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  1. Just waiting till we get to my favorite arc in Invincible. Conquest is inevitable.
  2. Refs putting in some work tonight. Bucs : 1-5. Chiefs : 8-95.
  3. Working on my lego hit list. 100% Indiana Jones original adventures the other day. Still need one more achievement to finish the achievements off. Ocd is not my friend in this case
  4. That's a good point. It's just a matter of ocd at this point. I definitely don't need Excalibur, it's just a matter of want. I definitely understand your point of making it more convenient to get it mid-game to be actually useful in-game.
  5. It will be worth it. Getting Mjollnir was no walk in the park either.
  6. Very pleased right now. Earned the Worthy achievement for ac valhalla and am now one step closer to being able to duel-wield Mjollnir and Excalibur. Good Times.
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