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  1. How much money did Joe Buck have on the Colts? His tantrum at the no call at the end was pathetic.
  2. Looks like Beverly Hills Cop 4 has started shooting. https://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/detroit/2022/11/28/beverly-hills-cop-4-eddie-murphy-filming-detroit/69682700007/
  3. I bought the 4K download of Planes, Trains & Automobiles, that has a ton of deleted/extended scenes! Most of the extended scenes with Steve Martin and John Candy at the gate and on the flight could easily have been a really good short film, the rest of the deleted or extended scenes aren't that funny or are kind of hokey, they also included a scene where Steve Martin's wife talks about him cheating on her, they should have left it in the original release. This is the only John Hughes directed movie I actually like, but I still think he's one of the most overrated directors in Hollywood history. Also, it looks like Will Smith's slap most likely KO'ed a Planes, Trains & Automobiles remake with Smith and Kevin Hart.
  4. Oregon State with a big 4Q comeback win against the Ducks.
  5. It was common knowledge in the Dallas area that Fritz Von Erich was actually former SMU star football player, prominent local business man, and church goer Jack Adkisson. I think he had some bs story about his mothers maiden name was Von Erich or something like that, no one really cared since 99.5% of the audience over the age of 9 knew it was a show.
  6. I prefer the escape the cage rules to having a ref in the cage doing way too many ref things like calling rope breaks, doing the 5 count on chokes, giving warnings for punches and so on, but the heel taking a beating then accidentally falling out of the cage is one of the worst finishes.
  7. Nice to see you pulled off the Heinz Field double play of Pitt on Saturday and the Stillers on Sunday.
  8. CBS gave the Cowboys and Vikings the hook, bumped up the Steelers and Bungles. Also Watt just had an insane INT.
  9. Apparently the Patriots are allowed to block in the back, that was a bad non-call.
  10. Not everywhere in the Buffalo area got slammed like Orchard Park, that’s the craziness of lake effect snow.
  11. The NFL wants to have re-located games in NFL stadiums for two reasons. 1. It keeps the money generated by the game in the NFL family, even though tickets will be $10 there’s still money rolling in from parking, concessions and so on. 2. The stadium is broadcast ready for NFL games, neither UB Stadium or the Carrier Dome could be brought up to that level in a few days.
  12. I have a feeling this might be decent, but Gabriel Byrne as Enzo Ferrari? I love Gabriel Byrne but he basically looks like a map of Ireland, there's a point where you need to go with a Pisano, Andy Garcia or James Caan before he passed. Also, I always pictured the Ferruccio Lamborghini/Enzo Ferrari argument over the clutches to be more like my uncles arguing during a card game.
  13. I doubt the Ford's will let that happen, the one thing the Lions have anyone in the Metro Detroit region cares about is the 12:30 kickoff on Thanksgiving.
  14. Vinyl was good! That "you're not supposed to know this guy's dead but you find out he's dead at the end" episode was horrid and should be mocked though. I think HBO and everyone involved really overestimated the interest in a show about a 1970's record label.
  15. A.) Vince straight up regretted giving Bret that big contract and was looking to get out of it before the ink was dry. I always wondered if Vince thought Bret would be loyal to him/WWF and renegotiate at a lower rate and/or that WCW would tell Bret their old offer is off the table but he's a new one for less money, which would cause Bret to stay for less money. Vince was also most likely overestimating Bischoff, there's no way Vince would have offered the house like Bischoff did to Bret who was in a much weaker negotiating position than before. B.) Vince wanted to pop a butyrate and Bret with the belt vs. Shawn was the only way that was going to happen.
  16. Tulsa King was ok but it's another old white baby boomer fantasy show, with that said it has a killer cast and Terence Winter is running things so I'll watch next week. Never watched Yellowstone or even knew what it was about until last week or so, I straight up thought it was a show about Park Rangers or something.
  17. Sounds more like the name of a character in a Star Wars extended universe novel.
  18. Pitt with TWO pick 6’s on UVA’s first two plays from scrimmage! The Panthers are up by 14 only 16 seconds into the game.
  19. I met Fetterman back when he was the Mayor of Braddock, the dude is legit 6'8" and had that "works the local independents and turned down WWE developmental at one point since he didn't want to move to Memphis or Louisville" look.
  20. It’s not even a close game, Rutgers won 52-30. I can see the B1G Network putting it on to throw Rutgers a bone since they don’t have many classic games, but it’s so random for ESPNU.
  21. For anyone like me who’s terrified to watch any of the election results, ESPNU is playing Rutgers vs. Ball State in the 2008 International Bowl. Is there any reason for them playing it? Or did some Rutgers alum take over the control room?
  22. It's going to be funny when the Zags after flying 6 or 7 hours from Spokane to Pittsburgh then a 2 hour bus ride to Morgantown, kick the shit out of the Hoopies.
  23. Is there a chance he did that because he knew the stations didn't like that kind of stuff? Sure it's most likely he was a stick in the mud, but as a broadcaster he would have a better feel on what station managers would tolerate.
  24. They had Slick join Blassie and his charges for a few tv tapings before The Hollywood Fashion Plate retired. Slick did sell the contract of Hercules to Heenan on a Saturday Nights Main Event, The Slickster was smart enough to have The Brain pay him cash at a bank!
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