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  1. Ive said this before (to varying reactions) but I think it's not just the 'boss' kid' factor, but also the fact that HHH was doing a similar thing with his reign of terror at the same time (down to the obvious 'boss' kid...in law' factor there, too, along with the constant Evolution/Planet Jarrett chicanery). It's tough to sell your promotion as an alternative when the booking suffers from a near-identical problem.
  2. It was a tough, tough call but I blasphemously went with the trios match because I am an absolute sucker for any match with a brawl around the building before the bell. What can I say, Montreal was a formative experience
  3. What prompted me to post what I did was I remembered him saying at some point in the last few years that he contacted them to let them know he was cleared if they wanted him for the Rumble, but hadn't heard back (kinda messed up, if you ask me).
  4. Ah, I wasn't aware, I thought he was still semi active on the indies
  5. I'm surprised Waltman's not gotten a final run in earnest with his personal and health issues seeming to be behind him; perhaps that's how he keeps it that way, who knows. It was a real treat to see him on that GCW PPV from NY
  6. That's awesome - We didn't get it up here until maybe ten years ago or so, so when we were kids going to shows it was all Dubra, Majorska, Graves XXX (bet you didn't know there was something EVEN CHEAPER than Everclear!) It's a miracle some of us made it, really - I still can't drink Red Powerade. I've never been to Austin, but I saw an episode of Bar Rescue with a place called The Brixton on it, and it seemed like a pretty cool vibe down there (the owner was a prick, his wife was too good looking for him but seemed like a very sweet lady).
  7. Read this as 'We'll have a Tito's" and thought: hope they have room for a poor Yankee Edit @Cobra CommanderI'd wager were going to see a more pure babyface Danielson from here out - making the save for Regal twice kind of makes me think that may be the direction. Side note: I thought him being in the trainers room and running out w one boot on was SUCH a nice touch.
  8. What a great comparison. To take it a step further, I'd say Douglas and MJF both have a propensity to give into their worst instincts at times (MJF with the 'bidding war' stuff and going far too long, and Shane undermining some of his own otherwise great promos with less-than-necessary cussing and 'Dick Flair' stuff).
  9. Off topic: God, I hope she goes with Mercedes Bankz or something. Hopefully it's one of those things like Claudio trademarking 'CSRO' just in case, and never using it. On topic: I think she might be one of the only realistically available, non-senior-citizens not named CM Punk who could probably affect TV numbers (to @Bryan 's point). I don't know if I see the logic in putting the TBS title on her - sure, it would elevate the belt, but unless youre building to a unification with Hayter, I think it might fuck her a little bit. On the other hand, if you're trying to make nice with WBD for a new TV deal, you could do a lot worse than putting a TBS logo on one of the most recognizable women's stars of the last decade.
  10. Maybe three months ago, I laid out some BS fantasy booking on a trilogy between Willow/Jade where she gets just a little more every time before finally getting the big underdog win, based almost entirely on the history you've mentioned about the Red match, and the earlier bout - I think there's a solid chance we're heading that way.
  11. I'm with @DEAN and @Matt D on the idea that Willow is ready (or just about there) but going back a few pages to what @Cobra Commander said about the unintentional diluting of the women's division with two titles, I think we have a great example here: I'm of the opinion it would mean more for Willow's character to break Jade's streak and take the TBS title from her, despite the fact that it's the 'lesser' title.
  12. I think he's a lesser star, but a top heel - if he's the fully formed 'Stone Cold' character in this scenario. @Log is right - Austin probably doesn't print money like Hogan does in that era as a babyface, but he damn sure draws a shitload of big houses working against Hogan. I totally see where your heads at, but Schultz also wasn't around long enough for some of the truly goofy shit to come later on. There's a non-zero chance that Vince gets one listen at Austin's accents and puts him in a cowboy hat or a pair of overalls Edit: damn, I should've refreshed the page, @zendragon and @Wyld Samurai beat me to these points by an hour, cowboy hat and all. My bad!
  13. I'm being a dumbass and forgetting Savage was a heel, that's my bad - long work day. I guess that could work - though now my thought is, why not just go Savage over Backlund directly, and cut out the transitional champ? Unless of course, your second point about the jingo babyface is mandatory - in that case, I think you simply go Backlund -> Sheik -> Sarge, keep most things equal, and get to Slaughter/Savage by WM IV.
  14. Dumb question, but do you mean other than just using Sheik in the same fashion as what actually happened in '84?
  15. It might be recency bias because we just watched his DSOTR episode recently, but I think there's for sure a timeline out in the multiverse somewhere where we get national treasure and pop culture icon Dr. D.
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