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  1. Yesterday was the 35th anniversary of TNG. Tomorrow is the 40th a niversary of Cheers. So very old.
  2. Stupid lists doing stupid things.
  3. Wasn't the biggest disservice putting him in sweaters and rrying to make him likable?
  4. Too bad he missed his chance to be in a stable with the Harris Twins.
  5. I was about to post how polarizing the reviews seem to be for it. Haven't watched it yet personally, but hoping to like it.
  6. I recall the Observer at the time had endless speculation on who the Knights would be.
  7. Seen a bunch of stories where Feige discussed the decision not to recast Black Panther. Basically "too soon."
  8. Don’t be silly. TK would never release Dave and Bryan. They’re too valuable.
  9. Hard to see him as anything but a face after a year plus of being a lovable dork playing Uno.
  10. Hotel New Hampshire - proto Wes Anderson but not as good. All I remember about is Nastassja Kinski in the bear suit.
  11. Memphis TV from 11/14/87 with an eight man tag with the Midnight Rockers and Bad Company on the same team.
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