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  1. At least I don't write walls of text trying to look important while Dana's tool is lodged inside of your mouth instead of actually doing some reporting on JJ's 3 hot piss tests since August and insulting a female journalist who dared question his failed tests. Please. This event and the UFC are looking more and more like a circus side show every day.
  2. It is all just a show for the camera. The real talk happened off camera. Now matter how many walls of text are written here trying to look important, Jones does not get it and I doubt Dana does at this point. He just does what the new owners tell him to do. It is less about fighting and more about the entertainment spectacle at this point. Dodging questions at the presser about the positive drug test did little to make the fight more exciting. If anything, it just taints the final result even more.
  3. They did have a lot more footage to go through. They have the Arena's security footage in addition to all of the PPV feeds. Khabib will just stall until he gets the same deal as Conor. In any event, I don't think the NSAC is on a best friend basis with the UFC until everything is settled from Conor/Khabib. This is something they would have swept under the rug until after the fight previously. Now, someone stood up to Dana so instead of swapping out the main he ran to LA. The question becomes was this Dana's call or the new owners? At this point, the Jones fight is tainted like his sample. If he wins, everyone will be all over his drug test and Dana will stand up there making excuses. The best thing would be for Jones to back out of the fight but they pot committed to the move in order to placate Jones.
  4. As for the NSAC being on 'vacation.' I think they are not tossing softballs to the UFC anymore after McGregor fiasco, which has yet to have a hearing. Insurance reasons. Easier to unionize. They would be responsible for herding a bunch of cats, I mean fighters, with respect to random drug tests and other stuff. In other words, less responsibilities and less overhead. If they pay someone to do it and something goes wrong, it is out of their hands.
  5. The exact opposite of Seattle heat in Argentina. For those wondering, Soda Stereo is a huge rock band from Argentina created in 1982. They are still beloved today across South America.
  6. I think Enzo is trying to turn it into a work but HHH is having none of it. Vince on the other hand. Randy Orton is still around and Enzo did sell a lot of merchandise.
  7. Enzo shows up at Raw after getting kicked off a plane for vaping. Smackdown goes 0-6 We got this at the AAA show tonight. Quite an interesting night of wrestling.
  8. Vince always hitched the horse to one guy. Sammartino to Backlund to Hogan to Bret to Austin to Cena to Reigns and now to Lesnar. It has always been his nature to put the company on the shoulders of one guy for a long time, over or not. Anyone remember Cena's white rapper gimmick?
  9. There is also ageism in WWE. If you are not Rousey, you don't get that main event push until you are over 40. They need to learn to strike while the iron is hot with workers like Bayley and Braun. It is not a matter of doing what the fans want but maximizing returns on the product. Bayley hits the young girls market and if you want to attract new viewers you push that person while they still fit that mold. Bayley in her mid-30's becomes Mary Jane. It is just lost opportunities all round. If you have someone that appeals to an untapped market and is over, you run with it. Plain and simple. Push it to the moon and rake in the cash.
  10. So I am replacing some fluorescent light tubes in the bathroom and it got me wondering. Do the places AAA goes in Mexico save the old bulbs for Pagano and Joe Lider or do they just buy the bulbs off the rack at Home Depot?
  11. True. The Spurs are great at finding late round diamonds. THe question becomes are your scouting and coaching staffs committed to developing the player to be a success in the system? THe Spurs and the Warriors might be the only two.
  12. Let's be real. 4 first round picks sounds great but Houston will be picking the late 20's for the next four years. It is not like they are getting 4 lottery picks.
  13. Right there. vvv It would take more work and the problem with the main roster is Creative does not put any effort into the characters. If you are protected, you do well. If not, you are forgotten. Right when she won the title, they should have made the big push to Nic and Disney. You tell the story through another vehicle and extend her character as you expand the audience for her.
  14. Bayley should have a deal with Nickelodeon and/or Disney by now. Her ability to get over with young viewers makes her Cena-like in terms of face value. Why they are not milking this is one of the reasons why the product is so stale. They are throwing millions of dollars away and by the time they realize it Bayley will have lost that look.
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