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  1. They've got Walsh at 1B and Ohtani at DH. There just isn't a spot for him anymore.
  2. Shohei Ohtani has hit more home runs than runs that've been scored on him as a pitcher.
  3. Arn and Tully were called the Brainbusters because they worked for Bobby Heenan, not really because of the move.
  4. If Ian is an example of the Jedi, I'm more in support of Order 66.
  5. If Tessa wants redemption, she can go work for NWA. Evander is the John Stockton of boxing. Dirty, but good at hiding it.
  6. Jamal Igle wrote an excellent pitch in a twitter thread for FF:
  7. Is that Will Ospreay's Grindr ad?
  8. With today's announcement, there are now 2 1/2 casts. hosted by both Jonah and Emily seperately, and if there's enough put in, Joel will host 1-2 episodes. There's also the standard invite to the Mads & Rifftrax crews.
  9. Is that Edith Surreal (fka Still Life With Apricots and Pears) being dropkicked?
  10. There's a new cast. The road show cast is going to be the new on-screen cast. Emily Marsh will be the new host. Connor McGiffin will be Servo, Nate Begle will be Crow, and Yvonne Freese will be GPC and the newish mad, Mega-Synthia (a clone of Pearl Forrester combined with Synthia, who herself was a botched clone of Pearl made to keep Kinga company.)
  11. That was suit Cody, who is distinctly different from t-shirt Cody, who loves Fuego.
  12. The Nightmare Family needs Alabama's Best Luchador, Fuego del Sol.
  13. He sure is Dusty's son.
  14. It was NJ sniffing around him that caused WWE to finally sign Riddle.
  15. Damn, I was in a wikihole last night reading up about Meat and Steinman, too.
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