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  1. Mox is facing the Good Brothers with a mystery partner (who isn't Shota Umino, who has been pulled off the card).
  2. And she was willing to renegotiate the contract, but Disney refused. They breached it instead.
  3. Neil Gaiman has already ruled himself out for being the new showrunner. Besides already being busy with Sandman, Good Omens season 2, and Anansi Boys, he'd rather just write an episode rather than run it all.
  4. If there's a Chuze in your area, they often have racks, in my experience.
  5. For those who have missed it, Bloom County's most recent storyline has been a crossover with Calvin & Hobbes.
  6. EA is giving away the extras from ME2 and ME3's bonus content temporarily.
  7. Yup. Zendaya said she only shot for 4 days.
  8. I mean, it absolutely deserves shaming.
  9. CONTRA was a lot better when they had a lot fewer guys.
  10. Canyon Ceman will no longer be calling talent to release them, as he has been released, according to Fightful.
  11. Jordynne Grace apparently set state and national powerlifting records at 165 lbs.
  12. Barry Gibb literally has one of the most iconic voices in the world. I'm honestly surprised at Grohl's range in this.
  13. In the same promo, he drops Fleetwood Mac, Warren Zevon, and the Grateful Dead's name as well.
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