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  1. Kingston going full rabid Kawada was totally great. The only thing missing was the Ganso Bomb on an official to draw a fine and suspension. I am totally down with an angle where Kingston has a 8-44 record because he's constantly getting DQed for excessive violence after the bell. Muta came out and I was twelve years old again. Then I saw the grey in his beard and regretfully advanced in time to my current age. For a minute I thought we were going to get the Shining Wizard, but Matthews blundered backwards into the Stinger DDT. Probably a good thing since it took Muta like twenty minutes to get to the ring. Is Julia Hart taking bumping advice from Darby Allin? Because she really should stop doing that shit before she ends up crippled. That Lights Out match was depressingly blood free. At least Starks took those bumps as if he already had the proper number of cortisone shots waiting for him backstage. I co-sign Jungle Boy having the best performance of the card.
  2. Matchmaking for Raids is a terrible idea for Raids and dungeons, especially with CrossPlay being a thing and lag and cross-communication making the simplest multiplayer events totally frustrating.
  3. Karn just seems to have an overdeveloped sense of justice and he may come around later on and figure out that Andor is on the right side. I think that Karn's subordinate, Mosk, is the guy we probably have to worry about, especially since the actor playing him is Alex Ferns who also played the gigantic douchebag antagonist, Trevor Morgan, on EastEnders. Pre-Mor Security does not fuck around. I love how no one in the history of Star Wars has ever set their blaster to Stun since the Troopers tasered Leia in A New Hope. Where was Tony Gilroy when Solo was being pitched. That movie probably would've been 10000000 times better if had been as grimy as Andor is. I want a Solo do-over with Gilroy at the helm.
  4. Andor is fucking great. Chief Hyne may be the best cop boss I have seen in recent memory on any show. He knew the security dudes that were trying to shake Cassian down were up to no good, so he set them up with a dignified end and did not even bother with an investigation since he realized the dudes had it coming and got killed trying to extort the wrong man.
  5. Sometimes the ads on this site point to some really cool shit. C.R.E.A.M - Macho Man - Hoodie | TeePublic
  6. TK has a history of showing Chekov's Gun in the first act and not firing it by the third, so we'll see what happens. You have to think that MJF's poker chip is a guaranteed title reign via chicanery since the fucking thing doubles as a weapon.
  7. The concept of playing at your own pace is completely alien to these mother fuckers. The Destiny 2 community may very well be the worst collection of toxic assholes ever assembled, but who can fault them? This fucking game has been broken ever since Stasis was introduced. I reached my upper limit a long time ago.
  8. If they do not go ahead and release an uncut or unrated version of Infinity Pool like they did with Possessor and Antiviral, I will be pissed.
  9. I am old and spiteful and it was like two in the morning when I cross-posted that shit. Working night duty sucks.
  10. Everything I wanted to happen actually went down. I still think it is too early to take the RoH belt off of Claudio, but Ring of Jericho should be awesome. I am sooo happy for Castor and Bowens and I think that an Acclaimed / Swerve In Our Glory feud has legs for at least two or three more matches. Keith and Swerve selling the agony of defeat with their facial expressions and body language was the best. It makes the belts seem like they are worth having. Being champs is the best and the pain of losing the championship is soul crushing. Mox vs. Danielson was totally fucking brutal and I loved it. Not happy that Danielson did not win, nor was I thrilled to see the dissention in the ranks right before television time expired. It kinda teases the break-up in the BCC like Yuta's post-match promo did after he lost to Garcia. The only way I will be cool with an implosion of the BCC is if it leads to Danielson / Garcia vs. Moxley / Yuta in some wild worked shoot hatefest somewhere down the road.
  11. I almost hope the Acclaimed lose because this title match feels like a booking correction / apology for the loss at the last PPV. I honestly think that putting the belts on The Acclaimed on normal television, even a special event, does them a disservice. I'd book Swerve to retain on this card, since everyone expect the Acclaimed to win, and then put the titles on the Acclaimed at a proper PPV. Bowens and Castor deserve it. Khan already failed to strike while the iron was hot, so what do a couple more weeks matter? Wring as much drama and tension as you can out of the time leading up to the PPV big money match with mad shit talking promos from Swerve Strickland and a backstage beat down or two. Danielson vs. Moxley should be a symphony of violence. I am not sure if it can live up to the potential it has on paper since we all expect an epic asswhoopin', but I am sure both guys will do their best to put on a good show. I co-sign the Ring of Jericho booking although I think it is way too early to take the belt off of Claudio. I also don't believe that Jericho should be dropping falls to a BCC guy that is not Moxley or Danielson, so I expect a DQ, Count-out, or some other shenanigans to take place that allows Claudio to retain.
  12. Cross posted from the TV thread.
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