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  1. I bought Horizon: Zero Dawn complete on Steam during the sale, so once I finish this run of Final Fantasy II (pixel remaster version) I'll get into that.
  2. I'm up to $13k at the moment. Because I don't have health insurance, the social worker came to me and handed me the forms to fill out. You'll need to call the hospital's finance department on Monday (believe me, no one will be there tomorrow) and say you need everything about how to apply for financial aid. Don't let them talk you into a payment plan until you've gone through the whole process of applying for help. Depending on your hospital system they may have some things online, but not usually. In my case they needed a few months of bank statements, since you work they'll want a couple pay stubs. Good luck. The American medical system is a scam.
  3. Yeah, I'm starting to get the bills from my 30 hours in the hospital last month, and it's not good. I've applied for all the help I can get, so now I get the see the bills pile up while they decide my fate.
  4. Steam sale has Horizon: Zero Dawn complete for $19.99 and I'm about to pull the trigger on it.
  5. If you can find some of them cheap, sure. 2 is still the pinnacle of the series, both story wise and technically.
  6. @Gonzo is rightfully freaking out on Twitter
  7. The score certainly deserves it. Ludwig Goransson has completely outdone himself.
  8. We had a tornado warning from this up here in South Carolina at 3:30am. Luckily didn't get to me, but that was the end of my sleeping for the night.
  9. Not sure if this is the correct forum, but Dan Wilson and Iceberg are looking for a match from October of 2001
  10. Reviews are starting to come in, so far people are loving it. I've seen vague spoilers in them, so be aware.
  11. Because of course that can't happen if everyone's not white. Now I remember why I put you on ignore. Let me do that again.
  12. Well that's painfully awful. There went all my interest in FF16...
  13. Read Reign of X #7. Good lord the art for the X-Force was complete ass. The New Mutants stuff was good. Children of the Atom is growing on me.
  14. Globus suddenly released a new album after a decade, and there is this absolutely perfect cover of "I'm Afraid of Americans" on it. (link to Spotify)
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