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  1. Or she gets pregnant and takes enough time off for whomever is running the company at that point to cool off on her future.
  2. Is that supposed to be in motion or does it have 5 guns?
  3. One of the guys at work has seemingly been watching Dexter over and over again for years now, it seems.
  4. That will give everyone time to remember how the last issue ended.
  5. Plata, brother of Oro and who was later Oro II, passed away a few days ago at the age of 60 from a heart attack.
  6. The re-revalution of the wheat/chaff ratio in the Attitude Era has been valuable for wrestling history.
  7. I don't know if "stable wars" is something about which to look fondly, as least considering who were involved (NOD, DOA, Los Boricuas).
  8. Given the company's track record of stupid storylines, being booked in title feuds is at least not like fighting over shampoo commercials or worse, sexist stuff like fighting over who is "dating" who (be they straight or gay).
  9. I saw someone mention that changes they made for the Switch controls, but don’t remember the details.
  10. Of course, Phil was a jerk long before he went to work for Vince. who knows what Ashley was like before she became Charlotte? (To bring back the Frankenstein’s monster from a couple pages ago)
  11. I checked the pre order on the switch and at least so far, it's all or nothing, even though you can look at each one individually.
  12. Surprised TK has not gotten them on CN or Boomerang yet.
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