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  1. They looked more like the droogs in the anarchy in the arena match with their all white attire.
  2. That's not an if in Cody's case, it's definitely a when. Agree that he does love betting on himself. It's worked out well so far.
  3. That said, The cell match was great, but the Raw Women's match stole the show.
  4. Damn good show. Honestly, while I prefer AEW, WWE is having a damn good year in ring tbh.
  5. Also thought that Julia Hart looked like the cheerleader on Daria when she went to a goth club when she showed up at DON
  6. Kiera Hogan's (sp) ring gear was really cool. I know, I know calm down Aaronnetico.
  7. Guess Punk was told Tanahashi was going over in Chicago /s
  8. So..basically 1-3,and maybe Judgement remastered and 4,5 added on as well?
  9. Ok. Yearly update on the streak. 2 years straight with a least one achievement on Xbox. 3358 total achievements over that time. Average about 4.6 a day. Make no mistake, I make sure to spend plenty of time with Joey, but no children and her work as a teacher gives me plenty of free time.
  10. Well, Stephen A Smith was right. WE DID see what Chris Paul was all about tonight. All time great, disappointing playoff player.
  11. She needs to up the Twitter game. She easily could have punked him with a "I Should have swallowed the night you were conceived. "
  12. Honestly got more of a Jack Torrence in the hedge maze vibe from Wanda in that scene.
  13. As far as tag teams in the G.I. Joe fed, it was all about Tomax and Xamot.
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