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  1. The context - from Dave EDIT - And this should go without saying - we aren't discussing the conflict in this thread or any other thread on the board. If you have a burning desire to do so - find the Discord link
  2. Reminder that you have till 11 pm EST TONIGHT to grab Horizon Zero Dawn for free via Playstation's Play at Home deal Then starting on May 17 they will offer in game stuff for the following games Rocket League Brawlhalla Destruction AllStars MLB The Show 21 NBA 2K21 Rogue Company World of Tanks Warframe Call of Duty: Warzone (Starts May 20) And then that is it for the year with the promotion
  3. We have hit renewal/cancellation time ABC has announced some renewals Goldbergs - Season 9 A Million Little Things - Season 4 The Rookie - Season 4 The Conners - Season 4 Call Your Mother was cancelled Jury is still out for the following: American Housewife, For Life, mixed-ish, Rebel
  4. Regarding the Friends reunion - this was from Entertainment Weekly last month
  5. The NHL has told the Canadian government that they need an answer regarding travel into the country by June 1st.
  6. Okay clarifying this The option is called "Level Scaling" (It is the one right above Subtitles) Classic Mode is how the original game went (1-60 level cap) Legendary Mode shrinks that to 1-30 so almost assuredly you would be at max power at the end of the 1st playthrough
  7. This is gonna be the least helpful but maybe helpful post In the first game, you can change in your settings when you cap at "Level 30" or "Level 60". The original is basically the "30" setting where if you want to be maxed out - you have to play the game twice before moving to ME2. If you change it to "60" - they you should be able to be maxed after one playthrough I just don't remember which menu or what the setting is called. (I am not not sure the 30/60 refers to level - I just know that is what you toggle between). Obviously if you only want to do one playthrough - you shou
  8. Weird that the physical edition comes with 2 discs but I never had to insert the second disc labelled "data installation disc" (I am assuming maybe the 2nd disc is only for previous gen versions of the game )
  9. I think I am the only person happy with the default Shepard's
  10. Disney CEO Bob Chapek said that Shang-Chi (along with the non-Marvel movie Free Guy) will both be following the "45 days exclusively in the theaters" before hitting steaming services model
  11. James Gunn tweeted that he specifically saved a character to use in Peacemaker Season 2... if Peacemaker gets a 2nd season
  12. The ban will be more for fantasy bitterness than any other reason God - I forgot he hasn't played the last two years
  13. Chelsea Green talked about her broken arm injuries on her podcasts and since someone transcribed it - here ya go
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