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  1. Winnipeg announced pretty much the same; $6.9M You have to wonder, if they're not able to start up this year, what the CFL will look like come 2022? Will they be able to come back?
  2. I mentioned in the discord during the show, but Stony Mountain is a prison just north of Winnipeg. It's actually Stony Mountain Institution, we stopped calling them penitentiaries in the 70s. "Fun" facts; it has the worst inmate fatality rate of any federal prison in Canada and is currently 200 or so inmates above its capacity.
  3. Mr. Hughes maybe? From when he first started in WWE?
  4. In January 1995 Keanu Reeves, in the first thing he did post-Speed, came to Winnipeg and performed Hamlet for a month. The City lost it's mind while he was here. It wasn't a touring production either, it was only performed in Winnipeg http://www.canadianshakespeares.ca/essays/reeves.cfm https://www.winnipegfreepress.com/multimedia/fp-slideshow/Keanu-Reeves-as-MTCs-Hamlet-1995-288070511.html
  5. The Jets getting owned by the Oilers. It's like I'm a kid again
  6. Yuh-Jung Youn won the night, everything else can screw
  7. Sure Academy, it's not like I wanted to see clips of the nominees or anything. Moving Best Picture to third from the bottom in the hopes of Chadwick winning is obviously going to get the most coverage, but showing almost no clips (or even stills in the case of awards like costume or production design) was the worst part for me. I hope you didn't expect to actually see the movies on our movies awards show
  8. I'm also in the camp that Washington Football Team is much better than any of those create-a-team names (plural Presidents especially bothers me) but Hogs would be pretty decent, especially if they have fun with the logo. Of course they won't, if they pick an animal name it will inevitably be a snarling angry "tough" animal head every other animal logo from the last 20+ years.
  9. According to Big Dave, no one can sign anywhere until July 14th e: I'm bad at math, that's 90 days yeah?
  10. The Jets got a Benn. Not really what we were hoping for.
  11. I'm assuming retirement was Plan B and Julian's Plan A was reuniting with Brady but all his calls to him went straight to voicemail
  12. I highly recommend Cat Manning's Blaseball writings (https://catacalypto.substack.com/people/7344-cat). Really helped me out when I was getting into it and was super confused as to why players were getting encased in giant peanut shells or just outright incinerated
  13. That sounds super ominous. Like in Blaseball when a player is sent Elsewhere and they return weeks later with vowels missing from their name. Blaseball is great
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