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  1. I don't think my Shep is OP, but I have magaged to create some tandems that are crazy good against certain enemies. Javik and Liara practically melted the Brutes and Banshees during the Sanctuary fights. They have been my Reaper Killer team for a while now.
  2. Joe Gacy's ring jacket with the Slender Man symbols on the shoulders may be my favorite piece of ring attire.
  3. I know, but I think the other covers thread is too deep to resurrect.
  4. To its credit, AEW did not censor Castor's rap despite the tacky content. Folks do not go to YouTube for bleeped content. Heels won the match, but VBs stood tall after whopping the Acclaimed out of the ring. Match is in the books, now we can all move on.
  5. Whose ass did Bioware kiss to get Andromeda placed on the Microsoft Rewards Top 10 list?
  6. Ontarom (nearly forgot about the fucking Cerberus codes....) and Horizon / Sanctuaryare a wrap and went to enjoy Chapter One of the Drunk Tali Chronicles. The ME3 Locust is a shit SMG. Why wait until the ass end of the game to hand it out? Gonna watch NXT on TV in about an hour or so and maybe check out the AEW stream on YouTube at the same time. I'll start Citadel tomorrow.
  7. Those guys have clan support and extended player support because they are Tubers so they have probably done everything that is worthwhile to do this season.
  8. You do know that the Cane Dewey sign was some wrong shit regardless of how great of a ring heel that Foley was, right? Pro wrestling is patently offensive so that we can all make fun of the shit together and maybe have some not quite so uncomfortable conversations about the stuff. This is pro wrestling's highest calling and I fully support crazy ass and horribly stereotypical wrestling tropes like the International Hierarchy of Headbutting with Samoans and Pacific Islanders at the apex. However, we're just coming around to properly treating mental illness as something that deserves concern and treatment rather than ridicule and ostracization. Jokes in poor taste about mental illnesss just set us all back and those jokes are always funny until its someone you know or love that is the fucking punch line. My dad suffered from dementia for years before he died so yeah, not cool. Max Caster can take his Simone Biles verse, write it on a tiny sheet of paper, roll it up really tight, and shove it up his ass.
  9. Brack wasn't in charge of the whole thing, but he pretty much carried WoW on his back when he was WoW Executive Producer and head of WoW creative. He's been leadership through a lot of important shit and it's no secret that he got tapped to lead because WoW was ActiBizz's most important cash cow until Overwatch was released. Brack and Alex Afrasiabi have been problematic figures in ActiBlizz's recent history. I wasn't sad to see Afrasiabi get shitcanned and I weep dry tears for the loss of Brack.
  10. See? I am perfectly cool with some stuff and well aware that pro wrestling is occasionally at its comedic best when it is being patently offensive (Val Venis; wrestling porn star, HARD GAY Razor Ramon, Shawn Daivari working an evil Arab gimmick complete with a flying carpet assisted top rope splash finisher, Redd Dogg's White Boy Beatdown Challenge), but there are some subjects that are best left alone... Julia Hart may be a worker, but she's still a kid. Can we keep the jokes about her girl parts non existent for the time being. And can we never ever again ridicule someone suffering with mental health issues?
  11. Not a thing if the punchline is Missy Hyatt. I'll show myself to the out door.
  12. But he has not figured out the difference between ring heat and X-Pac heat, has he? Neither has MJF. There is a difference between heat that sells tickets and heat that pisses people off and gets your rental car tires slashed. And then he gets into the ring and rag dolls guys like Darby and Dante Martin. Miro is awesome because he backs up his heel promos with merciless assbeatings.
  13. Why is it that Miro can cut amazing heel promos with barely any tasteless references other than the flexibility of the woman he's married to, without sounding like a total jerkass like Max Caster or MJF?
  14. *listens to the last verse dissing Julia Hart's feminine hygiene* Really, dude?
  15. Real heels know how to get themselves over without relying on too soon hip hop edgelord bullshit like this. It is the cheapest of heat.
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