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  1. Al Guinee needs to be banned from the sport that was awful. Shaun Al-Shatti reported that he's a local ref who has a history of not being very good. Not only did he miss Hill tapping, he left that go on way longer than it should have after Hill had his arm torn in half. Poor performance by Marvin Vettori against Adesanya. Dude was still pushing for half-hearted takedown attempts with a minute to go and just stalling for time. Poor performance by referee Marc Goddard as well. Goddard is usually a decent ref, but he was not splitting the two up when they were just stuck and not doing anyth
  2. Cejudo should've gone into pro wrestling. He'd be the greatest heel ever.
  3. Oh, I'm aware. I can only get it at World Market now, and I've walked out of there having spent $60 on cases of Cherry Clearly Canadian. Still tastes pretty good and like I remember it IMO. But in the 90s, Clearly Canadian was totally my thing.
  4. I kind of like it. The TVA is sort of this like old world bureaucratic institution, like retro 50s/60s, very corporate and soul sucking.
  5. I had no idea Josta was a real thing before this show. Too bad it wasn't Clearly Canadian.
  6. The animation by Powerhouse, the studio behind Netflix's Castlevania, looks really good.
  7. The TVA aren't there to protect people and save worlds. They are there to protect the "sacred timeline" from variants and branches from taking things off-course. Apparently what the Avengers did was "meant" to happen. As for the Eternals standing by and not acting proactively, I imagine the movie is going to address that, but we'll see. To suddenly do that to the Infinity Stones is still a little questionable in my opinion. It's jarring. The Infinity Stones/Gauntlet were established as like the ultimate power in the universe. And to just suddenly introduce new characters and a new
  8. Is that his asking price or his manager/booking agent's?
  9. FYI, I watched the first two episodes and wrote a spoiler-free review.
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