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  1. Alrighty, then, I guess that puts that theory to bed. It's still fuckin dumb, though.
  2. I enjoy Cody quite a bit, but the cynic in me is beginning to think this whole "never seen before" thing is just an attempt to paint the more mixed reactions as an intentional thing.
  3. I wonder how the byes will be determined. Four highest ranked women? Maybe the three former World champs plus Deeb as a former NWA champ?
  4. 16 and under is prime backyard glory years. Do kids even do that anymore?
  5. I know a bit of the second verse. "Its only Wednesday but we actin' like it's Friday" is kind of an outdated line with the advent of Rampage
  6. I've long considered myself non-squeamish but DAMN. Positive vibes to J.R.
  7. I'm laughing at the idea of pitching two young indie guys the idea of "Alright, we're gonna bring you in as Billy Gunn's kids. Start you hot with an undefeated streak."
  8. How much booking power do you believe Christian has Edit: my mistake, I completely misread your post. I thought you meant "I don't have any problems with Christian booking himself in top angles vs. The Elite" and was confused as hell.
  9. Gunn Club's new theme reminds me of the Aquatic Ruin zone from Sonic 2
  10. I don't know much about Effy other than a few clips I've seen from his Big Gay Brunch event around Twitter, but I gotta respect his principles here. Though, conversely, I think there's *also* an argument to be made against him: in a sense, AEW only exists due to people raising the ceiling outside of the system. Just because it's wildly successful, it's now it's own system? I don't know if I can fully get behind that, at least not yet.
  11. Agree big time with you @Matt Dand @Log. That "anyone can show up" feel is really the one thing from the MNWs that really could not be replicated in any effective way until now. Kingston's debut was for sure a turning point in that (along with probably the first KENTA appearance, and the Callis/Impact reveal when Kenny took the title).
  12. My filthy mouth thanks you! On the real, it just gives the show a slightly cooler, more real feel. Did anyone take guys seriously in WCW when they'd talk about kicking each other's butts? I completely understand the aversion given what edgier wrestling content has historically looked like, but mild cussing doesn't mean that any of the ladies on the roster are going to give birth to a hand or something.
  13. It came up earlier, but I think Cody loses again. Maybe Black wins via shenanigans from Cody's next opponent, or maybe Arn turns on him. I just think it's a real mistake to beat Black at this time.
  14. Yeah, that one flew by. I thought the ladies match was pretty good. I'd imagine that was a pretty good preview of the TBS division, except for maybe Nyla, though you could tell a story of her working her way back up to a world title shot I guess.
  15. That's honestly pretty intriguing, as long as the follow-up doesn't veer too much into "This is the worst year of John Cena's life!" territory.
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