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  1. Celtics and Al Horford agree to a 2 year extension worth $20 million
  2. No coincidence that this trailer dropped today Harry & Meghan
  3. Per Variety - Ang Lee is going to direct a Bruce Lee biopic that will star his (Ang's) son Mason Lee as Bruce Lee
  4. It probably isn't his final movie Per IMDB - he has 4 other "upcoming" movies. One is listed as completed, 2 are in post-production (which is the same status as Cocaine Bear) and 1 in production (this is the one he was filming when he passed away so who knows what will happen with it) One of those movies is April 29, 1992 which is set during the LA riots directed by the dude who directed The Iceman
  5. Unsurprisingly, Tata Martino is out as Mexico HC
  6. Speaking of Midnight Suns - here is the launch trailer
  7. The parade of guys skipping bowl games to declare for the draft has begun Penn St's Joey Porter Jr has announced he is peacing out
  8. Here is Jack Edwards being a piece of shit... again Here is Pat Maroon handling it way classier than anyone should
  9. You and all the people they just showed celebrating
  10. Now its over - Tunisia goes home but gets a victory over France
  11. And France ties it up at the absolute last possible moment
  12. As the Aussie's survive and advance Only the 2nd time they make the knockout round
  13. Australia is trying to kill every single person who is up in the middle of the night watching the game in that country
  14. Per Arthur Smith - Kyle Pitts will miss the rest of the season
  15. With 10 minutes to go (well honestly 20 when you add in stoppage time) - everything is coming up Australia in both matches
  16. If These Walls Could Sing Documentary about Abbey Road directed by Mary McCartney
  17. Yes because I have no life otherwise And to be fair - I spend no more than 10 minutes on AC a day at this point
  18. Since they aren't releasing any new content - you would be getting a basically complete game (minus the one DLC) so that is nice. There are a few of us still playing so you could have a few islands to visit to accomplish things quicker so that is nice. It basically is a question of how much you want to do with one of those games that basically requires you to check in on it every day. Like if you are already playing one (Stardew Valley, that newer Disney one) - I wouldn't recommend adding a second.
  19. Ovie scored two goals last night to pass Wayne Gretzky for most road goals in NHL history
  20. Trailer for the aforementioned The Mean One It should be noted that the Grinch is being played by David Howard Thornton
  21. Don Mattingly is becoming the Jays bench coach
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