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  1. i feel the same way. i was very much enjoying the talent that pre-pandemic NWA had and the shows they were putting on. To lose SO much talent, plus your head (only?) writer (to the MeToo movement) is a tough thing to bounce back from. Replacing Eli Drake, James Storm, Ricky Starks with Tyrus and Chris Adonis? nothing against those guys, but i am a hell of a lot less interested. To follow that up with removing your content from YouTube and putting it behind a paywall? nah, i think i'm done unless something major changes. also, the Question Mark was easily my highlight of the show. His pass
  2. @El Gran Gordi i agree 100% with your post. my ranking the B&G match so highly is mostly due to my love for stipulation matches. the spectacle is on equal footing with the execution. i know that's not the general consensus, so maybe one for the HOT TAKES thread? @The Naturali am also sorry to hear about your dog. my condolences.
  3. 3. Thor (slightly ahead of Dr Strange) 2. Black Widow 1. GotG vol. 3
  4. yeah, i can rattle off a bunch too. i'm not suggesting doing away with them. but just like in a Holly/Christian situation, the billed weights don't make sense when compare amongst each other. in nobody's thought process was "230 > 225 so christian is bigger and will beat holly". they are arbitrary numbers that have no bearing on storyline. just formulate an equation. cuts out all of the "bill them as real weights. no, no, Strowman needs to be larger than life" bs.
  5. i've never thought about it before, but why are Japanese belts designed with English text?
  6. the other weird thing about billed weight is who cares? unless you making it a part of the wrestler's gimmick (i.e. "the 500lb Monster") then who even pays attention to it? if there were even loosely disconnected weight divisions then you could run storylines off it. but it's not. just come up with a system (actual + 20% or something) and be done with it.
  7. mentioned this in the DC film thread, thought i should post it here.
  8. i hated the Tumbler for all the same reasons. Still call it the Bat-Tank. my favorite Batmobiles are the '60s TV show and BTAS. i think of Hush as a Batman "greatest hits" run, since each issue essentially focuses on a different villain. I enjoyed it for what it was. I wouldn't call it an all-time great, but is a great introduction to the character and his world. The two best parts were a returned Jason Todd (still one of my favorite panels with him in the graveyard in a pseudo-modern Robin outfit) and the attempted rehab of Riddler. Unrelated to Hush, i really liked that they ha
  9. re: M. Night Shyamalan: i saw "6th Sense". thought it was pretty decent but saw the twist coming very early on. never saw "Unbreakable". saw "Signs". i thought it was OK but never really made it to "good" territory then some friends and i rented "The Village". it was plodding. the movie was so fucking boring that i said "i'm just going to pretend these people are Amish and that it's not actually set in 1600 or whatever." Lo and behold, that was the twist of the movie. It was at this time that i swore off all of this person's movies. I haven't seen any, and i won't, for as l
  10. to be fair, has Meltz given anything Jericho's done more than 4 1/2 stars? Maybe 2002 Jericho just knew his ceiling.
  11. off the cuff, i'd definitely put it in my top 5. Possibly as high as 3. would have to think it over for a while.
  12. but inquiring minds need to know....... (where?) does it place on YOUR list?
  13. at this point, they're the closest we're gonna get. i'm not complaining, just pointing out that if cable companies would have been proactive, they wouldn't be in the situation they're in now. subscription numbers have to be dropping year after year. and they still haven't put forward a plan to turn it around. ridiculous.
  14. i cut the cord about 10 years ago. i said i'd be back once the cable companies wised up and offered ala carte programming. the rise of streaming makes that even more unlikely, so fuck 'em.
  15. thank you, now i will not be watching this ep (or the Vice one). sometimes you just don't want to know.
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