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  1. We have required vaccinations to attend schools here in the US for hundreds of years. My new vet wouldn't even touch my cats without proof of rabies shots. Now we might miss Dynamite in a packed stadium because Jethro suddenly believes in his body, his choice? I'm so fucking fed up with all of this. TK himself can check my vax card at the door for all I care.
  2. We need a throwaway "Am I fucking going over?" from Hangman on BTE or something
  3. Very random, but does anyone know if WWE is still planning on leaving Titan Tower to move to the old RBS building in Stamford? There's been so much other stuff going on with the pandemic and within wrestling the last year that I sort of forgot about it.
  4. I remember that story too! Cant remember who he was talking to, but im almost sure this occurred while The Rock was hosting SNL for the first time prior to WM2K - the musical guest was Vince's favorite band AC/DC, and I think they were watching band rehearsals
  5. Yeah, that thing sucked. Even the fake-RAW looking one they had earlier in 2000 was better. I hated that weird silver looking curtain or whatever you'd call it surrounding the screen
  6. I loved the green WCW Worldwide set from the late '90s for some reason. Same with when Pro got the warehouse look. This is cheating because it's not really a set, but I'm big into any venue with a balcony. Hammerstein Ballroom, Manhattan Center, Terminal 5 (though I've read it sucks live) Madhouse of Extreme, Lowell Auditorium, Sumo Hall
  7. Ya gaaaaaatta wonder if they know something about TK's upcoming live event announcement that we don't yet.
  8. I mean, it was a Guerrero in Texas, if they didn't pop for that just shut the whole thing down at that point. But I will add both that 1) I see your point, and 2) That Chavo pop really did warm the hell out of my heart, he was a WCW favorite growing up and then knowing some of the losses he suffered, I thought it was a really great, really pure moment. The segment kinda dragged from there, but shit happens.
  9. In my opinion, this is kind of WWE using the evolution of the business to their advantage, in that the last generation or two actually grew up wanting to be wrestlers with WWE as the endgame. These aren't bodybuilders and football players who came for what they thought would be easier money like the 70s-early 90s. So what happens is, it becomes easier for WWE to sell the workers on shitty unfair contracts for less money under the guise of GET THAT WM MOMENT! GRAB THE BRASS RING AND FULFILL THE BOYHOOD DREAM! Edit: this always happens! What @AxBsaid more succinctly. Gotta work on my brevity
  10. @EoaeI had no idea you worked for the UWF, very cool!
  11. Nah, Hangman's gonna get it. Even if they decide some other hypothetical match *did* need the belt, I think the better thing is to give Hangman what you think is the happy ending, but it turns out to be just a taste. Like, loses it in his first defense, spirals down deeper until the eventual second reign. But again, that's less than ideal I think; you risk burning people.
  12. Same. As a complete outsider to the situation, my absolutely baseless speculation is that they hated his body, and he resented being stuck with that player-coach tag. Somewhere in the multiverse, they listen to Punk and bring him up in The Shield instead of Roman - one can only imagine what that would have made the landscape look like. That's an all-time near miss
  13. I agree with mostly everything everyone is saying about the womens division. If I were booking the next couple years I'd go Britt current reign -> Rosa -> Britt -> Deeb -> Rosa -> ??? Statlander and Conti are future champions 100% and Shida should definitely get it back at some point too. It's a good problem to have.
  14. I did totally forget about that. I didn't get much into it, but do remember there being a lot of Reddit chatter about it at the time now that you mention it.
  15. I agree with the first half of your post. Just kinda... fell off the radar. And Im a fan of the guy, that's not shit talk. I'm sure a lot of it was timing with the pandemic, but who knows. Maybe there's something I'm not seeing.
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