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  1. If he does not wear the codpiece I will boycott.
  2. Austin Butler, the actor in the titular role of Baz Lurhmann's Elvis biopic, will play Feyd-Ruatha in Denis Villeneuve's Dune, Part 2, and Dune, Part 3. He will be perfect.
  3. Hey! I totally forgot that Firestarter starts this weekend in theaters and also on Peacock! The reviews are really bad, but who really cares if you're watching on Peacock for zero dollars?
  4. Yeah, my kid will be 20 in December. She has moved on to better things.... like Hatching. She's home from college for the summer and we're going to see Dr. Strange on Sunday to celebrate the end of her Freshman year. As far as our summer blockbuster schedule goes, I think she is more excited about me taking her to see Nope than she is about Thor: Love & Thunder.
  5. Damn. I was really good at Rift. Happy to see the old school changes to IB and to Control. Especially Control since maybe it will lead to people actually playing the objective. I also see that they allowed rezzing in Rift as well as diabled points scored via killing enemy players, so maybe people will actually play the objective here as well. The change to Elimination makes sense, but a 10-minute time limit for Rumble seems too long. Eight minutes can feel like an eternity when you are ahead and trying to nurse a lead, so ten just sounds crazy. A lot can happen in the last minute of a Rumble match when dudes are trying to make the podium.
  6. I just want him to use inappropriate language again and gift overpowered weapons to me when I complete his missions. Yusuf and his father are the best characters in the game that are not named Trevor Phillips. Yusuf's father knows his son is a fuck up and won't survive in whatever ultra-conservative GTA Middle-Eastern country they are from, so he sends Yusuf to the states where his hedonism isn't so much of a detriment. The thing is that he still wants to teach Yusuf responsibility and the value of work, so he puts him in charge of the construction business. Yusuf, to his credit, is self-conscious and knows he's a fuck-up, but he still wants his father to be proud of him. So despite being totally inept, he struggles with the construction business as best he can in the hope that he can prove to his father that he is worthy of respect. It is as close to a functional relationship as you will get in this fucking franchise.
  7. If Walken can deliver lines like "Bring in that floating fat man," with the same growl as Gabriel's lines in The Prophecy, then everything will be all good. With Florence Pugh cast as Princess Irulan and Walken as Shaddam, there is no doubt that Irulan got her good looks from her mom.
  8. I hate it. The recent Welcome to Raccoon City movie had more Resident Evil in it than this abomination.
  9. This extension of GTA Online's shelf life is totally delaying my dream of the return of Yusuf Ali to GTA6 and creating a gambling empire to launder my drug smuggling earnings in Vice City. I am old. Hurry up and make this fucking game before I die.
  10. Disappointing but not terribly surprising. Delay is a godsend for those who still have to work through their current Pile of Shame. I still need to get through one clean playthrough of 2077 now that it is allegedly fixed. We will all be dead by the time Star Citizen gets a proper release, so hopefully Starfield will come out in time to scratch that itch.
  11. Guilty as charged. If you don't want to hear me eating my Sweet Spicy Chili Doritos, mute my fucking mic.
  12. Just a reminder that the limited release for The Innocents begins tomorrow. Sadly, it does not look like it is playing in the 804. I'll have to check AMC+ or another streaming service. It's not even playing at the weird release theaters near me that show the first run foreign films. Rebecca Hall caried that movie on back. The premise was weird and I was happy that the movie elected to stay away from the potential Magical Negro situation and have her character figure out the weirdness on her own. I think that it was about 50 / 50 as far as what was going on in her head vs. what was actually happening. You have to think that her character wasn't so imaginative or creative that she dreamed up that elaborate plot about her husband on her own. Some of those events, including the preternatural ones, had to be "real," but certainly her struggle with grief and depression was central to the plot. The Night House was a kinder, gentler Hereditary.
  13. If you have no mods, the Cultists from Dragonborn usually hit you around 14th level or so. Around that time I am usually coming down from High Hrothgar with the second word to Unrelenting Force. The cultist pick a fight with me in front of the Inn in Ivarstead and are usually mercked by the town guard. Unless you make extensive use of the Corkbulb Arrows (which frankly, you shouldn't when Elven and Glass arrows become available and your poison brewing skills are up to snuff) or you just enjoy Alchemy in general, there is no real value to be gained from Rare Curios. The Khajiit merchants travel schedule makes it nigh impossible to keep up a stock of their items and since the rare Alchemy ingredients are mostly from Vvardenfell, you cannot harvest them locally in Skyrim. Yeah, I hate Fishing but the rewards are nice. There are two elemental resist rings that come in handy for dragon and wizard fights and Skryim's incarnation of the Fang of Haynekhtnamet is the second best dagger in the game, so suffering through RNG while running all over hell and breakfast is a small price to pay. Dual wielding the Fang with the Razor or Goldbrand almost feels like cheating.
  14. If I don't have trackers, I'm shooting at the ground under your feet, not at you.
  15. Valley Beyond | Westworld Wiki | Fandom
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