning that feud in front of as many eyeballs as possible, the IC belt was pretty much irrelevant. Also there's the No Holds Barred shooting schedule, Vince might have had a different plan for the World Title if they weren't able to shoot the picture until later in the summer.
  14. The NFL is joining the streaming game, if they put the entire NFL Films library on this they can have my $5 a month. I'm sure my Dad is going to want this so he can watch the All-22 before setting his fantasy line-ups. https://nflcommunications.com/Pages/National-Football-League-Launches-NFL+.aspx
  15. If you've never seen Time After Time go out of your way to watch it, Warner is amazing in it, one of the best villain roles you'll ever see. Same with the Star Trek TNG Episode Chain of Command II aka "THERE ARE FOUR LIGHTS" which is up there with City on the Edge of Forever as the best episode of any Star Trek, Warner and Patrick Stewart knock it out of the park.
  16. It won’t be Disney, either NBC Universal (Comcast) or FOX (NewsCorp) will buy them, they could even do something with one corp owning a majority interest and the other a minority interest.
  17. Not really sure if Vince Sr. firing Hogan is bs or not, but Hogan was winding down his run in the WWF when he went off to film Rocky III and would have been gone sometime in the summer of 1981. Hogan's feud with Andre had wrapped up and he was putting over Tony Atlas, back then once a heel was done with their run against Backlund or in Hogan's case Andre they'd put over a babyface the next level down on the way out. The take that Vern "refused" to put the AWA title on Hogan is a huge over simplification of what went down. Sure Verne was old school and initially did want the belt on a "non-wrestler" like Hogan, but the dude was mega over so Verne tried to milk the chase as long as possible. Next there was the issue with Hogan working New Japan and Verne being tied in with All-Japan, if Hogan was AWA Champ Verne would have wanted a cut of Hogan's Japan money which is why at times Hogan has claimed he didn't even want the AWA belt. There's also the whole Verne screwing over Hogan on t-shirt money. If Vince Jr. never came calling Hogan would have been a Japan first guy like Brody, the money over there was great and he would have gotten nice payday's in the US as a special attraction.
  18. The original Munsters only worked due to Al Lewis and Fred Gwynne, there’s no way to replicate what those two did as those characters. All of these remakes and reboots always miss what make the thing they’re trying to redo great.
  19. The Big 12 has less to offer than the PAC-12, it's more likely that the ACC or PAC-12 will poach the Island of Misfit Toys that is the Big 12 sans Texas and Oklahoma.
  20. This seemed more like a profile piece that they tried to make into a "quest for the championship" doc in the edit room. Suzy Hotrod was still one of the top skaters in the world when the doc was shot and even for Gotham was the exception to the rule when it comes to derby athletes, the other two they profiled is way more spot on. As someone who's been involved with Roller Derby for a long time, it's really disappointing that no one has done a doc on the quest for the WFTDA Championship, every year there's an amazing story to be told that would carry over to the next year and the next.
  21. The Netflix Three Mile Island doc series was like that.
  22. $24.4 million for 4 years.
  23. Paulie wouldn’t have been boss, first I don’t think he’d want the job and whatever was left of the other crews wouldn’t have wanted Paulie as boss. If it was a captain getting bumped up to boss then it would have most likely been Larry Boy Barese as boss in name only since he was in jail awaiting trial, Allie Boy Barese would have been acting boss. Patsy Parisi was still just a soldier when the show ended so the only way he ends up boss is if new Lupertazzi boss Butchie DeConcini gets the other New York families to back him. Eventually Benny Fazio would end up the boss of North Jersey. AJ wouldn’t have done anything, he would have been traumatized and gone in and out of mental health facilities for the rest of his life. I can seen Carm getting as far way from North Jersey as possible, she ends up in Arizona or New Mexico. Not sure about Meadow. They wouldn’t have murdered any of the family, if Tony was whacked that night it was done in front of the family as payback for Phil being whacked in front of his wife and grandkids.
  24. I kind of remember Piper blaming Jake, I’m sure he blamed others besides Andre and Jake.
  25. I can see the per-game price being $49.99, they'll make a mint of Steeler and Packer fans in places like Phoenix when a Cards-Lions game bumps the near national 4:25pm game featuring Pittsburgh or Green Bay.
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