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  1. I am also a low voter on X, Pearl, and Mia Goth. X I found boring and derivative. Pearl was better but I mostly like the faux technicolor look that it has. I can't imagine I'm ever going to feel the need to watch it again. I'll watch Maxxine for completest sake. I find Mia Goth can be grating, at least Infinity Pool understood that and used it to its advantage. I liked her in Suspiria.
  2. There's a lot of good shit on that card, but one thing that needs to be said is that Fresh Air are awesome. Those guys need more exposure
  3. Nardwuar was all over Much Music, but I guess he didn't cross over to the Quebec French language version, MusiquePlus.
  4. What more could you cover that wasn't already in Almost the Truth?
  5. That's what I get for only skimming the article past the headline
  6. Belichick* is getting hired by Washington! *Steve
  7. SEVERIN FILMS OPTIONS KEREKES AND SLATER’S ESSENTIAL “KILLING FOR CULTURE” FOR DOCUMENTARY ADAPTATION; KIER-LA JANISSE TO DIRECT Kier-La Janisse just announced on her site that she would be directing a documentary adaption of Killing for Culture, about mondo and death films. She also directed the folk horror documentary Woodlands Dark and Days Bewitched and curated Severin's folk horror set, as well as the recently released Black Emanuelle box set.
  8. Troughs in the old Winnipeg Arena too. Horrifying. Was it Chicago Stadium that had toilet stalls without doors?
  9. Just to emphasize...dude literally did nothing of note in 50 minutes of ring time. Even the face off with his brother quickly turned into him lying on the mat. Shitass Grayson Waller came off as more important than either of them at the start.
  10. He just can't do them anymore, he ate shit when he last tried a couple Rumbles ago. Time comes for us all. It also seems to be something they're, thankfully, going away from. If you have Katana and Ricochet in Rumbles and neither of them attempt a stupid, flippy, hopping around on one foot outside spot, then they likely don't want them done anymore. I don't remember one last year either, but I could be wrong. If I became czar of professional wrestling, the first change I'd make is that you have to have part of your body still on the ring apron to be counted as still in the match.
  11. That's probably the worst crowd the WWE has had in years. The whole show's audio was a steady hum of casual conversation. They barely even seemed to get excited to do the countdowns. The announcing wasn't helping anything. McAfee was like early Collision Kevin Kelly, where its obvious that he hasn't been watching and doesn't know what any of the angles or gimmicks are. All 3 sounded actively bored during most of the men's rumble. Glad Cody won, hopefully he beats Roman and the Bloodline storyline gets put down like Old Yeller. The whole thing is running on fumes.
  12. Big Time Wrestling name drop by Collinsworth. e: makes sense, he's from Dayton, which was part of the Sheik's territory
  13. Bob Johnson died early in the season after the Penguins first cup. He was hospitalized before the season began for brain cancer, but he still oversaw things via videotape while Scotty Bowman acted as in-game coach.
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