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  1. You don't need to match them up with anybody, and your idea to match them with CM Punk is terrible. As for Bray, hopefully he is doing okay mentally, and if he wants to keep wrestling, I hope he finds some place he enjoys.
  2. They also signed Tony DeAngelo.
  3. Montreal got Carey Price to waive his no-trade so they could protect Jake Allen in the expansion draft. When someone figures out a good explanation for this, please let me know.
  4. They never brought Jenn back after the pandemic.
  5. Jerry Blackwell, "The Incredible" Hulk Hogan and then a couple of years later the Road Warriors.
  6. Dewar

    The NASCAR Thread

    That race was fun. Good to see the "local track hero" take down the retired superstars, and Marco Andretti.
  7. Re: SummerSlam being Saturday the 21st because they would not rent out the building on the 22nd: Guns N' Roses are scheduled to play the stadium on the 27th. I am guessing the teardown/setup time wasn't going to work.
  8. So many dumb people trying to claim that was a clean hit. Wrong time for him to finally pick up his defensive intensity.
  9. It was the 100kg and Under Championship. Didn't name it after Friendly Manitoba.
  10. Garbage rebrand by the former Crew.
  11. I looked it up. The four are the New York Rangers, St. Louis Blues (only team from 1967 included), Edmonton and Vegas.
  12. The league had moved Ottawa at Winnipeg from May up to April 5th (Winnipeg was supposed to host Vancouver April 4th and 6th). I assume the plan is to backload Canuck games into May, if they are healthy enough to go.
  13. DeShaun Watson is under NFL investigation now, and facing three lawsuits for sexual assault.
  14. Chris Drury is clearly the next coach of the New York Rangers. Still waiting for Josh Morrissey to remember he is a good NHL defenseman. Good thing the Jets have a good goalie, because the defense stinks.
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