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  1. It's the smart decision on his end. I don't think 2 years making insane money and then moving to RM when you're 25 is that bad an idea for him. I don't think Florentino is not going to sign him for ever.
  2. Wouldn't you pull their merch to make it more believable if it was actually an angle? I know it's not, but if it was, ...
  3. There are those that think the heel owner gimmick helped run off fans over the last 20 years.
  4. Having zipped thru it, it was fine, but, maybe too cynical for the material. Some of the references were clever. I don't have the same childhood nostalgia, though, as Matt and others.
  5. Since I haven't watched any of the trailers, it was a surprise to me. And yes, middle aged Jennifer Connelly is still in the "settle down" category.
  6. Are we discussing Chip n Dale here? One of my friends said he was shocked by some of the non Disney cameos.
  7. I just learned 50 year old Jennifer Connelly is the love interest in that movie.
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