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  1. surely there's some other wealthy, oppressive dictatorship they can get in bed with.
  2. he wasn't released, his contract expired and they couldn't come to terms for a new one.
  3. I'd rather trade MJF for Charlie Dempsey
  4. They also sort of have a built-in angle with WIllow facing Jade twice previously, with the second match actually having her get more in on Jade. There is also the Willow-Red Velvet match which was Willow's break-out match and where Red turned heel after the crowd turned on her during the match. She was with the Baddies within the next week or two.
  5. But is he going to be a fighting champion like Mox or OC, or is he going to continue to insist on being a special attraction who only defends every 6-8 weeks (assuming PPVs and specials like Winter is Coming). I can count on two hands the number of MJF matches I've seen in the 15 months I've been watching and still have enough fingers left to hold something.
  6. When I went to see if the Austin AEW tickets had gone down in price yet (they have not), I saw that most of the floor and lower mezzanine seats had been sold, but some significant portions of the upper deck (the $32 seats) were unsold and it looks like at least three areas of the upper deck on the off-camera side of the ring aren't even being opened up.
  7. MJF's belt cracks me up because it's very in character with a try-hard who mistakes name brands and gold with actual class.
  8. I was noticing that, it looked like he was getting pissed at MJF and I honestly expected him to do the sucker punch and then say something like "that's not why I did what I did. You'll never get it".
  9. Feels like this needs the Price is Right loser music.
  10. Mox talking was good, the brawl with Page was great and has me excited for a hot angle. Bryan-Dax was as good as everyone expected, incredibly enjoyable and stiff AF. Joe-Fox was fun, my wife was impressed by Fox doing the flip over the top rope onto the floor landing on his feet (with a somersault, which is understandable on a hard surface). Some nice back and forth, Fox did some sick bumps for Joe and Joe sold Fox’s kicks and was a great base. The Joe playing possum moment was great. I liked Willow-Anna, mostly because I like Willow and I especially like it when she gets to go from Willow Banner to the Hulk. Anna is at her best with her sports entertainment mannerisms, but she had some good moves. Post-match was fun because I had totally forgotten about Ruby Soho, glad she got a home state pop and hopefully they have something good in store for her. Trios match was a mixed bag. Start had a decent brawl and some big spots. Then it devolved into a sloppy repeat of their typical match. Then we had the whole hammer nonsense. Then they traded bombs. I’m over this already. Free Rey Fenix. The rest was pretty shite. MJF just sucks and it took them 2 weeks to make the angle utterly confusing and nonsensical. Also I hate shooty stuff. And then there was Jade, possibly even worse than MJF. She is lost on the mic at this point, and they have no clue what to do with her. Audible groans at the Bow Wow stuff. Red should have shoot turned on her just to make it interesting. Ricky Starks deserves something better than this.
  11. Austin Dynamite looks even worse.
  12. And while they kind of always dance like goofs, it really stands out when they’re walking around the ring for the instrumental part and quiet part before finally getting to the 2nd chorus
  13. Let Danielson crush MJF and then let Kingston finish him and then tell Max his contract is void and he’s free to chase greener grass.
  14. I got bored, my wife got bored and noticed the crowd was dying, i fast-forwarded for 5 fucking minutes and then he attacks Regal which was burying the lede big time. I’m telling y’all, Max is a 3rd rate long winded troll on the mic.
  15. I think the only one he's had this year was against Dax in a tournament?
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