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  1. Not touch it? Because I expect that would be painful.
  2. Well, the Hangman arc they've been building for - what, a year or two? - does need a payoff. Hangman winning the TNT title might seem like an anticlimax after so long.
  3. Hmm. Maybe? I still think Hangman is the one to do that, but you never know.
  4. To temper the Cody hate a bit - do we know for certain he writes his own promos? Because I thought his delivery was really good. It's just the content of the promo that was... huh? They're going with a nationalistic jingo thing for this match? Did Cody even acknowledge that he had an issue with the Factory?
  5. That was clear as soon as it was announced for Dynamite rather than the PPV, wasn't it?
  6. Doing a comedy spray-down the week after the two teams tried to murder each other is unlikely to ever work well, but this seemed particularly lame. My God, the Pinnacle are WET! Clearly the Inner Circle has the upper hand now!
  7. Maybe? They may have actually explained who it was, but Dark is good enough to watch, not good enough to pay 100% attention to. Again - maybe? The feud certainly wasn't good enough to commit to memory. But didn't FTR debut in AEW by helping the Bucks? I'd count the time they were feigning friendship/respect as part of the build to their eventual match.
  8. What, really? Well that ruins my plan for how to fly in an emergency.
  9. HATE SUPERBOY HATE THE LEGION OF SUPERHEROES HATE HATE HATE The weird thing that you may not be aware of is that after Jade's match on Darkelvation this week, some random guy came out and said he wanted to talk to Jade about her future. Surely they wouldn't reveal Jade's new manager on one of the YouTube shows, would they? But then what would be the point of introducing a new character just to have them not be the one picked? Strange. Pretty sure it was specifically "Cody's announcement about the PPV" or something like that. So that narrows it down a bit. Hey,
  10. So they're not actually giving you the shirt, they're just lending it to you?
  11. Particularly not Jade, because her catchphrase is terrible. I still think Inner Circle vs Pinnacle Stadium Stampede will be the main event. Yeah, I was going to post that I could see that happening. I think the Bucks ending SCU is the more likely result, but I don't think it's a foregone conclusion.
  12. That blows. Not to rub it in, but I've been experiencing some minor facial weirdness. Both my family doctor and the neurologist she referred me to said it was probably nothing, but they got me an MRI to be sure without my having to jump through any ridiculous hoops. I'm glad you got the treatment you needed, but you shouldn't have to fight for it. Oh yeah, actual communism sucks. But the idea that any deviation from unregulated capitalism is tantamount to communism is a ridiculous lie. (Not one I'm accusing you of propagating, Shartnado. As you say, there are better ways.)
  13. Glad to hear that's a thing. Based on what I've heard about US health care, I initially assumed the "Hurray!" was sarcastic and you were going to say you'd had enough health issues that your insurer was cutting you off.
  14. Yeah, that just made immediate sense to me. I don't know if she's actually doing a cheerleader gimmick, but she's always seemed kind of cheerleadery. (It's a word.)
  15. You can do that with throw-away matches. There's no reason to build a major storyline for which the audience will want a satisfying conclusion if you're just building them for a later storyline. These are both reasonable if the company is more concerned with making money than creating a satisfying narrative. (Which, of course, pro wrestling companies traditionally are.)
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