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  1. Putting it on first was too much risk.
  2. Danielson vs. Omega should've gone on last. That's my one big amateur booker complaint.
  3. Production values for AEW tonight looked and sounded the best they've ever been. Arthur Ashe Stadium looked tremendous on TV. I remember the early days of Dynamite there were a lot production nitpicks I had, especially in terms of the sound and ring mic'ing. I feel they cleared those up tonight. This is a personal pet peeve, but I hate it when the ring action is so mic'ed up you hear this constant clip clopping in the ring. Drives me nuts.
  4. Cody Rhodes thinks he's Captain America when he's really US Agent.
  5. There are some pretty terrible allegations, and I do mean terrible, that have been made regarding the training dojos for NJPW.
  6. Anthony Smith looked really good on Saturday night, but I don't know I like the idea of a rematch with him and Rakic. Seems more like he should be angling for a fight with Jiri Prochazka. I kind of feel like Smith should take Reyes' spot in the top 5 now.
  7. Yes. It's a brand-new reboot, totally from scratch. Think of it similar to the 2012 TMNT animated series. It's also totally its own thing instead of like a vague continuation of past versions, ie say the 2007 animated TMNT movie or Superman Returns.
  8. I actually like the new CG He-Man and the Masters of the Universe series. Aimed more at younger audiences, but I find it very genuine and charming. I don't like all the redesigns, but the animation is fairly good at least, and all the voice acting is topnotch. IE you have David "Megatron in Beast Wars/Clank in Ratchet & Clank" Kaye as Cringer/Battlecat. Ben Diskin is fantastic as Skeletor and clearly having a good time.
  9. Maybe this is the real reason he's not in WWE anymore either.
  10. Glad they finally made it to Jersey. Honestly, I would've spread a couple of those matchups out, but Grand Slam is meant to be a big show. I personally can't stand the repetitive Dan Lambert stuff, but at least his Cornette ramblings led to a match this week. I hope FTR aren't simply serving as sacrificial lambs to Sting and Darby. All the Suzuki Incident stuff was really overblown, but I guess credit to AEW for making an angle and stretching this angle out a bit. I've been a bit hot and cold on Pillman Jr., but he did cut a good promo with JR tonight. This has been a decent build for his Dynamite match with MJF.
  11. Bron Breakker needs a mouthpiece as he learns his way around promos.
  12. Show felt very haphazard and too slapdash for me to call it good. Felt like Vince Russo was booking. Why would you have LA Knight come out and job to Bron Breakker the same night he's wrestling in the main event for the world title? Also, Kyle O'Reilly gets taken out and replaced by a random nobody? Makes no sense. Vince Russo comes out to see an incredulous Triple H, "The consortium was me, bro."
  13. Maybe he can go crazy and become Joker Balor? Worked for Sting for a little bit.
  14. I'm not going to be all F-U WWE over this, but bad optics man. Bad optics.
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