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  2. Joey Bosa was placed on IR due to his injured groin, which he will be having surgery on. The Chargers believe he will return this season
  3. According to ole Bruce, that was JR's idea. The corny truck pun dialogue they gave him was the 2nd biggest disservice. I wonder what would have happened had they let Nash do what he did after Survivor Series 1995 earlier where Diesel turned into Mr. I Don't Give a Fuck which is essentially Kevin Nash.
  4. Can't wait for it to somehow have one quarter of the features of Sid Meier's Pirates which came out like 6000 years ago!
  5. And now I know about the Library's giant collection of flutes. Success all around.
  6. Wasn't the biggest disservice putting him in sweaters and rrying to make him likable?
  7. Terrific 'Road To' this week. Gotta love Anthony Bowens! Not sure why Ass Daddy is on about 'Girlfriends'? Interesting to hear Max Caster straight up promo like that. I love seeing Keith Lee just talking. All nonchalant he still sneaks in an 'Indubitally'. And then excellent Jungle Jack and Kingston-Guevara segments. Some of this Road TO stuff is the best stuff AEW is producing and I assume a lot of ppl aren't seeing it. That said, I also find some Road Tos sorta blah. It's kinda fun watching Josh Woods round out his game and slowly (maybe) become a player. Sterling's running a nice little unit there. It's funny seeing how Joe missiles Smart Mark into Wardy's crotch there for the powerbomb. I think Wardy no sold the ballshot there!? Definitely looked like a more legit than regular ball-shot-fare. Man, that Rampage had a lot of good stuff! Sting breaking a pair of handcuffs was not part of that good stuff. I blame the producer on that not Sting - who's wrestling continues to be flawless. I dig seeing Juice Robinson get a shot in prime time here. Not a complaint, but would have liked to have gotten a little package on Toni-Serena. Very very stoked for said bout.
  8. Deeb vs Jade if Jade (continues?) to turn face would 100% be an interesting angle. Jade training with Danielson has lead to her using a few unorthodox / unexpected technical wrestling moves for such a big hoss of a woman. I think they'd actually mesh up really well and that story of can the greener undefeated champ beat a 15+ year veteran submission specialist definitely interests me. Either way I'm sure Deeb vs Storm will be a great match tonight, hopefully we can get a second women's segment on the show tonight too with Britt or Jade etc
  9. Cincinnati (I might change this pregame depending on Tua's status)
  10. Who is this Jay Malachi? Sign that guy. Excellent Dark bout here with Fuego. VSK Jeeves always looks impressive to me. I like the way he moves around in there. Nice touch raking the eyes down the rope and then cleaning them off. This VSK is gonna be a player someday. Speaking of former Impact guys, crazy how little they let Caleb Konley show his stuff. He's been fucking terrific in everyone of his Dark bouts. They need to sign this muthafucka and give him a spot in the Wingmen crew. I mean especially now seeing as JD is focusing on 'The Working Horses'. Dante-Henry looked good, only caught it from a sideglance. Henry always impresses. I also love that Dante's putting in the reps on Dark every week and getting even better than he already is. So to Skye Blue who looked good in that mixed Elevation tag.
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  12. I don't know why I do picks at all at this point, I am soooooo horrible at them Some spicy games though this week. Arsenal 1-1 Tottenham Hotspur AFC Bournemouth 1-2 Brentford Crystal Palace 1-1 Chelsea Fulham 0-2 Newcastle United Liverpool 3-1 Brighton & Hove Albion Southampton 1-1Everton West Ham United 2-0 Wolverhampton Wanderers Manchester City 2-1 Manchester United Leeds United 1-1 Aston Villa Leicester City 0-2 Nottingham Forest Tiebreaker 1: Total Goals Scored by HOME teams : 12 Tiebreaker 2: Minute of first card (yellow OR red) in the Manchester Derby: 41
  13. I can't figure out if Tam Nakano and Natsupoi are the Rock and Roll Express or the Midnight Express of Stardom. FAIRY TRAIN~!
  14. England awful (and relegated) USA Awful. (not relegated. Just Awful) Not a good break for American EPL Fans. Note the small change in scoring, and the tiebreaker this week. 10 Points for a right result (win/lose/draw), + Bonus 30 points for exact score. (so, if you call the exact score, it's 40 points) Weekly winners Gameweek 1 (Exhibition) Pete and Fozzie 90 Gameweek 2 Yo-Yo's Roomie 120 Gameweek 3 Pete 50 Gameweek 4 Yo-Yo's Roomie 140 (Season Record, 2nd Win) Gameweek 5: Pete 110 (2nd Win) Gameweek 6: Yo-Yo's Roomie 70 (3rd win) --- Scoring System updated ---- Gameweek 7 Take 1: Postponed Gameweek 7 Take 2: Yo-Yo's Roomie 100 (4th Win) Many teams happy to have a minibreak between the league pausing preinternational break to work on stuff after disappointing starts to the season (liverpool and Chelsea!) Saturday Arsenal-Tottenham Hotspur AFC Bournemouth-Brentford Crystal Palace-Chelsea Fulham-Newcastle United Liverpool-Brighton & Hove Albion Southampton-Everton West Ham United-Wolverhampton Wanderers Sunday Manchester City-Manchester United Leeds United-Aston Villa Monday Leicester City-Nottingham Forest Tiebreaker 1: Total Goals Scored by HOME teams Tiebreaker 2: Minute of first card (yellow OR red) in the Manchester Derby.
  15. I believe the biggest disservice he did to Nash was switching the belt at the house show at MSG. I get what they were trying to do, but an important moment like that needs to happen on television. I know they replayed it a billion times, but I think it would have helped Nash greatly if it was on television live. We would still be talking about that moment had it happened on TV. As is, we just had to accept Diesel was WWF champion. No clean transition or anything. By the time the fans finally warmed to Diesel being champ and the whole Big Daddy Cool, his run as champ was winding down.
  16. I mostly just do Trials the first few weeks for pinnacles or getting the new weapons at least once. I may never use them, but I do have a collector's mentality towards this stuff sometimes. That said, I do like the roll I got for the bow. I waited till yesterday to collect rewards and reset since I didn't like the rolls from last week. I think my patience paid off. Agreed on the Masterwork Armor quest. That one always annoys me since it makes me either masterwork a piece of crap or wait weeks until it pops up.
  17. I can never tell if its a headbutt or european uppercut. I'll just go with headbutt since Biff/Oney does such an awesome running uppercut that no one really compares to.
  18. Lots of quality wrestling on the flagship Monday broadcast. And lots of BLAH to skim passed. The opening provided both. Dug that Io-Belair battle. Then more ffwding passed a totally unwanted Seth Rollins promo, but that brings us to Rollins v Mysterio! Two weeks in a row Rollins banging it inside the ring. I love ol man Mysterio. Dominik saunters out for pure viewing satisfaction. Rhea Ripley is truly the 'one'! What a star! One terrific bout after another with Gargano and Owens battling Gable and Otis. Odd Owens v Sign pre-match brawl. I wasn't entirely sure about this Otis, but he's proved himself to be a studhorse in there! I'm not crying about it, but few 'superstars' feel as magnetic and captivating as Gable. Seeing as they don't have a lot of those level performers right now it would make sense to strap a rocket to his ass, no? Or squash him to possibly my least favorite WWE performer Braun Strowman? Take your pick. Skimmed passed Omos. I dig this Candice LeRae just fine, but is Nikki ASH secretly awesome? I really like how she moves around in there. I also like how Sami and AJ move around in there. Obviously those two are gonna have an excellent bout. Apple Juice Styles rocking the pencil thin John Waters moo-stash is an interesting choice. AJ's a weird dude, huh? I was burning out by this point, but dug what I saw of Riddle-Priest. I wanna like old man Edge, but I really don't. Maybe there's time yet. I am thankful not to have heard him talk for 20 minutes. I still can't imagine ever watching this show live, but no complaints I'm thankful for my streamlined Tuesday afternoon Raw.
  19. Maki Ito is the Bret Hart of TJPW so- OF COURSE!- she would have a match this good in Vancouver! Giselle Shaw is awesome. ====================== Huh! KiLynn King wrestled in Chincoteague on the Eastern Shore, which isn't that far from the Greater Richmond Area. Gia Scott was impressive in the ROH Women's tournament. This is good. ====================== KiLynn King is the KING OF FLORIDA! Here, she is once again in front of a bunch of Florida People at a brewery. I dig this Jessie Elaban lady.
  20. You could say that Vince was looking to replace Hogan sooner then that with him wanting to make Tom Magee his next Hogan. He settled on Ultimate Warrior but Tom Magee was his original choice I think.
  21. All great points! Also, I can’t blame Vince that hard, as Hogan was rapidly balding and looked much older than he was.
  22. Ludvig Borga the original Next Big Thing. He should of been pushed like how Brock Lesnar was. We should of had Luger Vs Borga at Summerslam instead of Yokozuna.
  23. Why wait two years when Jomboy is on the case today?
  24. Starting to set up the epic shark vs gator main event I see. . . .seriously though, take care of yourself out there.
  25. I don't think the instinct was entirely wrong. Vince understood that the jingoistic '80s were giving way to the counter-culture '90s. The problem is that for whatever reasons (steroid trial distractions, the drop in domestic business scaring him into incremental action, having to wait until his TV partners were more open to that shift), he was really bad at reacting to that shift for the first half of the decade. It might be revisionist, but choosing Kevin Nash as his champion made a lot of sense from that perspective. He booked the guy into the ground, but again, the instinct was right.
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