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  1. FINALLY got the Thorn catalyst to drop Thank God
  2. The Day Before has hit Early Access on Steam and reportedly it is the big steaming pile you expected it to be
  3. Well this is coming out of nowhere It should also be noted that the Orioles and the state of Maryland still haven't finalized the deal to renovate Camden Yards and to keep the Birds in Baltimore So... yeah...
  4. Since obviously you just saw Thanksgiving - that means you haven't seen Talk to Me which I thought you would have by now (or Evil Dead Rise or Skinamarink for that matter)
  5. The Alone in the Dark "reimaging" has been delayed again New release date is March 20, 2024 (was January 16, 2024)
  6. It appears that James Madison will be hiring Holy Cross' Bob Chesney as HC
  7. Mr & Mrs Smith Donald Glover and Maya Erskine and what appears to be a truck load of guest stars
  8. Robbie Gould has officially announced his retirement
  9. Signs are pointing to Duke settling on Manny Diaz (who is currently Penn State's OC) as Head Coach
  10. The Brothers Sun NSFW trailer due to language and a little bit of blood They had me at Michelle Yeoh is head of the Triad
  11. Since you were talking about Kyrie - I read this sentence literally
  12. Good Grief Written and Directed by Dan Levy There are A LOT of... emotions (for lack of a better word) going on in this trailer so be prepared for that... unless you are a robot then continue on with your cursed metal body
  13. Handling the Undead (listed on IMDB as Håndtering av udøde) It is based on the book by John Ajvide Lindqvist. Lindqvist is who wrote Let The Right One In
  14. Non Soto transactions from yesterday Eduardo Rodriguez to the D-Backs: 4 years, $80 million (with a 5th year vesting option) Reds sign Jeimer Candelario: 3 years, $45 million (with a club option) Also - reports are that Ohtani will make his decision by Sunday
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