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  1. I should note that the Hartford president claimed that the school was "only paid expenses" for making the NCAA tournament - which the NCAA and many a reporter have called bullshit on
  2. Meltzer said that Carillo is "fine" and "could wrestle tomorrow if he had to" They still might do an injury angle out of it
  3. So weird that they literally took everything from Main Event (Jinder and his new crew beating Jeff Hardy) and just ran it on RAW
  4. While I am not generally a fan of them in the actual episodes - I do always get interested in who the get to play the wrestlers in the re-enactments For the Pillman one - Channing Decker is playing Brian Pillman. I guess he is mostly a Canadian indy guy though he has gotten a couple of matches with Impact and ROH
  5. Fox has renewed Call Me Kat for a second season. It will, however, have a new showrunner so take that for what it is worth
  6. Stillwater Director: Tom McCarthy (Spotlight) Starring Matt Damon, Abigail Breslin, Camille Cottin, Deanna Dunagan Release date - July 30
  7. Yes Menagerie weapons were sunset but that really falls under the entire umbrella of sunsetting in general not a separate decision Since Menagerie was removed (with Calus "leaving" at the same time as the other planets were vaulted) - and honestly the weapon from Menagerie most folks were upset about being sunset was Beloved You are in the small majority of people... or maybe the only one who would be upset about the class specific swords going away as there are there were only two swords that everyone was using because they were so much better than anything else (One was an exotic a
  8. Meltzer mentioned in a update this weekend that there was supposed to be an Aleister Black vignette and Mia Yim was supposed to debut on the show but both were cut due to time
  9. Just because it was specifically referenced earlier in the thread Here is the Zandig discussion from Renee's podcast
  10. I legit was on my way to Gamestop to pre order and then realized that all my local Gamestops are not opening till Noon which is just not acceptable So I am just gonna take my chances at 7 am with Walmart Worst case I will do the digital download but it is not my preference
  11. I literally have no other place to put this and this probably fits closest here NBC has cancelled the 2022 Golden Globe awards
  12. Canada will "host" 2 qualifiers in the US in June June 5 against Aruba will be in Bradenton, FL June 8 against Suriname will be in Bridgeview, IL
  13. I am gonna assume the salary cap joke wasn't THAT much of a joke since they just signed Chris Berman to an extension
  14. Jack Hermansson vs. Edmen Shahbazyan is off UFC 262. It is being pushed back a week to Fight Night on May 22 While the UFC has confirmed the move they have not given a reason yet
  15. To keep following up on this Peter King had a list this morning of all the dudes switching to single digit uniforms. Cardinals S Budda Baker: 3. Colts WR Parris Campbell: 1. Bengals WR Ja'Marr Chase: 1. Dolphins WR Will Fuller: 3. Dolphins WR Allen Hurns: 8. Dolphins CB Noah Igbinoghene: 9. Jets WR Elijah Moore: 8. Cowboys LB Micah Parsons: 11. Vikings CB Patrick Peterson: 7. Falcons TE Kyle Pitts: 8. Packers WR Amari Rodgers: 8. Bills WR Emmanuel Sanders: 1. Eagles WR Devonta Smith: 6. Broncos CB Patric
  16. For folks playing on older systems (or PC) - I hope you have space The download is supposedly 100 GB
  17. Panthers 1st round pick Jaycee Horn (who I keep forgetting is Joe Horn's kid) announced that he will wear #8 in honor of Kobe Bryant (He also was the 8th pick in the draft) So yeah - whoever the person was that noted to expect most rookies to be taking advantage of the new rule was probably right
  18. To be fair - a lot of that had to do with the storyline decision to allow you to kill everyone in ME2 In ME3 - if either Tali and/or Garrus are dead they aren't replaced as squadmates in ME3 - so you are technically down two crew. (And they are the only two characters you have throughout all three games - Liara aside since technically she is only available for one mission in DLC). I shudder to think if it was possible that you only had say Ashley and James for ME3 And the clearly didn't want to role with the Dirty Dozen theme again in ME3 so they couldn't make everyone available
  19. I hadn't doubled checked but the story I read definitely said that Agents of Shield was on Netflix
  20. The Columbus Crew are rebranding and will now just go by Columbus SC because of course they are
  21. The difference is the type of vaccine 21 days for the Pfizer vaccine, 28 days for Moderna And the J&J shot is a one and done AstraZeneca recommended between 4 and 12 weeks so obviously each country using that will set up their own standard. Canada is following the same model as the UK - 4 months (12 weeks) to get as many people the first dose as possible
  22. Arizona won't be renewing Rick Tocchet's contract so the Coyotes will need a new HC
  23. Yeah - apparently on the international versions of Disney+ the shows have been moved into the Marvel "Legacy" section which is where all the non-MCU stuff goes (Like Fantastic Four, some(most???) of the X-men movies, etc..) Netflix still has the US rights so that version of Disney+ hasn't done anything yet I have a feeling someone will be asking Kevin Feige about this in the lead up to Loki
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