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  2. I am still a "DDP wins it at Havoc" guy. I am loving Jericho in 1998, but I don't see him as a legit guy to beat Goldberg. On the other hand, the Diamond Cutter is a flash move that no one kicks out of and that Page can hit from any position...
  3. Yeah, I wanted more “Misawa & co. vs. Jumbo & Co. chaos” and less “let’s all do this same spot at the same time” trios action from that match.
  4. Normally I would agree on the indie card thing. But down this way most of the feds actually got stories behind almost every match. Helps that the major feds in MS run at least 12 times a year and most do 2 shows a month. Now Louisiana is loaded with feds that have dream match after dream match with little story.
  5. Tana needs to go full NJPW dad and start working tags only if he wants to keep going in the ring, maybe the occasional singles for special occasions
  6. Please provide examples of me saying this. You can’t
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-68433675 RIP Dave Myers, one half of the Hairy Bikers aged 66. Gutted. Fuck cancer.
  8. Alright. The game is done. Close enough to 100% to be happy with. Think I got all the bosses knocked out, save for maybe one or two I left in an unfinished catacomb. The game is too big. I really think they could have cut an entire continent's worth of content and they would have been better for it. There were separate moments in Liurnia, Altus and especially the snow areas where it felt like I was stuck in a loop. Just no need for all that copy & pasting. And the obtuseness of the sidequests and certain mechanics are still dumb but that's a problem Fromsoft doesn't want to ever fix so at this point it is what it is. The open world was a blessing and a curse. Being able to put a marker on the map and return to an area when you were ready is the difficulty solution the series has always been looking for, especially given how subjective any given area's difficulty can be depending on your build. But stumbling across a really cool area you missed only to find you're melting everything it in because you're 40 levels too high always stunk. Still a beyond brilliant game, but a notch below Bloodborne in my book. The endgame bosses were what I hoped they would be. Malenia was really fun, probably took me about two dozen tries. It was the only point in the game where I immediately realized I needed to re-spec (lord knows they give you enough Larval Tears). So I played the menu game and slowly started to figure out a buncha neat stuff, like how STR is a way better stat than DEX or how really really good the Brass Shield is, or how I'd been sleeping on the Comet and Gravity Well spells for the whole game (not that they helped with Malenia) or how abusable the infinite FP physik is. After having gone 80 hours basing my game around the Death's Poker ashes and sorcery I would up dropping proper weapons completely and beat the endgame bosses right-handing my Lusat's Scepter like a goof while hiding behind a Brass Shield with the very good Barricade Shield ashes. The run where I beat her was a trainwreck. Popped a crab but completely forgot to Rune Arc or anything else. Tische got wiped out Phase 1 and I completely botched my big Comet Azur Phase 2 opening purely out of unfamiliarity with its icon. But the stuff that worked continued to work, which was staying at medium range to keep her offensive AI indecisive, shielding through one part of Waterfowl before dodging towards her, and a nonstop barrage of fully-charged Spiral Shard with Godfrey's Icon buffing them. I probably only saw her second phase less than 10 times and I wish I could get back in there and fight her again and again. Elden Beast was all about loading way up on Holy Damage negation through buffs, equip and the Erdtree Shield. I hadn't crafted a liver the entire game but those Holyproof Livers were crucial. Once again I didn't even bother with a proper weapon. Comet for Radagon, Spiral and Loretta's Mastery for the big stardog. Spacing, spacing, spacing. Learning when to shield. Rolling into the big sword projectiles. Fully charged everything. Eating crab, hon.
  9. I was thinking more along the lines of Denny's but WH works too.
  10. Today
  11. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=x-c-_4DCSKA&t=4s WWE's added a History of Hollywood Rock. Hollywood Rock is the best Rock.
  12. https://www.f4wonline.com/news/new-japan/njpw-postpones-global-title-match-due-to-hiroshi-tanahashi-injury Father time, man.
  13. I love Hiroshi Tanahashi too, he's in my top ten Greatest Wrestlers of All Time but it's sad seeing him like this.
  14. Gearbox is likely to be another one. EDIT: The announcement is expected in March, and they aren’t going independent again. The three options that Randy Pitchford told employees about was stay with Embracer, finance a buyout to go indie again, or sell to someone else.
  15. Guardian Games returns next week Introduces a new "vehicle" - the Skimmer (which is basically just a hover board). It goes in the Sparrow slot The are overhauling how it will be determined which class wins
  16. Ha I didn't mean it derisively, I just couldn't think of a more concise way to be like, "You guys know the Chucky T/Liger butthole conga line gif from like ten years ago? Like that"
  17. Figure this is the first in a few developers that are gonna get sold off now
  18. Nope, amazingly Cash has only had three AEW singles matches, all losses: Jay Lethal, Jeff Cobb and Dax himself during the Owen qualifiers
  19. Yeah, I don't think every FTR match needs to be a 30+ minute SERIOUS WRESTLING VERY IMPORTANT MATCH. Their AEW run feels like an overcorrection of the ass cream and jester outfits stuff. Also, I will brook no criticism of my beloved and sadly defunct Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. We are now enemies. Good day sir.
  20. To be clear, it was a reference to your repeated posting about how you’re going to stop watching aew, and then don’t but continue to complain. I welcome discussion, but the negative generalizations are missing that perspective you speak of. All that said, grateful for your courteous closing. I suspect we could very likely have a nice chat about wrestling in person where we would find lots in common. Godspeed fellow Torontonian.
  21. I had that thought too, way back when they first announced it - my thinking was, even if Sting doesn't have enough left in the tank for a singles match, Darby might be a light enough guy that Sting could play the hits both safely, and without getting too blown up. That said, the Bucks aren't exactly Bear Boulder so it wouldn't surprise me if there was a similar thought process at least partially in play, here. Also: don't ask me why, but after the ceiling entrance last night, I've got a weird premonition the Bucks are gonna come out to Voodoo Child or the stock nWo music at the PPV. They're only a few years older than me, and celebrate that era of Sting/WCW hugely. It would be interesting as a low-key nod to '97 being 'another wrong righted' - similarly to what Darby wrote in Players Tribune about Sting's forced 1st retirement having been corrected by ending this run on his terms.
  22. Went a couple hours into Rebirth, and this game is great so far. I have to respect that the path they went for explaining why all materia, items, gear, levels were reset is... well, fuck you, we're just doing it and hand waving it, that's how.
  23. I'll agree with this, particularly the dumb ass "do-si-do" spot. It's funny, they have the whole southern throwback tag thing going, but the second you put those guys into any kind of trios situation, you get a couple of those too-cute, PWG-esque moments. (Though I'm sure the Fantastics or another old school team escaping me probably did something similar as well - I said PWG before but I see the Memphis in it too) On the flip side of the coin: one of my biggest gripes with their whole presentation at times can be the overly-serious nature (particularly Dax's promos, which we've discussed ad nausem) - I don't think it's the worst thing in the world for FTR to show a more lighthearted side in these kind of TV affairs once in a while, I just think it would've worked better/been more enjoyable as a standalone piece with (let's say) Best Friends or the Assboys on a Friday Rampage, as opposed to a PPV go home where they're across from the team they'll be in with on Sunday. From a story perspective, you'd wanna see those guys on BCC like Hanger was on Swerve, right?
  24. Eh, I put it under a spoiler. It's not THAT sleazy (the movie is probably way worse) but you never know. Plus the picture is enormous.
  25. Far more true for Dax than Cash, I thought. Especially when Cash was in there with Mox. Cash wrestles like a guy about to be in a road rage incident.
  26. I’m usually big on FTR but last night was one of those times where you could see everything being a performance rather than a fight.
  27. I want to clarify that when I said there needs to be increased shorter matches I definitely was not calling for a return of crash TV style where ever match ends with some bs. More give a variety of how matches both progress and end. More clear differences in hierarchy would be very good. If Mox runs through lower guys in 5 minutes it will mean more when one of those lower guys goes 10 with him. I feel like Tony Kahn is trying to meld North America TV wrestling with old school ROH match making and Japan roster hierarchy and it’s not perfect and I’m not sure if it will ever properly integrate
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