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  1. Overall, I did think this was a good show this week. However, what is the point of quarterly TNT specials if they aren't even going to be as good or as big as a monthly PPV-themed episode of Dynamite? Battle of the Belts was not a momentous special event, and I think everyone can see that now. It did not have the big payoffs or vibe that it should have. Dynamite making its debut in a big city is a more momentous show. Also, still waffling on the Cody heel turn. Happy to see Danhausen finally debut. I figured it'd only be a cameo, but he's actually been signed. Not sure what they have in store for Danhausen, but hope they can figure something out.
  2. So TNT title defended on Dynamite on TBS. TBS title defended on Rampage on TNT. Conundrum.
  3. I recall he said something like, "There's to be a black Spider-Man out there somewhere, right?"
  4. The movies thought too small. Eliminating half of all life was Thanos' first act in Infinity Gauntlet. Then he started tangling with all the cosmic entities next and handed their rears to them as well.
  5. Dana White refusing to put the belt on Francis Ngannou and not appearing at the press conference was ridiculous. He did not handle this whole thing well. Ultimately, I think UFC is going to have be forced to change their pay model when it comes to this. Whether that's through legal rulings or fighter unionization or some type of collective bargaining, that's how it will likely have to happen. IMO they've failed to get in front of this and have let this problem grow bigger in the last 10 years.
  6. He doesn't have more wins than Jade Cargill.
  7. OK but Jade Cargill is undefeated and the TBS champion.
  8. He needs to save the heel turn BS for Busted Open.
  9. Granted I've never met Bubba Ray/Bully but Batista has also said Bubba Ray is a jerk but D'Von is a good dude was always helpful to him in his early days in WWE. What Paige said sort of reminded me of that.
  10. Haku actually dragged a couple of decent TV matches out of Warrior
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