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  1. tournament time! Randy Savage vs. Chris Jericho Sabu vs. Samoa Joe Jushin Liger vs. Psicosis Owen Hart vs. Eddie Guerrero honestly, i'm not booking the rest of the tournament because i want to see all of those matches. even the ones that already took place. Are we sure this isn't round robin style? because i'm here for that.
  2. I can't agree with this, though. While their schtick got old pretty quickly for me personally, the New Age Outlaws were massively over and I'd even argue they were a second-tier draw. not a hot take, @tbarrie. Road Dogg's character was super over and FAR overachieved his in-ring abilities. he was decent/passable/ok in the ring, but was absolutely one of the "B" stars of the Attitude era. every other role he had (Brain Armstrong in '94 WCW? the Roadie in '95 WWF? Brian G. James in '03 TNA? Voodoo Kin Mafia in '05 TNA?) all garbage. He actually is the epitome of what he is railing against. He could not overcome a bad gimmick, but his mic skills carried the one that had even the smallest chance to succeed.
  3. i don't know if it got brought up in the All Out thread (probably not due to..... reasons) but i realized that Kenny Omega has won the top singles, doubles, and trios titles in AEW. the first Triple Crown champion. i believe only Dusty Rhodes accomplished this feat with the NWA titles. Ring of Honor alum to pull this off include Christopher Daniels, Jay Briscoe, PCO, and Matt Taven Any other notables anywhere?
  4. is this the classiest pull-out ever? he knows he has an injury that will keep him out of action for an extended period of time. rumored to be minimum 6 months, but 1 year is thrown around pretty liberally already. So he vacated the belt even though that's definitely not something the vast majority of champions would do. here's a quick reference list of champions who went 1 full year without defending: HW: Antonio Nogueira (2001-2003) **PRIDE** Fedor Emelianenko (2003-2004) and (2005-2006) **PRIDE** Alistair Overeem (2007-2010) **Strikeforce** Cain Velasquez (2010-2011) and (2013-2014) Stipe Miocic (2019-2020) **technically 364 days but i'm counting it anyway** Francis Ngannou (2022-current) LHW: Wanderlei Silva (2002-2004) and (2004-2005) **PRIDE MW title** Bobby Southworth (2006-2008) **SF title** Daniel Cormier (2015-2017) **weird Jon Jones instances were involved here** MW: Dan Henderson (2005-2008) **PRIDE WW Title** Cung Le (2008-2009) **SF title** Michael Bisping (2016-2017) Robert Whittaker (2017-2019) WW: Matt Hughes (2005-2006) GSP (2011-2012) LW: Takanori Gomi (2005-2006) **Pride title** Gilbert Melendez (2006-2008) *SF title** Josh Thomson (2008-2009) **SF title** BJ Penn (2008-2009) Anthony Pettis (2013-2014) Conor McGregor (2016-2017) Khabib (2019-2020) FW: Jose Aldo (2012-2013) and (2014-2015) Conor McGregor (2015-2016) **technically 364 days/just under a year, but come on....** Max Holoway (2017-2018) Alexander Volkanovski (2019-2020) BW: Dominick Cruz (2011-2014) Aljamain Sterling (2021-2022) FLW: Henry Cejudo (2019-2020) Women's FW: Cris Cyborg (2010-2011) **SF title** and (2013-2015) and (2016-2017) **Invicta** Pam Sorenson (2019-2021) **Invicta** Amanda Nunes (2018-2020) and also (2021-current) Women's BW: Sarah Kaufmann (2018-2019) **Invicta** Amanda Nune (2018-2019) and (2019-2021) Women's FLW: Barb Honchak (2014-2016) **Invicta** Jennifer Maia (2016-2017) **Invicta** Vanessa Porto (2019-2020) **Invicta** Women's SW: Rose Namajunas (2018-2019) Zhang Weili (2020-2021) Women's AW: Michelle Waterson (2013-2014) **Invicta** Jinh Yu Frey (2018-2020) **Invicta** i have to admit, this list was way longer than i expected it to be. and i intended to keep it pretty loose if there were extenuating circumstances, but ultimately decided to go fully based on dates. also surprised that every single weight class had at least one champion that was out for a year. Yes, i'm aware that some of that was completely on the UFC for not moving on faster, but the point stands. Also, i'm aware of the way that both Pride and SF operated, but i thought they added an interesting comparison.
  5. i'm sorry to hear of your predicament @BrokenLamp
  6. i won't comment on the taunt spamming (wink wink @The Natural) but Alex Abrahantes never bothered me. However, when they "introduced" the evil Pentagon (Penta Obscura? i can't remember the name), it meant absolutely nothing. Sure, he rose out of the grave or whatever, but he looked and wrestled pretty much the exact same. Why should i care about the name change? all props to Fenix for being amazing.
  7. man, you're not the only one. Rizin is one of the very few non-UFC promotions i follow, and when Jiri signed with UFC i was celebrating but apprehensive. i think i posted in this forum something along the lines of "i can't remember a time i wanted a challenger to win the title so badly" when he faced Glover last summer. i love this dude, and it breaks my heart to see his reign end like this. very true, but frustratingly understandable. The PPV is in a just 3 weeks, and they need a headliner. If Glover can't make that happen (regardless of how rational the reasons may be), then you gotta move forward with someone else. seriously, look at that card. there's no replacement main event anywhere already announced. it's now or nothing.
  8. ok, here's a random ass question. on the cover of WCW's Backstage Assault, who is Goldberg fighting with? the combination of blond hair, singlet top, and tattoo on left arm isn't checking any boxes for me. ideas?
  9. i don't know if my heart is cut out for football fandom. at least not when my Eagles are doing so good this season. it's one thing when they have a sub .500 record, but when they're playing like this....
  10. if, after 9 months, you have "a lot of options" but simultaneously think that it "deserves something better" then you probably shouldn't be "optimistic", as it sounds like your options are trash. i still expect that an announcement about a show will take place at Final Battle. If not, then WTF tony?
  11. man, i kinda feel for Corey Anderson. was on his way to winning the Bellator LHW title and grand prix back in April until the inadvertent headbutt caused a big cut, changing the fight into a no contest. rematch happens last night, and Nemkov completely rules him. Corey with 0 takedowns in 15 attempts. Didn't change his gameplan up at all and just couldn't get it going on the feet. Clearly expected it to be the same as the first fight, but props to Nemkov for changing up his training and preparing.
  12. didn't Corgan want some cross-promotion or something? zero chance. the BEST Corgan could hope for is a timeslot on WWE Network, but i think the Peacock deal actually makes that less likely. i really would love for the NWA to succeed, but i just don't see how that's going to happen based on what we've seen lately. Corgan's been talking about his "vision" and long-term plans for the company, but it seems to be treading water at best. and i really can't see any value in the company. Yes, it has a long history, but there's little to no footage to show that off with. WWE owns practically all of the video. Corgan owning the promotion is the highest profile that it's had since, what? NWA-TNA in 2002? would that even hold any prestige? the '98 run on WWF tv was terrible and a non-issue. There were a couple of "NWA" shows in like 1993 that didn't amount to anything. So we're looking at the rebranding to WCW in 1992 (?). Again, none of that has ANY relevance in 2023. by all accounts, Corgan can't even get a basic tv contract. if that's emblematic of how the world views your promotion, there's not much room for upward growth. has any Corgan storyline broken through to the wider wrestling audience? Maybe Tim Storm's Cinderella run at the title? Cardona and his run (combined with his appearances in other promotions)?
  13. These have been available for quite a while now over at Retromags (https://www.retromags.com/files/category/97-nintendo-power/). Retromags is made up of the people who are actually scanning and archiving these (and so many other) old game mags. I suspect that the archive files are actually just ripped from Retromags, although i haven't checked. That was the case the last time a huge archive.org NP dump came out (and received a C&D from Nintendo).
  14. i will forever love Nothing But Trouble for introducing me to the Digital Underground. also, i don't care if he's a complete asshole. Chevy Chase is awesome. His post-80s work is more misses than hits, but i've especially appreciated him in cameo appearances, where he usually shines.
  15. since Goldberg refused to work with Jericho, that would be tough to book. to me, DDP's feud with Curt Hennig seemed out of nowhere, as Hennig had been feuding with Flair for months, and then Starrcade randomly was Hennig defending against DDP. It seemed like a pretty random match for the biggest PPV of the year. i didn't mind the DDP/Flock feud, but i thought Raven was pretty awesome, so YMMV.
  16. i am about 45 minutes into the first TNA episode of 2003. sweet baby jesus, i am fucking sick of Vince Russo. it is completely unacceptable how much tv time was wasted on this absolute dogshit character. he actively makes every segment that he's in worse. so of course, he's already shown up 3 times
  17. an Ivy League -> CIA pipeline? is that in real life or in the movieverse? not something i've really heard of either way. yes, i also assume that's what they were going for. but it goes against what has already been established. Had she pulled herself off the spear, stopped Namor, and then collapsed to one knee holding her wound or something, i could overlook it. But, she did the equivalent of being locked in the figure four, almost tapping, but popping up and hitting the F5. i guess i just wanted more selling. did the generals know? the ones who were essentially advocating for war? unresolved. i'm ok with it, just caught me off guard. like @Craig H pointed out, it is not the first.
  18. oof, read the Tyrus result. i've been planning on going to the NWA 75 card next fall and was debating on whether to start following the product now. guess i'll wait awhile longer.
  19. just got back from seeing this in the theater. yeah, i didn't love this the way everyone else seems to. Mostly i just feel like nothing that was set up had any real payoff. SPOILERS ABOUND: and no post-credits scene? WTF Marvel? (There was a mid-credits scene, but hasn't every movie had both?)
  20. FANTASTIC card! not a single bad fight all night. Has to rank in the top tier, especially of the last ~10 years. capped off with 2 new champs. absolutely crazy. Trizano/Choi was bonkers. that double knockdown to start off the fight was awesome. did UFC address what happened with the scorecards after Karolina/Silvana? what a weird moment. i have Renan Barao as 1st for fastest career decline, but Reyes is sure trying to make that a close fight. THIS is the guy that beat Jon Jones (IMO. of course the judges didn't see it that way). RIP Edgar's career. devastating KO. Poirier/Chandler was edge of your seat stuff. kudos to both men for their toughness. Anderson Silva vs Stephen Bonnar
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