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  1. Woof - and just like that they have punted on Tribute They are switching to IB Control for the rest of the week (starting at 8 PM EST) So many matches were ending in mercies/shutouts that they decided they needed to rework it
  2. Insert the IT'S HAPPENING!!! gif here https://x.com/jonmorosi/status/1732521351297019963?s=20 EDIT - Stupid Board
  3. The amount of people who don't understand how the new IB mode works is mind boggling
  4. By all indications - Juan Soto to the Yankees is happening
  5. Yeah - I wanna continue delving more into Mara's love life. That is really all I care about
  6. Jets announce that Zach Wilson is indeed the starter for Sunday Vikings announce that they are sticking with Josh Dobbs
  7. Not a new game per se but I remember people playing it so I will mention it Disney Dreamlight Valley is officially out of Early Access With it comes a free content update that includes Multiplayer and somehow includes Jack Skellington (I barely know how the game works) There is also a Paid DLC you can get if you want
  8. Yeah that was basically for fans and to also be all "WE ARE STILL WORKING ON THE GAME! PROMISE!"
  9. To clarify on this - the Nationals actually won the first attempt but they are ineligible to have a top pick due to the new anti-tanking rules so the lottery was done again and Cleveland won the second attempt
  10. I am not saying its right or wrong but with Zach Wilson - the belief is, like college players now skipping bowls, he knows he needs to find a new club in the offseason and being hurt when a FA isn't good for business Now, obviously, been known for not wanting to play might be considered not good for business either
  11. So the Angels salary dump near season end was successful as they were able to duck under the luxury tax for the year (this is technically still pending as the MLBPA has to signoff on MLB's accounting) That being said - MLB is going to wait at least one more season before thinking about instituting rules to prevent such behavior Basically - if other teams do the same thing this season - they are changing the rules
  12. And I haven't done this in awhile Per Tankathon - the current Draft Order (Winning %/SOS) 1) Chicago (via Carolina): 1-11 (.083/.525) 2) New England: 2-10 (.167/.527) 3) Arizona: 3-10 (.231/.561) 4) Washington: 4-9 (.308/.522) 5) Chicago: 4-8 (.333/.471) 6) NY Jets: 4-8 (.333/.512) 7) NY Giants: 4-8 (.333/.517) 8.) Tennessee: 4-8 (.333/.539) Notes There are 4 teams win 5 wins - that is why I stopped at 8. Reminder that SOS is the first tiebreaker and that head to head is not used at all (hence why like the Jets are ahead of the Giants despite beating them) Also a reminder that SOS counts all 17 games in a schedule so will change as the season goes along Arizona and Washington are both on bye this week so the Commanders could actually drop three spots despite not playing this week
  13. The big meme going around last night is that at least for this week If the playoffs started today - in the AFC - Seeds 4 - 7 would all be starting backup QB For context - only one NFC playoff team would be (though the Falcons are technically using their starter but they really don't want to be)
  14. I remember @CSC talking about how in GTA V he was basically doing his commute home every time he played the game
  15. Here is the official version I approve of the use of Tom Petty
  16. Found out today that my nephew will be kicking for Jacksonville State in the Bowl He is a freshman and hadn't played all season but the starting kicker entered the portal as a graduate transfer so here we are
  17. The focus of the week will be In-Season Tournament games Today and Tomorrow are the Quarters Thursday is the Semis Saturday is the Finals There will be no other games played on those days
  18. Kevin Durant passed Moses Malone to move to 10th on the NBA's all time scoring list
  19. Random Tidbits Will Smith says that, unsurprisingly, I Am Legend 2 will use the original's alternate ending (which sees Smith's character living). Smith also confirmed that the movie will also star Michael B Jordan Ryan Reynolds and Channing Tatum have signed on for the leading roles in the upcoming action comedy Calamity Hustle which will be directed by Adam and Aaron Nee (The Lost City) Margo Robbie and Ryan Gosling will play Danny and Debbie Ocean's parents in the Ocean's 11 franchise prequel entitled... Oceans (that is being directed by Jay Roach) Nicolas Cage says he will be winding down his actor career soon. Says he has "three or four movies left" and says he wants to be more selective in what he does for his final roles
  20. For what it is worth - the Titans say Henry is not in concussion protocol Meanwhile - the Saints say Derek Carr IS in concussion protocol
  21. Lincoln Riley announced that Caleb Williams will not play in the Holiday Bowl So to continue the online meme - THEY DON'T DESERVE TO BE IN A BOWL NOW~!
  22. I got that bug and was prepared The recommendation I saw, and it worked for me, is if you show up and everyone is hostile - book it back to your ship, sleep for at least a hour and then when you get off your ship, everyone is back to normal pretending like nothing happened In fact was was really weird was that a couple of people got nuked in the chaos but when I woke up - they were fine
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