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  2. The same people that said "That tattoo is a really good idea, Cody!".
  3. I've always said I don't like a lot of people and this only confirms my feelings.
  4. No idea. I was just thinking about "pay for the show + everything else on a streaming service" vs. "pay for only the show".
  5. Just finished The Pathless on PS5, really enjoyed it! I'd tried playing it once and it didn't grab me, but then coming back to it I got fully in and yeah, I'll absolutely clean up trophies for the Platinum AND likely go for the Plat on the PS4 as well! Highly recommended for folks who want to take their time and explore and want a beautiful world to spend some hours in.
  6. Japan just doesn't play the correct way via spreadsheet and care only for launch angles and HR numbers...
  7. If the Bills are gonna use the city of Austin as leverage, they probably should have clued the city of Austin in https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/08/01/austin-city-council-members-not-aware-of-possible-bills-move/
  8. I dont know personally. SRS tweet makes it seem like Coles contact was expiring AND a big name asked for their release and it was granted. I see some people saying it's a part timer.
  9. This is what happens when you let Edwin Jackson pitch
  10. Pitbull #1 & #2, and Kid Kash are not currently with World Wrestling Entertainment. So it’s gotta be Jamie Noble. I think he means Keith Lee.
  11. I'm dealing with a quasi-anti-vaxxer situation with a close family member (not really against it per se, but just "afraid" to get it thanks to social media) and it's fucking exhausting. My point being, @Eoae, that I totally agree - if it weren't family, civility would have long left the building.
  12. Yeah but isn't Highspots way behind on the previous 2019 shows?
  13. Alexa Bliss allegedly asked for her release, so maybe her?
  14. I glanced over at True Achievements - and there does appear to be a bug in that it is inconsistent in what it counts Some people are like "Squad powers don't count" where others, like me, had them count It might be that only Singularity works, who knows But no matter what - Slam doesn't count I am using Lash for the biotic combos so its possible the ticker is going up from that and not Liara's Singularity
  15. A lot of people are saying Cody should win it from Miro and re-name it the USA championship.
  16. They may need to rename it or something, but I think it would be a mistake to phase the TNT belt out. They’ve built a lot of credibility and fan interest in that title in just one year. They’ve proven it can pop a rating with a title defense. Would be an own-goal on par with New Japan phasing out the IC title.
  17. If I can actually watch this show before they run their next one, that's probably the biggest news of all. Edit: Looking at the speculation now... I would rather it be on Highspots than on Fite.
  18. It's still relevant to the name of the show though.
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