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  1. Vince pushing down MLW is pretty stupid given that workers like Hammerstone, Calvin Tankman, and Jacob Fatu are prime WWE candidates and would fit in perfectly within that organization. Taking the bread off of their tables by denying MLW business opportunities will just push them to make handshake alliances with UWN, the NWA, or even AEW. If they are keeping their eye on an indie fed to undermine or control, it should probably be UWN since Zoey Stark, Max Caster, and a host of other workers have effectively used it as a springboard to WWE, RoH, and AEW. It is the weird proving ground for up and coming talent. Mike Bennett and Jonathan Gresham are slumming it in CWFA wrestling main events, FFS.
  2. Should WWE really be concerned with MLW, though? There is no money mark there to help MLW buy its way into the big leagues. Just let them have their spot on Tubi and use their programing space for WWE adverts.
  3. I need to find out where Chris Dickenson got his Jack Burton from Big Trouble In Little China t-shirt from. I like how UWN supports their guys no matter where they go by pimping their current appearances.
  4. The King's Affection, a K-Drama show inspired by a popular comic book, will probably be the next Korean show to take over Netflix.
  5. Agreed. Black needs to either be chasing titles or recruiting for the House of Black. I can't believe that they would give away a Cody win over Malakai for free on normal television. I am expecting a swerve, run-in, screw job or yet another win by Black.
  6. Coach Tony K, Twitter Warrior, believes in his brand.
  7. The Slumber Party Massacre remake was a bit too woke for my liking, but it wasn't entirely bad. It was pretty cool to see all of the ladies not making horror trope level bad decisions, but all of the dudes were portrayed as complete simps. There has got to be a happy medium where the girls are not standard issue slasher movie knife fodder and the dudes are not complete idiots. And yeah, totally looking forward to Antlers, but streaming has spoiled me and I wish I could just watch it at home same day as theaters.
  8. Forgot to add that it looks like they are going with Adam Hughes's Audrey Hepburn as Catwoman look for Zoe. AWESOME~!
  9. Yeah, Night of the Hunted is awfully good to be so ridiculously trashy. It is also written and directed by Mario Bava, but it has more of the feel of a classic peplum than it does a horror movie. It's not Bava's first foray into fusto, either. One of these days I will have to make a Top Ten Swords & Sandals list.
  10. Yes, I think you are. I've been on a serious horror grind this October. I will try to get to this before it leaves theaters, but catching Lamb before it leaves my wonderfully disturbing arthouse modern movie theater is a higher priority. I nearly missed the limited release of Titane, so time is not on my side.
  11. I wish he would stop trying to clarify things before the movie comes out.
  12. Kenny Omega cannot help it. He had quite the potty mouth in NJPW and Bullet Club promos single handedly created the NJPW Is Not For Kids trope. Now it's Will Osprey who seems to have inherited the bad words = bad ass mantle from Omega. He curses like a fucking sailor.
  13. As much as I loved the LAX in TNA, I kept waiting for one of them to stab the other in the back. Only mutual respect for Konnan would keep Homicide & Hernandez together as a cohesive unit. Those dude should be trying to kill each other, not win tag team gold. You never saw Pierroth Jr. offering olive branches to Dr. Wagner, Jr. goddammit.
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