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  1. I am genuinely surprised that there never was an achievement for listening in on a set number of unique conversations while riding the elevators.
  2. I know you know you're a Paragon. I just used a bit of ergo sum logic to lead into the psyche profile I was certain you'd have picked.
  3. Must I do everything? You like Paragon bonuses so you probably picked War Hero as your psyche profile. Sole Survivor offers the 50/50 and Ruthless is total Renegade. My concern is remembering to put enough points into Decryption so that I am able to unlock all of the loot boxes in the first mission. IIRC Kaiden's Decryption skill is shit to start with, so I will have to be the lockpicker until I get Tali and make her designated jailbreaker..
  4. I have a week's worth of use or lose vacation time so I just gave myself a three day weekend. No need to trick my console so that I can play early. I'll just watch some Shudder, catch a nap, and game from around Midnight until I pass out.
  5. I was once booted out of a Gambit Prime match that my team was winning. I only needed one more victory to complete my Weekly Bounty and finish the Weekly Challenge. That was the day I should've quit.
  6. Good to know since I will be an Infiltrator from the jump. Yeah, I plan on having Tali do a lot of AI Hacking on Therum since there are so many Geth to smersh there.
  7. My mistake. I am totally trying to do nine things at once right now. I hate it when teleworking actually involves telework. I totally expect Richard Jewell to accompany him to ringside.
  8. I guess to check my tone in case folks can't deduce when I am being self-depreciating and satirical. I would totally mark for Dustin coming out in Red White & Blue facepaint and screwing over his brother in that match with Ogogo.
  9. With such a huge roster, it's my fear that PnP and Sammy will get lost in the sauce if they are on their own. The Pinnacle vs. IC feud at least keeps them active and on television.
  10. He did indeed say he got a visa courtesy of the US DoT. I am sure all US Department of State fans were cringe. It felt like that scene in Animal House where Bluto mentions the Germans bombing Pearl Harbor in his rally speech. "Germans?" "Don't stop him. He's on a roll." Besides, why be upset? It is a totally American thing for us to have no fucking clue about the structure of US governmental agencies. Hell, I don't think I could point out Rhode Island on a map if my life depended on it.
  11. Honestly, I am surprised they haven't repackaged the Vex Incursion while all of this Long Night and VoG revival is going on. Jesus, if they are pressed for activities, just put incursion portals on all of the planets with different Vex Minds to fight and call it square. Make the one on Europa a super hard Heroic event for the tryhard YouTubers ffs and recycle the Sol Divisive reward weapons as loot, since I am sure there is no way they will put VoG loot in a different pool. You'll have to do their new stupid VoG if you want a Vision of Conflux.
  12. The Vex are scary enough to carry two or three seasons if the writers aren't lazy.... but they are..
  13. In order to Platinum, you will have to play Stronghold mode so you need to make friends with the like three people that still play the game.
  14. I am up for the ME3 Multiplayer Renaissance! I'm sure Bioware can handle it. It's not like those Anthem servers are buzzing with activity.
  15. Wow, I was about to read AEW the riot act for having the great Yuji Nagata jerk the curtain, but the rest of that show shut me the hell down in a hurry. All of the high profile matches delivered and it was a really good show. Mox / Nagata was nice and snug for the time it was allotted and I am a sucker for sportsmanship endings. SCU / Bucks was a great match and the Bucks did me a favor of not being terribly infuriating tonight. If I were SCU, I would not honor the break-up stip since the Bucks had to cheat to win, but they will do what they said they were going to do. I hope this pla
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