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  1. I looked it up. The four are the New York Rangers, St. Louis Blues (only team from 1967 included), Edmonton and Vegas.
  2. The league had moved Ottawa at Winnipeg from May up to April 5th (Winnipeg was supposed to host Vancouver April 4th and 6th). I assume the plan is to backload Canuck games into May, if they are healthy enough to go.
  3. DeShaun Watson is under NFL investigation now, and facing three lawsuits for sexual assault.
  4. Chris Drury is clearly the next coach of the New York Rangers. Still waiting for Josh Morrissey to remember he is a good NHL defenseman. Good thing the Jets have a good goalie, because the defense stinks.
  5. I can see the Pardiola dance.
  6. With both of the power teams competitive again, I don't see it happening. Just glad to see them win the league this year.
  7. He scored a goal today, leave him alone. Erik Karlsson's contract is completely untradeable. 11.5 million a year cap hit until 2026-27.
  8. Zach Parise, although the Wild might be better off if they combined him and Ryan Suter into one person. There are some terrible, untradeable contracts in the NHL right now. I thought Blake Wheeler being on the books until the end of 2024 was bad, but he's probably not even top five for worst contracts.
  9. Really good show this week. Kenny Williams cheating to win is building a storyline, I am far more likely to be entertained by Noam Dar talking than wrestling, so the Supernova Sessions is the best use of him. Meiko-KLR was great.
  10. I want to hear more of Arn Anderson's opinion of Ultimo Guerrero now.
  11. On Youtube now, since it was messed up on BR Live. @AxB
  12. They were selling tickets for March 3, so I would assume next week live, tonight taped.
  13. There's a whole lot of versions of the story where Arn used the scissors first, and Arn won't speak about it.
  14. If Cody is so worried about being the "face of the company", why did he put the shittiest tattoo he could think of adjacent to his face? Why do people still make jokes about Sid and the scissors when Arn was the one who used them first?
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