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  1. The idea of pro wrestling being big again thanks to competitive national promotions.
  2. Don't feel bad, feel glad that you couldn't assume it was a monthly thing! It's a HUGE asset AEW has.
  3. 2020-21 has really cemented the idea in my head that this will never come back, especially in light of that NHL news. It's a fucking tragedy. The sad part is that we all knew it long ago but refused to believe it.
  4. It's like me saying I didn't want to see nWo 2000 run all over the WCW roster or I'd go crazy, and someone pops up saying "you didn't mind it in 1996!" Don't talk shit if you can't understand fucking context without someone holding your hand. Don't tell me how that example is different either, the concepts of time and presentation are the same. You're trying to use present tenses of verbs to describe something, something that happened months ago, to conflate things. Do you tell people in the summer that they didn't like cold weather back in the winter so they shouldn't want it now? How b
  5. Because he was portrayed as a goof and comedy relief backup like they are now. It's pretty dang oblivious to not notice the Dark Order is very different now than then. Brodie was presented a big fuckin' deal and they destroyed the #1A face in the promotion. This argument is flawed as shit.
  6. Guess he's keeping it until the PPV at least. I'd go full Cornette if they put that belt on anyone in the Dark Order, even if 10 is physically imposing and the only numbered person I could describe. I guess I know Uno also but do I want to?
  7. It just came to me that Sami's dancing shirt is for charity. Okay, fine, keep dancing but for real don't make it his gimmick dammit.
  8. The Lions and Panthers have publicly said they're open to trading out of their #7 and #8 spots, respectively. Can't wait for the 2023 first round to only have fifteen picks!
  9. Obnoxious is one thing, that's just heeling. It's the dancing, man. They hung on him doing that for so fucking long last night. Then the backstage person says "I can't get enough of that" or some shit. It'll be how they try and turn him face. If that happens, a year from now we'll be seeing "Sami Zayn wants release" stories as the smarks all spooge over the idea of him going to AEW or Japan.
  10. I certainly got cult feelings from it, that or they're going to try to have a realistic Satanist gimmick which was my first guess. Doubt they do another cult-y guy after Rollins just did it but do we really put it past them?
  11. I really hope Vince gets tired of that dancing next week or earlier. Sami's in dangerous territory here. Once Vince has you dancing you're done.
  12. Tony's posing like every pregnant woman I've ever known on social media.
  13. How is Team Taz still being presented as anything fearsome, by the way? Cage is going to have to lose his shit and get DQed against Hangman next week. Something has to restore some kind of credibility or just disband it. They lost a big PPV match despite it being a handicap brawl after weeks of running away while outnumbered from a long retired wrestler, Christian rebuffed an offer at joining them, each episode brings new dissension, and they went 0-2 on this episode. Taz can come out and talk tough guy all he wants but it's increasingly impotent sounding. They aren't a threat at ALL.
  14. "Let's make something so tacky it'd send a pleasured shiver through the Truck Nuts of a visitor to Myrtle Beach but have it be more... elegant. Satin, that's the way to go!"
  15. https://www.sportskeeda.com/wwe/wwe-seems-sent-mickie-james-belongings Mickie James got fired *and* WWE sent her shit to her in a trash bag. It's legit, as since the story broke this afternoon HHH has said the person responsible has been fired.
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