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  1. Well, the Prmier League just announced they were rolling over their domestic broadcast deal, for fear of the kind of rights reduction that happened in Germany and France. I presume the ESPN deal is that big because its both English and Spanish language packages.
  2. I think its actually the opposite of a hot take, unless you work in Stamford.
  3. I think my Shepherd from 1 was different than 2 and 3 (a lady both times). Bit who can remember?
  4. If they can keep Haaland and Sancho for another year, they should be able to stay competitive with the top of the league.
  5. At least 4 months of 1988 Memphis was posted to YouTube this morning.
  6. I added Fang today to replace Doc, who just left. Still can't get rid of Eunice.
  7. How about a tennis racket with a horseshoe inside the cover?
  8. I'm not sure if I have any real duplicates. I stupidly bought a fake yesterday I thought was real.
  9. It was also because he needed some kind of weapon for crowd control and Jimmy Hart already had a cane in Memphis.
  10. I had to look and see if this was time shifted and it appears not. It's also black and white and the first Coen Brothers movie only done by one of the two and not both.
  11. While certainly hypocritical, it is interesting to listen to him explain the rationalization and internal logic in differentiating between the two. using things that “normally” be at ringside are okay, like chairs, the ring bell, etc. things outside the diegesis, like thumb tacks, are not. Some foreign objects are okay, some are not.
  12. Ron mentioned on the Studcast they did a “winner gets to return” match between two guys that had both lost loser leave town matches.
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