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  1. I spent a lot of hours under big radio-style headphones listening to that record. Just layers and layers of music. He also was still doing stuff for NASA launches, has a couple albums about the Rosetta satellite and such.
  2. Finally starting to read Octavia Butler's Xenogenesis trilogy. Yes, I am way behind.
  3. I had chipped in on Saladin Ahmed's kickstarter for his Dracula comic, and the hardcover came in the mail a couple days ago. I'm about halfway through it. It's not bad, there's just really not much new or interesting in the story yet, and it's a bit short.
  4. Honestly, not bad at all. Right now my local library only has the first collection available through Hoopla, so I'll keep my eye out for more. I love that they went and got someone who writes novels for a living to do a very good write-up of the alternate history leading up to this (somewhat redacted for future plot spoilers).
  5. As someone who loves alt history stuff (I enjoyed most of the Lord Baltimore comic series), I've started in on the collected Arrowsmith comics. Not too bad so far, we're getting hints that this is more than what people think, and that War is Hell No Matter the Universe.
  6. The hits just keep coming from Blizzard/Activision: This one is by a pension group that owns stock, and the best line of them all is this one *insert popcorn.gif here*
  7. Read Saga #58, and I think I'm done with the series until they decide what they actually want to do with it now. Something's been lost over the last couple of years, it's just not as good.
  8. (if this is too political, I will delete) So, this just happened.
  9. I would LOVE to see a list of those titles.
  10. It's addressed first in the Clone Wars cartoon, where it's explained how their lifespans are much shorter than a usual human. Like, by the end of the series you're already seeing old clones. I don't remember if there was a canon length, but it's definitely less than 50 years, probably closer to the 35 - 40 range. In Rebels, we meet Wolffe, Rex, and someone who's name I'm forgetting again and they are definitely outliers.
  11. This has been long coming, when you look back. Dragon Age 4 QA devs unionizing over shit pay and COVID safety issues.
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