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  2. Who really knows at this point. They might throw one on there last minute. Speaking of, not digging how many matches are getting announced so close to the PPV. They normally have things setup a little sooner. Like MJF vs Wardlow has had the proper build for sure. HOB vs DT getting tossed on last night seems haphazard. As does Bucks vs Hardys getting announced only a week out. And the TBS Title match out of blue for Anna Jay with zero TV matches since what that hardcore women's street fight? Hell the Women's Owen Finals won't be set until two days before the PPV. Not sure why the timing on this one seems so thrown together. I'm still expecting a good show. But wasn't the point of fewer PPVs to really announce in advance and advertise and give everything that old school important feel? That isn't happening here.
  3. Chase Hooper looked much better tonight. Njokuani gave a naaaaaaaaaaaasty elbow out of the clinch to put away Todorovic. Didn't look totally lost defending the wrestling either. Hoping this Ponzinibbio/Pereira is as awesome as it could be.
  4. Weird election in Australia overnight. Both major parties recorded lowest primary polls ever (for the third election running). First time in the nation's history our crossbench has recorded double figures (150 seats total). Huge amount of economic conservative, climate change independent female candidates have won inner city seats in Sydney and Melbourne that are either always been held by the right wing party of the country, or ousting senior members of cabinet and it wasn't even close. Meanwhile, Greens party won multiple seats for the first time, largely in really far-right agricultural/rural areas of Brisbane. Remains to be seen whether the Labor party govern in their outright or form a minority government with the "teal" independents or the Greens. Was not expecting this.
  5. Mission: Impossible DRP1 trailer leaked, and I guess Tom Cruise is driving the Lupin the Third car in this one? Looks good to me!
  6. At least Donaldson isn’t taking the “if he can say it, why can’t I?” approach Of course the context of what directly preceded the 2019 SI article might provide precedent if MLB suspends Donaldson for a game over this
  7. Yesterday
  8. ‘Look, we’ve only got ten so let’s just cut out all the basics and drop each other on our heads ok?’ Entertaining? Sure. Any good? Meh. On the upside the truncation meant it was probably less dangerous than my past experiences of watching Brooks nearly cripple himself or his opponent.
  9. Wow Saya won. Time to close this thread and give the award to Saya. Hooray.
  10. I liked going to Ask Jeeves because it made me feel sophisticated in Middle School.
  11. NSFW swears (and dumb kid being homophobic)
  12. Appreciating the seeming stokedness of the general audience. Don't make us tell you again!
  13. I just looked it up, because I was curious when they dropped the Jeeves portion. February 2006 - 16+ years ago. Man do I feel old.
  14. What the hell is the internet for if not to bitch about such things?
  15. Maybe it sucks that somebody's favorite isn't being booked right, but the general audience seems stoked so maybe folks should just appreciate that? They're popping crowds, selling merch, thriving - enjoy that for your favorites
  16. I think Shelton was one of the guys hurt by the MitB match being a thing early on because he became one of those guys that they had to slot into that match because he was important enough in their plans to have an actual angle going on but he was important enough not to leave out that match because the knew he could hit a Tom of crazy spots to keep the match exciting. Kinda like Kofi and Naomi are the their respective Rumbles. Like you no they aren't out there to win but you know they are going to do some off the wall spot.
  17. I feel like Tim Anderson takes offense to everything
  18. I didn't even think of that layer of Deeb joining, that Regal would commentate during those matches as well. That would be a real nice fringe benefit of the pairing. I'm surprised we haven't gotten more Mark Sterling on commentary during Jade/Nese matches with that being pointed out.
  19. If they don’t have a Casino Battle Royale I’m going to be a little upset. But I’m thinking the Owen Hart tournament replaces that, with the winners getting title shots eventually.
  20. Jade Cargill is a fucking STAR. I'd love to see an extended program between her and Statlander. #ladyhosswar Max Caster being Billy's favorite son is gonna be such a great little layer to that stable. BCC are #1 & the best. Please give them Serena Deeb so that Regal can speak for her and also comment on women's matches in general. It'd go a long way to helping the division.
  21. I'm so glad this got brought up because I no bullshit was just thinking about this the other day. The amount of talent that AEW has, they could easily put on a PPV every two months if they wanted to. Hell, they could do one every month if they really wanted to. But with that being said, the three months gives the perfect amount of time in my opinion to advance storylines without rush and allowing others to have a place on your show. If you do a PPV every month, you HAVE to have all those guys on pretty much every Dynamite - and that leaves less room for some of our favorites. Plus, they have kind of expanded the PPV to 5 with the Forbidden Door in June. That for me seems to be perfect; 4 of your own PPVs and then 1 supercard for the global promotions/NJPW/whoever else may dip their toes in the future. It makes the PPVs feel special as we only get one every three months and I appreciate that. Also, themed Dynamites are indeed the best. Jericho Cruise episode from a few years ago was so much fun, Grand Slam was a joy, give me more "unique environment" Dynamites and that's the formula.
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