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  1. I feel like Tim Anderson takes offense to everything
  2. Basically Tassi has been whiny that Bungie isn't revealing every single detail of the next season before the season starts He got so whiny that he started speculating that what it really meant was Bungie was going be like "EVERYTHING IS DELAYED!!!!" And dmg shut that shit down
  3. It is also fake Literally the next tweet from the same account
  4. dmg shitting on Paul Tassi is gonna put a pep in my step the rest of the day
  5. Speaking of the CW The Winchesters This is the Supernatural prequel series
  6. My Fake Boyfriend Director: Rose Troche (The L-Word) Starring Keiynan Lonsdale, Sara Hyland and Dylan Sprouse of all people @Dolfan in NYC - another movie for the gay rom-com pile June 17 - Prime Video
  7. Another kid friendly DC game being done by Outright Games
  8. Yeah - during that period when Breeze was release but was still in his no compete, he was still on the channel and when they were playing Uno, his name was usually Matt (his real name - which he hated them calling him that) plus whatever he was sitting on For Example this was the episode he was introduced as Matt in the Chair
  9. Halftime The over arching premise is Jennifer Lopez preparation for doing the 2021 Super Bowl Halftime show but based on the trailer it is half that and half just documentary on Jennifer Lopez
  10. The Terminal List The two main stars are Chris Pratt and Constance Wu but the full list of folks is...
  11. In more Margo Robbie casting news - per Hollywood Reporter, Robbie will star in a prequel to Ocean's 11 in a movie directed by Jay Roach The film will be set in Europe in the 1960s
  12. I am debating if this is sarcastic or not
  13. For the people with old man eye's (aka me) - he is the lineup for the WES show so you don't have to figure out that graphic Jonathan Coachman & Matt Rehwoldt will be the commentary team
  14. Heck - it wouldn't shock me if Breeze signed a WWE "Legends" contract
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