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  1. Lord of the Rings: Gollum has been announced as coming out on Sept 1 That is the day before the new Amazon Prime LOTR series, The Rings of Power, drops
  2. Here is the quote from the story I saw it in
  3. There is no waltzing to anything when you have to play that much Gambit
  4. "Reduced the number of wins needed for the Gold Coins gilded Triumph for the Dredgen Seal from 50 to 30." OF COURSE now they drop it - I would have gilded multiple times over if this was the thresh hold from the start
  5. Full patch notes https://www.bungie.net/en/Explore/Detail/News/51380
  6. The NFL Combine will stay in Indy for at least the next two years (2023, 2024) The NFL is also considering scrapping the Pro Bowl game entirely. They would still do a week of activities including potentially playing a 7 v 7 non-tackle game
  7. Leslie Jones has been cast as Plastic Woman in an untitled "DC Animated Comedy Series"
  8. Folks have pointed out a blink and you will miss it moment in the trailer Thor now has a Loki back tattoo
  9. Trailer that specifically talks Solar 3.0 changes
  10. Just to be clear - there is no indication they are bringing back the Menagerie I am just saying a haunted version of that would be better than some of the seasonal activities they have come up with
  11. The Gray Man Directed by the Russo Brothers Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, Jessica Henwick, Wagner Moura, Alfre Woodard, Regé-Jean Page, Billy Bob Thornton, Julia Butters, Dhanush, Scott Haze, Calla Mulvey, Eme Ikwuakor, Michael Gandolfini, Sam Lerner, Robert Kazinsky, and DeObia Oparei. Select theaters July 15 Netflix July 22
  12. Well I will say - theoretically - the changes to everything they have made allow them to make changes to weapons/powers on just the Crucible side So they might be starting to feel more comfortable returning more things to the pool as they can monitor better At least in this case - the returning items make sense given the theme of the season. I am sure there will be much wailing of teeth now that your can't pseudo craft the weapons via the Menagerie as previously Now if they give me a Haunted version of the Menagerie I will misplace my pants
  13. Just let the record show that - while y'all are complaining about movies not being long - I am pro Under 2 Hour Movies I am old and have shit to do
  14. I am just amused at how Beloved is returning since now we know the only weapon that will be used in Crucible (I mean I loved Beloved as it was the only D2 sniper I was ever good with)
  15. There is room in South East DC near where Nats Park and Audi Field area. The problem there is like Raziel mentioned, you would have to eminent domain a lot of the poorest areas of DC and to do that for Dan Snyder... hoo boy.... The closer (better???) Maryland solution is National Harbor where they recently build the Casino The stadium would be technically in Maryland but the area is literally on the other side of the Potomac River (so like how MetLife Stadium is right on the other side of the Hudson River from NYC) But this goes back to the outgoing Maryland administration doesn't want to give specifically Dan Snyder that many breaks and the new Virginia administration is ready to give Washington all the tax payers money
  16. Because DC doesn't want to pay them where Maryland and Virginia are throwing various degrees of money at them There is also an issue of not a lot of places to build the stadium in DC proper. Replacing RFK (the stadium pre-Fed Ex) is the ideal solution however the land is owned by the Federal Government and they sure as fuck aren't cutting Dan Snyder a deal
  17. I loved the idea of the moat however I am assuming someone finally realized "Yeah... probably not a good idea to have a moat around so many drunks"
  18. Since the trace rifle is with the "seasonal weapons" I am pretty sure it is a legendary Bungie is gonna have to have a chat with the folks doing the Japanese stuff as they were the ones who also spoiled the Trespasser being the Exotic weapon a couple of weeks ago because they forget to redact the name out in the TWAB
  19. There is one Legendary - Retraced Path - which you can get via Dares of Eternity (part of the 30th Anniversary stuff)
  20. Great another Tampa Stanley Cup…
  21. Twitter tells me that many, many people are stupid
  22. Oh and here is the trailer for True Lies
  23. Trailers for two of the new CBS shows East New York Fire Country Apparently to get a series order - someone has to have a stupid mustache on each show. Oh and East New York is the one that has Rusev as a bad guy
  24. I can only hope the express lanes are always going in the wrong direction
  25. Another trailer for Elvis This trailer does a good job of giving you enough information to allow you to decide if this movie will infuriate you or not
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