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  1. Did all the side Rannoch missions Started and completed the first half of Leviathan God my Shepard is way overpowered
  2. Both Katamari Damacy Reroll and Hades are coming to Game Pass this month so that only makes it worth having for the year
  3. From the clearly being scared straight department (for lack of a better description) - Washington's vaccination rate (of players receiving at least one dose) is now 84% Let's see if the same thing happens in Minnesota
  4. Eh - the Giants players were cool with it (it that they understood why it happened) and the NFLPA has much bigger issues at the moment
  5. Clarifying that DeRozan deal
  6. Speaking of Overwatch and finances - T-Mobile has withdrawn as a sponsor for the Overwatch and Call of Duty leagues due to all of this. I can't imagine they will be the last of the sponsors to bail
  7. Steph becomes the first player in history to sign 2 $200 million plus contracts
  8. I am just gonna post this depressing Coen Brothers news and move on from you heathens and your inability to cook pasta
  9. So legit - it seems the only reason he is going is because everything saw the light of day and nothing sticks to Bobby Kotick
  10. Brack wasn't in charge till 2018 so I am not sure why you are giving him credit for either of those things
  11. of course lost in all that is that Kenny Galladay walked off the field injured
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