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  2. You should read this. Now. If this doesn't get multiple sports reporting awards, I don't know what to tell you. It is a prime detail on what goes into making a top athlete, and most crucially, what happens when one's body says "no more". Joe may be eclipsed in the current-day GOAT talk, but this is a great article that goes deep into what makes him tick, and what keeps his aching body getting out of bed in the morning. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/35604915/49ers-legend-joe-montana-reflects-legacy-ahead-super-bowl
  3. Bob Layton tweeted pictures from the premiere, so nice they are showing some love to creators, even if they aren’t getting paid properly.
  4. That then Jacy kicking Gigi Right in the Face!
  5. Time for some Superstar Saga, a lovely reminder of the days when Nintendo used to make Mario-themed RPGs.
  6. Zoey Stark vs Sol Ruca- NXT Big Rig Betty/ Haley Swag vs Miami Sweet Heat- WOW JD McDonagh vs Carmelo Hayes- NXT Elton Prince/ Kit Wilson vs Andre Chase/ Duke Hudson- NXT
  7. I like that Nintendo does the "available today!" gimmick, first with the Game Boy and Game Boy Advance, and then with the Metroid Prime: Remaster.
  8. Twitter's dead! No, really, you can't log in to Tweetdeck and everyone's got a 1 tweet daily limit or something.
  9. Slim J Vs Mascara Dorada was a really good cruiserweight style match. Everyone should give it a watch.
  10. Finally, Game Boy on NSO. Apparently, Nintendo's not putting out any new games that I give a fuck about (at least so far in this Direct), so I'll take this and be happy. EDIT: Ooh, and GBA!
  11. Shit, my PC version is off GamePass, so I'll check MS Store.
  12. According to Reddit, Joe West has been editing his own Wikipedia page to "correct lies".
  13. I'm not gonna lie, I wish that Dead Cells Castlevania DLC wasn't Switch Exclusive.
  14. Today
  15. Based on the news with Disney today, I think we can safely rule out Disney buying WWE.
  16. I've heard the really light "working handshake" was a kayfabe way to let people know you where in the know with out saying it. Cornette has said how annoying he finds it that everyone has to shake his hand
  17. Athletic is reporting the Lakers, Jazz, and T-wolves are working on a deal that would send: D'Angelo Russell to LA Russ and a 1 to Utah Mike Conley to Minnesota
  18. Since this is specific to Super Bowl coverage
  19. They need to contact the developers and do some synergy.
  20. The greatest 5 man Survivor Series team that never was
  21. Has there been a bigger apparent discrepancy between “smart fans” and “casual fans” than reaction to the Cody or Sami debate?
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