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  1. The only thing a prevent defense does, is prevent your team from winning. Helluva game.
  2. I'd imagine someone on the writing staff who wants to bang Scarlett.
  3. I'm not saying boourns, I'm saying booooo.
  4. Agreed. Fuck Becky Lynch. Ok show otherwise.
  5. I agree with you completely on what you said, but literally Darby's tree face paint was an homage to AFI's December Underground album. He should have went with a Sing The Sorrow motif.
  6. Clearly Darby is an AFI fan and obviously disappointed by the use of Cult of Personality.
  7. Knew it was going to be a fun night for us when fans started chanting : " Eat her soul" during Abadon's Dark match. Fun show for me and Joey. Worth the 7 hr drive.
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