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  1. i want to live in the world where Coach Tony addresses it in this way: "William Regal is no longer a part of AEW. He has accepted a much larger role with a different wrestling promotion. Now, I am pleased to announce the new head of Ring of Honor, William Regal!"
  2. at this point, i can't tell if this is on purpose or not....
  3. everything you guys are saying just reinforces my choice to avoid online completely and just stick with single player games. fuck all that other noise.
  4. bought some sealed figures a couple weeks ago. When they arrived, one of them had opened. these are from the Diablo PC game, late 90s. not super common. but the boxes aren't in fantastic shape or anything, so i'm torn. do i pull a half ass reseal myself? is there a tried-and-true way to do that? or do i open all the figures?
  5. i was really just posting to make fun of what a shit costume this is (spoilered for size):
  6. why people think Regal [will be / has been released from his] or [was working without a] contract is bonkers to me. and there has literally never been a pro wrestling trade, so the fact that people are flocking to that idea is even more insane. IF (HUGE IF) Sasha joins AEW it will be after her WWE contract expires. Why there's even conjecture about that doesn't make any sense whatsoever. **insert "prove me wrong" meme here**
  7. couldn't sleep last night, and spent WAY too much time thinking about the AEW title situation. The most concerning to me was the lack of top black talent. Who is the most likely first black (male) champion? to me, there's no obvious person that's in line. that's a problem. i am not sure if it's an AEW problem or a larger pro wres problem, but a problem nonetheless. The only person i see being even potentially slotted into a top position is Keith Lee, but so far he has been positioned nowhere near that level. I would be ecstatic if Powerhouse Hobbs was this potential champion, but he is even further away and would need a gigantic push to even be viable. what say you?
  8. i am definitely not disagreeing, especially since one of the main thing that interests me is interesting matchups (if there's no stakes to a match or an obvious outcome i am less interested. one of AEW's weak points IMO). that being said, having a random match in the series as the main event was a bad choice. Even in kayfabe, this could not have been the final match. it's not even that i'm not enjoying the series, but as the stakes continue to rise, so should its place on the card.
  9. While i believe you are right on your first point, but saying that Khan & Co. are "over-extended" because of ROH might be going a step too far. ROH has only run 3 stand alone shows. It's not like Khan is booking two ongoing weekly presentations. I think what overextended him was not only ROH, but the Forbidden Door show, the talent issues (most notably CM Punk and his gripebomb, but definitely not exclusive to him), the turnover in WWE and renewed rivalry, plus the ongoing TV contract negotiations. It definitely seems to be more than he was prepared for, but to put it all on ROH seems disingenuous. ROH having no value except the (history and) tape library? That i will agree with. Not that it can't change, but as it stands, in 2021 ROH was an essentially dead brand.
  10. yeah, but did Dick Grayson ever wear that hideous Batman/Robin hybrid costume in Helena's origin?
  11. tournament time! Randy Savage vs. Chris Jericho Sabu vs. Samoa Joe Jushin Liger vs. Psicosis Owen Hart vs. Eddie Guerrero honestly, i'm not booking the rest of the tournament because i want to see all of those matches. even the ones that already took place. Are we sure this isn't round robin style? because i'm here for that.
  12. I can't agree with this, though. While their schtick got old pretty quickly for me personally, the New Age Outlaws were massively over and I'd even argue they were a second-tier draw. not a hot take, @tbarrie. Road Dogg's character was super over and FAR overachieved his in-ring abilities. he was decent/passable/ok in the ring, but was absolutely one of the "B" stars of the Attitude era. every other role he had (Brain Armstrong in '94 WCW? the Roadie in '95 WWF? Brian G. James in '03 TNA? Voodoo Kin Mafia in '05 TNA?) all garbage. He actually is the epitome of what he is railing against. He could not overcome a bad gimmick, but his mic skills carried the one that had even the smallest chance to succeed.
  13. i don't know if it got brought up in the All Out thread (probably not due to..... reasons) but i realized that Kenny Omega has won the top singles, doubles, and trios titles in AEW. the first Triple Crown champion. i believe only Dusty Rhodes accomplished this feat with the NWA titles. Ring of Honor alum to pull this off include Christopher Daniels, Jay Briscoe, PCO, and Matt Taven Any other notables anywhere?
  14. is this the classiest pull-out ever? he knows he has an injury that will keep him out of action for an extended period of time. rumored to be minimum 6 months, but 1 year is thrown around pretty liberally already. So he vacated the belt even though that's definitely not something the vast majority of champions would do. here's a quick reference list of champions who went 1 full year without defending: HW: Antonio Nogueira (2001-2003) **PRIDE** Fedor Emelianenko (2003-2004) and (2005-2006) **PRIDE** Alistair Overeem (2007-2010) **Strikeforce** Cain Velasquez (2010-2011) and (2013-2014) Stipe Miocic (2019-2020) **technically 364 days but i'm counting it anyway** Francis Ngannou (2022-current) LHW: Wanderlei Silva (2002-2004) and (2004-2005) **PRIDE MW title** Bobby Southworth (2006-2008) **SF title** Daniel Cormier (2015-2017) **weird Jon Jones instances were involved here** MW: Dan Henderson (2005-2008) **PRIDE WW Title** Cung Le (2008-2009) **SF title** Michael Bisping (2016-2017) Robert Whittaker (2017-2019) WW: Matt Hughes (2005-2006) GSP (2011-2012) LW: Takanori Gomi (2005-2006) **Pride title** Gilbert Melendez (2006-2008) *SF title** Josh Thomson (2008-2009) **SF title** BJ Penn (2008-2009) Anthony Pettis (2013-2014) Conor McGregor (2016-2017) Khabib (2019-2020) FW: Jose Aldo (2012-2013) and (2014-2015) Conor McGregor (2015-2016) **technically 364 days/just under a year, but come on....** Max Holoway (2017-2018) Alexander Volkanovski (2019-2020) BW: Dominick Cruz (2011-2014) Aljamain Sterling (2021-2022) FLW: Henry Cejudo (2019-2020) Women's FW: Cris Cyborg (2010-2011) **SF title** and (2013-2015) and (2016-2017) **Invicta** Pam Sorenson (2019-2021) **Invicta** Amanda Nunes (2018-2020) and also (2021-current) Women's BW: Sarah Kaufmann (2018-2019) **Invicta** Amanda Nune (2018-2019) and (2019-2021) Women's FLW: Barb Honchak (2014-2016) **Invicta** Jennifer Maia (2016-2017) **Invicta** Vanessa Porto (2019-2020) **Invicta** Women's SW: Rose Namajunas (2018-2019) Zhang Weili (2020-2021) Women's AW: Michelle Waterson (2013-2014) **Invicta** Jinh Yu Frey (2018-2020) **Invicta** i have to admit, this list was way longer than i expected it to be. and i intended to keep it pretty loose if there were extenuating circumstances, but ultimately decided to go fully based on dates. also surprised that every single weight class had at least one champion that was out for a year. Yes, i'm aware that some of that was completely on the UFC for not moving on faster, but the point stands. Also, i'm aware of the way that both Pride and SF operated, but i thought they added an interesting comparison.
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