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  1. In news that will excited @Lawful Metal- apparently the Knicks and Rockets are discussing some sort of trade that would involving swapping Kemba Walker and John Wall
  2. Well the AD stated that whoever is elevated to the interim role will not be considered for the HC Job so in that case better hope its not Freeman From the ESPN story
  3. VA Tech has hired Penn State DC Brent Pry as HC
  4. ESPN says that Urban is totally staying with the Jags. Yup definitely gonna stay
  5. Well in this specific case - Tres Way, Washington's punter, kicks left footed so not only would Kyle Allen (the back up QB) be pressed into holding, he would have had to do it from the other side. Apparently they were practicing it on the sideline and it was a forest fire
  6. It is funny you say that because this has been sitting in my Youtube recommendations for a couple of days now
  7. Apparently - the Tigers are signing Javier Baez It will be a 6 year deal. Money hasn't gotten out yet
  8. I miss the Manning cast These announcers are hideous
  9. The infuriating thing is week after week teams seemed baffled that Washington is going to run the ball
  10. HA! Blocked XP returned for 2!!!!
  11. Good to see the refs are making it all about themselves tonight
  12. Apparently as part of the negotiations - MLB has proposed expanding the playoffs to 14 teams Per ESPN Also in the story - apparently there is a proposal for a Draft Lottery for the first three picks in the draft
  13. I did a quick scan and didn't see this posted Apparently Nia Jax tweeted that it is "highly unlikely" she ever wrestles again
  14. It appears that Fresno State's Kalen Deboer will be Washington's new HC
  15. I mean technically every team has money to spend - many of them just choose not to As I mentioned earlier - it is notable the teams not on that list. We shall see how that plays out
  16. I am totally fine with them waiting I am also totally fine if they get around to non-tendering Gary Sanchez in the next 36 hours
  17. Oh yeah - people really need to pump the breaks on giving the Rangers all the rings Not to mention try to roll with "potential greatest infields of all time"
  18. And the Steelers have placed TJ Watt on the COVID list
  19. Joe Harris is having ankle surgery and will miss 4-8 weeks
  20. I am not sure if that is supposed to be a joke Twitter account or not but Kane did clear waivers https://www.prohockeyrumors.com/2021/11/evander-kane-clears-waivers-has-multiple-options.html
  21. I am assuming Jerry Dipoto traded them
  22. It really does seem like the normal "heavy hitters" (NYY, LAD, Boston, etc) are perfectly willing to let everyone spend now, swoop in after the lockout ends and sign a bunch of dudes on one year deals and then take advantage of the new CBA next offseason. (I fully expect after hitting submit - the Yanks or Dodgers will sign Corey Seager to a billion dollars)
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