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  2. All fictional creations. Unfortunately that seems to be the case for people using the easy mod installation trick. So yeah, you gotta open tabs up for all the craft pieces then install the edit. Just make sure you have the game open and install them through the mod window so you don't get duplicates.
  3. I love New Jack despite his flaws. What an incredible talent. Loved watching him beat dudes up with shit and jump off tall places, but it was the promos I'll remember the most. So many classics and he could do the over the top race baiting and the gangsta stuff, but the best were the serious promos. Any which way he could and did. RIP to the realest. I've spent the last half hour scrolling twitter drinking in all the memories (and thanks to those that have added theirs here!) and shooting the shit with my friends about how legendary this dude forever will be. Here's hoping he went out at
  4. I changed my sig. It is now INHOUSE! EDIT: That was strange.
  5. AEW's crowds were a massive part of the early magic and while I'd like to say I cannot fucking wait for them to be back, I absolutely can and should wait for them to come back when it's safe and it really doesn't seem to be the case. Whatever. They're just one of many companies fucking this shit up at this point.
  6. I distinctly recall Ric Flair in an early 1986 TBS studio promo refer to him as my great cousin, Arnold Anderson...might have been the one where he came out to The Wanderer...
  7. It's all a little scattershot since I'm sourcing footage from a few different places and not exactly how I want it. Plus, between us, I'm starting almost every run with a ten minute mile now, which is totally kicking my butt and making things a blur. I got up to 12 minutes of 6 mph (at 3.5 altitude, always at 3.5 altitude). But let's see what we've got. 1/11/90: Takano/Yatsu vs Abby/Koloff: Ok, look, Abby is really good. He's got incredible timing, some of the best in wrestling history. He has a way of just being present within a match where things don't go exactly as you'd expect ag
  8. I've only gotten it while trying to visit this very thread. Edit: Dean, I think it's actually the image in your .sig that's the problem. I get the warning when I visit any thread you've posted it, as well as when I try to open that image in a new tab. Edit again: And shortly after I posted that, the warning seems to have disappeared entirely.
  9. My New Jack memory circa 2003 in the VHS tape trading days...he wanted his TNA footage from when he had a short program with Shark Boy and doing that Hard 10 Tourney with Sandman. He said we could trade footage. I knew he was lying, sent it anyways, and lo and behold he never sent his. OGs don’t trade...they take. Alas.
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  11. Same here. It's not like he was one of my favorite wrestlers or anything but I actually got to meet him. ECW used to run the War Memorial in Ft. Lauderdale a ton when I was in college. I remember going to a show in 98 or 99 and after his match, he was just hanging out by the bleachers drinking a beer and watching the other matches. My buddy and I used our fake Ids to buy some beer and got him one too. We sat there drinking a beer with him during a match and just shooting the shit for a few minutes. We didn't want to hog his time because we could see he was kind of relaxing so we gave him his b
  12. In a pro wrestling world of derivatives, New Jack was the very rare true original
  13. I vividly recall a comment from Cody during the media scrum for I believe the first double or nothing. Somehow race came up and Cody told the anecdote that early in his relationship with Brandi they talked about it and Cody said that he’s colorblind, and Brandi said that means you don’t see me or my experiences, and that really opened his mind up. This really resonated with me, as a white dude with a black wife and two biracial kids. I’ve always considered myself to be extremely liberal, but my relationship with my now wife opened my eyes to so many things I had never fully considered. It wasn
  14. Must be something in the blood sucking freaks thread because that's where I'm getting it.
  15. I saw someone say this on reddit and im going to brazenly steal it: if we didn't have video, I wouldn't believe New Jack was real
  16. New Jack is the definitive real one. All-time great promo and a legitimate badass. A true entertainer and frightening human being.
  17. Last night Jack from World/Inferno died. I was sad. Now Jack died, and I'm mad. Fuck. I'm gonna go get in the car and yell awhile.
  18. I have a softspot for Homeless Jimmy myself. That extends to hobo characters in general, in all forms of media. I think that comes from a childhood fascination with Emmet Kelly. In college I was friendly with a guy who wrestled for PWO in Cleveland whose gimmick was Hobo Joe. And of course I'm a big backer of Vince's hobo army. EDIT: In fact, I almost wonder if he posts here. @hobo joeare you a former Falcon?
  19. That implies the rankings should be commensurate with how highly pushed a wrestler is. That's certainly a reasonable starting place, but IMO it's too restrictive to be a hard and fast rule. It also would sometimes violate the logical consistency you're pushing for - I mean, MJF is clearly still one of the most pushed and protected wrestlers on the roster, but as far as I can tell from a Google search he hasn't wrestled a singles match in 2021. Ranking him commensurate to his actual status would mean putting him in the top five with a 0-0 record, which would look ridiculous. So why bother?
  20. Yesterday
  21. RIP New Jack. “Natural Born Killers” just hit, and shit just got real wherever you have passed on to.
  22. You don't take the last name Anderson without trying to draw that connotation. According to Wikipedia, he began using the Anderson name when he began training at the NJ LA Dojo and was using the Spinebuster as a finisher during that time. Interestingly, Karl Anderson still used his real name Chad Allegra as ring name in his home promotion NWF in Ohio as late as 2013 (at least according to cagematch). Of course if your real last name is Anderson, you might use that name without any hints of being related to Ole, Arn and Gene. I mean Mr. Kennedy would have been a horrible Anderson. It was a
  23. Didn't we see Arn's son in a Dynamite crowd recently?
  24. Because I've got this big red warning sign in my browser window saying hackers are trying to get my bank details from here.
  25. Maybe this should be in the hot takes, but more likely there should be a new thread "Things That Were Garbage Save For This One Shining Factor" (too lazy to start) - I don't think about XPW too much, but I am still amazed at how bad it was. I mean, if they tried to make it bad, they could not have done worse. There was more quality fun in GWF or (shudder) AWF. BUT------ Damn, I like me some Homeless Jimmy - good name, good gimmick (Spike Dudley manque'), fun worker, good entrance, very of the times. - RAF p.s. - bad finisher name: the Homeless Slam. C'mon, off the point of
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