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  1. Ray Hudson left BeIn Sports. Folowing La Liga to the Mouse?
  2. Apparently stories going around Alexa asked for her release after Bray was let go.
  3. JC talks about his meetings with ZZ Top over the years, and also meeting the Black Crowes when they opened for ZZ Top
  4. He wants Marvin out of his garage before his wife gets home.
  5. I think i need to finish the biotic combo and lift an enemy achievements. I never seem to use Lift, Pull or Slam with a Biotic that often. With Liara, its usually either Warp or Singularity. for the record, i left my soul mate Garrrus at London HQ and rolled with Tali and Liara to get to the transport beam. i also stupidly let the Illusive Man shoot Anderson, because i forgot what happened if you dont choose the renegade option. I did shoot him in the second promot.
  6. Finished up today. As usual, chose SYNTHESIS. looking at my achievements, managged somehiw to get 0 mail slots. But i was mainly using the particle rifle and shotgun. Maybe try to rectify with the post finale save, althoughi have no missions left to do.
  7. August Under the Stars time https://summer.tcm.com/
  8. It could have tied into Cody's weird post-racial angle with Gogo [sic].
  9. After that, TK can bring in Baby Doll to show Cody what was in the envelope.
  10. Yeah. It was first and prob most obvious example of a fanbase not wanting a particular worker in their home promotion. But extenuating circumstances
  11. In case TK still reads the board, he can splash the cash and finally reveal the mastermind behind the Family was Kevin Sullivan. He ticks all the boxes for the legends on his payroll.
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