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  1. i may have already said this, but if not: if AEW: Fight Forever was the EXACT same game as WCW/NWO: Revenge, but with AEW's wrestlers instead of WCW's roster at the time, it would 100% be my favorite wrestling game of the last 2 decades. Anything extra they've added is unquestionably a bonus. day 1 purchase unless the reviews are absolute dogshit on every level.
  2. re-spoiler alert: i DID remember! but now i'm drunk and you get a link instead of an imbedded pic. fix tomorrow? maybe but probably not.
  3. i still have my whole collection of WWE compilation dvds and will even pop them in on occasion. if i remember, i'll snap a pic when i get home (spoiler alert: i probably won't remember). now, i tend to prefer to watch full runs of tv as opposed to just the highlights or best matches or what have you. the internet has been tremendous for that. only signed up for the Network one year to watch Mania (via free trial, of course, and cancelled immediately).
  4. truth be told, i love that Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior dvd. i even bought the 2-disc FYE exclusive edition.
  5. Vinny Mac gets a lot of shit for it, but his "pronouns, pal" hangup actually can be very helpful.
  6. i did read that, and was going to post there, but since i wasn't really talking about the documentary(s) themselves, i thought this was more appropriate. also i was a little drunk and i couldn't trust where my 'stream of conscious' posting would lead.
  7. He was only trying to live up to the name of the event and die in the ring. First time he passed out he was like "OK, this is it..." then, "wait, nope... alright, here we go, the final curtain!" Then he wakes up once more and has to finish the match. "Well, shit! I guess it's just not happening tonight!" that's weird, Flair isn't really known for his no-selling. but seriously, can you imagine if he would have had a "serious" medical condition come up (yeah, i know, passing out randomly would be pretty serious if it happened to me too) Ric Flair, my dude, you passed out twice during the match. You're in your mid 70s. You looked like fucking death out there. Give it up, brother.
  8. Chandler Redmond, 1B Springfield Cardinals (AA), hit for the "Home Run Cycle" (solo shot, 2-run, 3-run, Grand Slam) yesterday. It's only the 2nd time it has ever happened in a professional league. The last time was in 1998, and it has never happened in MLB. https://www.mlb.com/news/cardinals-chandler-redmond-hits-four-home-runs-in-game
  9. so Netflix has a miniseries called Trainwreck about Woodstock '99. i watched it tonight. the show was pretty compelling, but it really just put me back into my 1999 mindset. i was 16 when Woodstock happened and i wanted to be there so bad. unfortunately, being a poor kid from the midwest, that wasn't happening. all of my favorite bands were playing (Kid Rock, Limp Bizkit, ICP, Korn, etc.) instead we partied hard that weekend. we watched part of it on ppv. we were tuned in to mtv a lot. i had a damn good time but vowed that, no matter what, i would be at Woodstock 50th. for those keeping score at home, a Woodstock 2019 festival never materialized. but it came close. i have a tshirt and flyer for it. and there was a concert at the original site (Doobie Bros. and Santana). i did make it there. i met Michael Lange (the original promoter). the whole thing was magical. even from bad events, positive outcomes can bloom.
  10. i think the belief/fear is always there that if you produce a women only show, it will seem like some combination of "lesser than" or "segregated". Not that it would necessarily be presented that way (i would sure hope not!) but it wouldn't be hard to see that being the way people take it. I see similar arguments made in certain MMA circles ("they should shuffle the women off to their own show so i don't have to watch it") so the mindset certainly exists.
  11. when was the last time we saw "Lionheart" Chris Jericho? i can only remember ECW One Night Stand? 17 (!?!) years ago?
  12. Since DC absolutely insists on having 100 Batman series in publication, why don't they make one of them a team-up book so that they can feature non Batman-characters and keep these characters from disappearing completely?
  13. yeah, Limited Run Games released a physical Axiom Verge 2 cartridge earlier this year. I got a Switch version, not sure if they released others or not.
  14. got around to watching Moon Knight over my long weekend. long story short, i liked the series but certainly didn't love it. was not very familiar with the character beforehand. first, the positives: Isaac did an excellent job differentiating his two roles and playing them off each other. Hawke was just fantastic all around. Khonshu looked and sounded awesome. Layla becoming an avatar/superhero was cool. now, the negatives. very unbalanced show. Episode 3 (the black market and "alternate" way to discover the tomb) was wholly unnecessary and easily the worst episode. Episode 4 (Scorpion King ep) just tonally didn't fit. i know they through in *one* line of dialogue about it, but really? there's now a mummy that's trying to embalm everybody? lame. the Egyptian lore should have felt integral to the story, but didn't. felt barely servicable instead. was it my least favorite D+ Marvel show? i think so. but i still liked it more than Eternals.
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