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  1. Blizzard is getting sued by the state of California for some really awful shit. Be warned if you go through the filing. I started playing Blizzard games in 1998 or so with the original Diablo (still have the box here). I'd uninstalled everything a couple years ago, but this just cements it.
  2. UbiSoft leaked thing is dropping tomorrow, here's an article about it.
  3. It's hinted at in Rebels when they meet up with Rex that the cloning vats were shut down fairly soon after the Empire tidied things up (so after a couple years, probably) and the ones who weren't killed mostly died of old age (I think it's somewhere between a 20 and 25 year life span for the Clones, but I don't remember if that's been Word of God'd yet).
  4. Two, the virtual Witcher con going on has announced that the next gen update is coming out sometime this year.
  5. Few things coming out this morning. First, the FF XIV: Endwalker benchmark video has been released, and oh my goodness this is going to be insane and gorgeous.
  6. So far, the only thing I've seen is this: And I'm like... the Nirvana cover. Nirvana ... I am so fucking old and so fucking mad right now.
  7. It's probably the easiest, cheapest computer animation style they figured they could get away with. However, having that dude show up 20 seconds into Iron Man's original origin story will allow me to forgive a multitude of sins.
  8. According to Kate Herron, you missed one
  9. This is just coming across the radar here in Columbia. He's a beloved son because of his U South Carolina football career. 59 is way too fucking young.
  10. Finished it. I'm... kinda ambivalent about it. I mean, it's good, there's great world building, but the characters are just kinda there. The authors also have a bad habit of characters having revelations about what to do, but not telling us what that is until 50 pages and two character POV changes later. I've asked the library to grab the next one, I do want to know what happens with the stuff on Venus. Also finishing up the Baltimore comic collection. Real bleak stuff, but well written and drawn.
  11. Novelizations are often really good reads, because yeah, you get bits of stuff that was left out in the final editing. They can also be completely different, tho. I can remember the X2 novelization ended with an alive but blinded Jean Grey.
  12. Well, Silk is certainly a choice.
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