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  1. Apparently MAF found out through twitter that he had been traded to Chicago, no one from Vegas called him (That's his agent, fyi) I hope he retires, for the lolz
  2. Jets D looks a whole hell of a lot better with the acquisition of Brenden Dillon. If Logan Stanley can take a big step forward next year and either Ville Heinola or Dylan Samberg can get minutes over Maurice fave Nathan Beaulieu, they may have an NHL caliber crew back there. Maybe even league average! Morrissey/Demelo Dillon/Stanley HeinBerg/Pionk Doesn't look terrible. Signing Stastny for one more year today was a nice bonus It is funny though, that for a "draft and develop" team, the Jets sure do get rid of a lot of their picks. Looking at you Kevin Hayes
  3. The CBC coverage did, though the announcers were British so I think they were picking up the feed from another station. Even identified it as Gundum too. That's really the only event I've seen so far. I loved the Norwegian triathlete slapping his head in disbelief for the last 100 meters or so at the thought of winning
  4. Anytime you have to release a statement defending the pick you just made, within 10 minutes of making the pick, you have fucked up
  5. Considering the Habs were also the team that apparently tried to get Tony Deangelo earlier this year and Bergevin was on the 2010 Blackhawks staff....probably not good
  6. Canadiens really making sure they lose any goodwill they may have earned over the last couple months by drafting Logan Mailloux, who literally asked not to be drafted this year after non consensually sharing explicit photos of a woman he had sex with
  7. I did not appreciate having to stare at Sam Consentino's face for 2 hours before getting to the Jets pick. Fully expected the Jets to go D, maybe not Lambos because that is a lot of pressure to put on a hometown kid, but someone else. But pretty happy with the pick of Chaz Lucius, the last couple drafts the Jets seem to be prioritizing skill, which is a good for a team with such bad 5on5 numbers. Plus, that is an A+ name. No real surprises through the first 18 picks, would have been nice if the trades this afternoon weren't announced until the draft, but oh well
  8. Is that new down there? The theatres up here have been doing that for at least 5 years, probably longer. So much better than the rush for seats and the constant negotiations of trying to get people to slide over or deciding who in the group has to sit somewhere else. I don't know where you live, but I assume theatres in major cities in the states already do this
  9. Didn't like the name at first, but it has grown on me a bit. Curious as to what the shortened name with be; the Gs? the Guardies? Like a lot of you, I really dig the winged logo. If they put that on a hat, I'll probably buy it. The funky script is pretty good too, very 1950s. Like the Elks (née Eskimos), it's similar enough to the old script to suggest a continuation. The solo C is nice looking, but bugs me a little that its doesn't match the C in Cleveland. Kind of reminds me that for years the Ds on the Tigers hats and home jerseys didn't actually match (the interlocking NYs on the Yankees jerseys and hats for that matter too).
  10. Honestly seems like a pretty shitty roster all things considered, some of the mocks I saw looked a lot better
  11. I see the Kraken saw how well it worked for the Knights taking Fleury, so they've decided to go double Fleury
  12. Pretty Boy Jungle Boy going through hell to be the one to finally put down Gage would be great. Someone on the discord mentioned that Gage as a mercenary is a great role for him. Just have him be a guy brought in periodically by heels to fuck up babyfaces. Doesn't care if he wins, just want to hurt some people
  13. Just chiming in to say that Blackjack Marciano was awesome. Such a douchebag As mentioned, Kingston and Hero will at least put whatever is between them aside and work together
  14. First time seeing it and goddamn, I made it through the watery chili okay, but seeing them add all that cheese is making me retch. It would all stay room temperature and those plates don't leave any space for you to mix it together. All I know about Skyline chili is from reading Peter King in the 90s and early Aughts and he would always talk it up. It all makes sense now
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