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  1. Daniel Garcia just really hasn't found himself yet. He just sounds really uncomfortable when he talks, then he starts going on about throwing a pizza on the ground. The crowd seems forgiving of him, but I think he's someone who really needs a mouthpiece. The opening segment with the JAS was just really dull. It went on forever and then we ended up with just Bryan Danielson vs. Matt Menard? It felt like Garcia was finally going to to turn on the JAS, but then it constantly kept getting cut off by Jericho and Danielson. To do all that and have it end with Danielson vs. Menard was supremely anti-climactic. Wheeler Yuta is the same way. In the ring, all the intensity is there, but he can't string words in a sentence together on a microphone at all. I like Saraya and all, but I never thought she was especially a good interview or promo in WWE. A good character, but not a good promo. So to send her out there without a script last night did her in.
  2. Maybe they will actually promote it this time.
  3. I don't want to speculate too much because I think that's part of the problem. Let him take off as much time as he wants. Just focus on healing and getting his mind right. But it makes me feel awful hearing about him getting death threats. Like I'm about done defending wrestling fans at this point.
  4. I think the problem with Sammy is they were really wishy washy about his booking during his feud with Scorpio Sky. The fans were turning on him, just like Cody and Brandi, and they booked it in a really bad, half-assed, dumbass way. But I think he and Tay are a good heel duo at this point.
  5. The whole Malakai Black situation is very confusing to me. Just seems like a bunch of different conflicting things are being said right now. Unless it's just a matter of Black blowing up, feeling depressed, and backstage sources spreading misinformation. Things get heated and out of control in the moment, then they cool down and cooler heads prevail later. I guess my problem here is, who is spreading what information and what agenda do they have?
  6. I'm of a similar mind. I always felt Black did a good job of putting his own spin on the satanic wrestler gimmick.
  7. Hypothetically, if CM Punk never returns, a guy like Black could be incredibly useful if they just revamp and repackage him the right way and his back is doing better. It could really freshen up the main event title scene.
  8. I guess for what it's worth, both guys are still listed on AEW's website, and technically, Malakai Black did deny he was released.
  9. You're entitled to your opinion, but I don't think the bloated roster and the issues its causing is debatable at this point.
  10. It's not budget or financial strain that I'm worried about. It's the bloated roster and talents infrequently appearing.
  11. Were all these guys brought in and signed for the express purpose of being jobbers?
  12. It's not a working strategy when you see so many men and women disappearing from TV for months on end. If it's not the bottom guys that need to go, I'm fine with letting go of Tony Nese, Josh Woods, Ryan Nemeth, Varsity Blonds, and Peter Avalon...when their contracts are up of course. Pillman seems to be getting rather disenchanted with AEW at the moment anyway. Did he now?
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