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  1. Besides halting everything for the X Lives/Deaths of Wolverine, it looks like they're ending Marauders and Way of X as well. New Mutants is continuing.
  2. Tag him with Chuck Taylor. They've been in stables together before.
  3. Fewer male fans. Male fandom is inherently toxic.
  4. "The Suzuki Incident" has been trending on Twitter. A worldwide response to AEW cutting off "Kaze Ni Nare".
  5. The roles were reversed in TNA. This was during the Dr. Stevie gimmick, where he was a psychologist. This time, Raven was more the minion.
  6. The Gong Show was a variety show competition. They debuted a number of wacky acts including Richard Elfman's Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo. Rick would later leave the group to his more musically inclined brother, which would give us this.
  7. Allegedly, it was a heroin overdose.
  8. I really appreciate the "You're gonna get your fuckin' head kicked in" chant.
  9. They also could've been pulling from outtakes. Kurt's a Disney lifer anyways.
  10. Lake Bell does a really good Scarlett Johansson.
  11. He's facing Fred Rosser and tagging with Lance Archer against Tom Lawlor and Royce Isaacs for NJPW Strong.
  12. Kross also looks like Dollar Store Rellik.
  13. Charlie had already left the tour weeks ago, so they were at least intending to finish that without him.
  14. By making his run to the main event be as a heel.
  15. And frankly, AEW deserves more blame than he does anyways. They're the ones who aired the footage.
  16. Perhaps, but their ankles don't bend sideways simply walking to the ring.
  17. It makes sense. Isn't Lewinsky actually involved in the production?
  18. Do an Exiles show. I absolutely wanted more of Captain Peggy and the Iron Steve.
  19. Dave did. Jake was let go because they didn't have anything for him as a single.
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