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  1. I'd generally wait until George Michael Sports Machine was broadcast at 11:30 pm Sunday nights. They'd generally give results of the PPV. In the late 90s, I found out that if switch back and forth between the PPV and a previous channel enough, the PPV would broadcast. My intro, BTW was the rebroadcast of WM2 on Showtime. I was all about Steamboat initially.
  2. I've just got Arrival in ME2 left. I may give it a shot myself.
  3. They're already using Gwen for Spiderverse.
  4. Dori Prange, the former Ruby Riott/Heidi Lovelace was just gifted the name of Ruby Soho by Rancid's Lars Frederiksen.
  5. Karrion Kross is 2021 Marc Mero.
  6. The spiked drink is in the bottom floor of Afterlife on Omega with the Batarian bartender.
  7. Let's be honest. All the Harts are insane.
  8. I thought that was common knowledge.
  9. George Clooney was near suicidal from a back injury he got in Syriana.
  10. I expect Fuego to finally win his way into the Nightmare Family on Sammy's vlog, so he can tag with his "dad", Dustin.
  11. I hope there's more Eugene Cordero.
  12. "Hi, welcome to the crew. I killed your mom. Wanna bang?"
  13. 1 million credits to start with was too much. I still have 500k before hitting Tuchunka after buying everything except fish.
  14. I had maxed out at 9999999. So I got a cool million credits for ME2. I've bought everything off Omega, the Citadel, and Ilium, and I still have half of it left.
  15. I was literally the first person on this board on the Samoa Joe bandwagon. Impact will treat him like a legend, and have openings for him in NJ and AEW if he wanted to. And if he isn't able to go anymore, he'd be excellent for commentary.
  16. Where I'd like to see people go: AEW: Heidi Lovelace, CJ Perry, Tommy End, Thea Trinidad NWA: Mickie James Impact: Jessie McKay, Cassie Lee, Samoa Joe, Chelsea Green NJPW: Andrade, Bryan Danielson, Buddy Murphy
  17. Even if you don't gutshoot Ashley, you can tell her afterwards to fuck off to Hackett.
  18. Brooke Havoc's second pro wrestling match was on AEW Dark.
  19. Somebody uploaded some bay area public access shows from the mid 80s, which includes Faith No More back when Courtney Love was their lead singer.
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