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  1. To go back to the Queen of the Ring thing for a second The updated Internet RUMBLINGZ~! is that it won't be a Peacock special, instead it will start on the Oct 8 SDL and conclude on the following RAW So yeah... keep your expectations WAY low
  2. New update coming July 29 which is bringing new seasonal items and apparently weekly firework shows Nintendo also claims they are working on more content
  3. Bioware tweeted out how folks played the game (it is an infographic). No context provided on if this is all playthroughs ever or just the first time
  4. When watching random videos at my Mom's this weekend - I learned that you can technically do Grissom Academy after Priority Tuchanka if you go there before going to the Citadel. Thus I learned that Mordin gave Jack some killer sex advice
  5. Washington signs Logan Thomas to a 3 year deal ($24 million overall) They sure are making a big assumption that last year wasn't a fluke and that all his numbers aren't inflated by WFT's constantly going to their safety option (Since Fitzpatrick sure the fuck isn't about that)
  6. Yeah - Scherzer apparently is ready to get the fuck out of Dodge since he has said he won't excerise his 10/5 rights. I am enjoying how the Nats are already saying they won't sign Trea Turner long term
  7. Normally I would say that means he would be a Cap for life but I can also see Ovie still playing at age 50
  8. I finished the one that was killing Champions but that’s it I also haven’t played since Friday
  9. Yes for the side mission - you only need the three terminals I thought you meant making sure you got everything for the credits and XP
  10. There is a cap on how many credits you can acquire in the Omega DLC so it’s okay to miss some terminals
  11. The highlight for me was Michael Kay being stunned it happened and David Cone and Paul O’Neill being all “what team have you been watching?”
  12. Domingo German had a no hitter through 7 and a 4-0 lead Thanks to the Yanks bullpen it is now 5-4 Boston
  13. Hope you all are sitting down for this Stephen Strasburg suffered a setback in rehab He has "continued discomfort in his neck"
  14. Yeah - that is the whole second half of the Citadel so if you don't remember that than I don't think you ever did the Citadel
  15. Funnily I was gonna ask the same thing - we have nothing but pre-assigned seating around here and it has been that way for awhile pre-pandemic
  16. That clearly comes across as they were definitely firing him the last time but because people found out they did that "NO WE AREN'T! DIRT SHEETS ARE WRONG!!!" and paid him for another month just to be spiteful
  17. It might be the first time they have shown it live outside Olympics in the states. Heck they aired the Rio opening ceremony on a one hour delay for half the US in 2016 But whether it was the pandemic or someone finally smartening up - they decided to air it live and then rebroadcast it again tonight
  18. MLB will be testing an electronic device to allow catchers to give pitchers signs in the Class A California League starting in August (The Cal League is also currently piloting the pitch clock) https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/31869009/mlb-test-electronic-device-catchers-give-signals-pitchers
  19. I didn't realize that the WWE released new Braun merch last week so he coming back might be a done deal
  20. HOT STOVE~! Apparently the Mets are acquiring Rich Hill and the Rays are getting Tommy Hunter and a AA catcher
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