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  1. Man, they didn't have those on the stand-alone Network yet when I cancelled it years ago. I would have loved to have watched like, WrestleFest '94 or Bloopers, Bleeps, and Bodyslams again for the same reason as you. There were some that I made my Dad rent so often, it probably would've been cheaper in the long run to just buy 'em.
  2. Joining the chorus to congratulate @Octopusc on a great show and a fantastic report. I'm gettin' me that purple shirt...
  3. I have a bunch of those listed. I think my favorite of the bunch might have been the Foley set because it was really cool for me to finally see some of the matches I had previously only imagined in my mind's eye reading his first book (my local Blockbuster did not have a ton of WCW from his era, it was more or less '95 and on). So for example, the Nasty Boys tag was one he went really in depth on that I never got to see til then. I actually did some work for WWE ~15 years ago at my old job, and the guy tipped me with the Hogan 3 disc set which was and is the funniest thing ever, I couldn't even be mad about it
  4. I forgot about that Warrior DVD. Sure, Warrior was a weirdo, homophobic, animal abusing juice head, but surely there has to be some medium between "Warrior Award is for true heroes " and "total fucking burial on tape from every single employee." You know WWE's pettiness is on another level when they can get me to feel empathy for that guy.
  5. Man, I have zero memory of having seen this but just checked, and sure enough it's on there. I don't remember the DiBiase match from Odessa that's listed right after it on the rundown either, so I'm really looking forward to revisiting that one too. Thanks dudes.
  6. So, it was great as expected. Even the way they hit the ropes in this one was intense. There was really good limb work from both, as well as like a pretty surprisingly modern section on the apron and at ringside. Another cool thing was watching how Bret was still kind of working out certain things - like, for example, he did the signature sternum bump to the turnbuckle, but he also did a couple other really crisp, good ones where he hit like with his shoulder/side. It was like hearing an early demo version of a hit song with different lyrics, or something. Like at some point, he must have worked out like, 'alright, top rope elbow is out, middle rope forearms in' then evolved it into 'alright, gonna wait til the last 1/4 of the match for that one.' Steamboat was doing some really cool shit too, particularly this one sequence where they're hitting the ropes (hard, as noted) and he keeps sliding under Bret's legs, like 2 or 3x in a row before he snatches him. Highly, highly recommend (though I have a sneaking suspicion I'm the last person here to see it).
  7. Thanks Gordlow I've never seen that Boston Garden match with Bret, I'm really excited about it. I have the first Bret box set but not the second, and I'm too young to have seen it on TV so for whatever reason this one was never on my radar. I can't watch it until later on, but I'm already stoked based solely on the fact the video's 18 mins long.
  8. You know what's funny about this? A while ago on Twitter I was talking to a stranger about how I hope Darby/Sting get to wrestle FTR again because I loved their first match at Grand Slam, and someone suggested a trios to mix it up this time - I said what about Punk/FTR vs Darby/Sting/??? And the guy goes "Miro. Think about it." I didn't get it at the time but after that sweet vignette last night, I think I'm with you. Man, Darby/Sting/Miro vs House of Black? Count me the F in. The TNA segment with the bird in Bischoff's office is some all-time WrestleCrap, it's so bad it's transcendently great. To me, he was more like the Cesar Romero Joker of the '60s, but I definitely see a bit of Carrey in there.
  9. Alright, you asked for it... It is remarkably similar, I will be honest.The World Champion in this scenario could be anyone, but you mentioned Britt so I'll use her for the example. As noted, I would have Jade win a hard fought battle with the World champion Britt, and vacate the TBS title. It's her most even match to date (more selling than she's ever displayed before). Britt shakes her hand after the bell; she's in disbelief, but Jade was the better woman tonight. Jade wins her next couple defenses on TV handily. She's Bill Goldberg at this point. Finally, after her (let's say) 4th or 5th title defense, she gets a heel beat down after the win. It's taking 3 or 4 girls to keep her down, but they're stomping her out bad. Britt runs in for the save! Jade fought so hard, she has earned Britt's respect. Britt assures her, she's got her back. Later in the show, on commentary, the man in the mask says TK has made it official: next Wednesday/Friday, it will be Jade/Britt teaming up for the first time ever vs. our heels! Jade starts the match - she slips on a banana peel at some point, heels take control. Heat, yadda, yadda. Jade's crawling over for the hot tag - Britt is reaching with all her might. Tag made, crowd pops. Britt comes in like a house afire and... Lays down. 123. The KhanTrons confirm it with a graphic: 50-1. Mass confusion and anger. Maybe have a few ladies rush the ring to unsuccessfully try to take out the heels. One heel (a Hayter or Deeb type would be good for this) is choking the shit out of Stokely ala Danielson/Justin Roberts in that Nexus angle. What have we just witnessed?! Britt the following week: "You might have taken my title, but I will forever be the person that handed you your first loss, Jade. And I didn't even need to wrestle you to do it." *Boos* "Oh, oh.. I'm sorry. Did I *rob you of your little moment?* Did you think some *hot new talent* was going to come in here and make a name for herself by pinning Jade? Sorry, but... It was me! It's always been me. This is always going to be my divisi..." Jade runs out of the crowd in street clothes like Owen Hart at the Dec '97 DX IYH and just pummels her, maybe Britt even gets color Finally, Jade wins the blowoff at the PPV, and is ostensibly now more over for having lost one. Now you can do whatever you want with her because she's still the world champion, but has already eaten a pin. Sure its just a tag match, but IMO, it's the visual that really matters. And this way, you've hedged your bets -- if it doesn't work out, you can always go back to the well and do the MJF thing of "never been pinned in singles competition." Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
  10. Two of the biggest examples of "pop is not commensurate with card placement" in AEW have to be Sonny and Willow Nightingale. I haven't seen Sonny live yet, but they always get a great reaction on TV - Willow I've seen live twice, and both times there was an honest-to-goodness "we now collectively recognize your ring music" full blown pop. Wish nothing but big things for both of em.
  11. How long has Shida been back in the States?!?! Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think she's been on the TNT/TBS shows yet. Super pleasant surprise. I was just talking a second ago in the other thread about Hayter and Jade getting world title reigns, but I also really want Shida to get another run with full crowds, she's great.
  12. Jade's killing it for sure. She has wildly exceeded expectations for someone with such little experience. Ive mentioned this before, but the potential for crossover appeal is tremendous with her. I say keep letting her steamroll people and improve while Hayter runs with the world title for a bit and gets her big match with Britt. Then once Jade hits 50 or 75 or 100-0 you have her go over Hayter and do the Goldberg/Ultimate Warrior thing of vacating the secondary title. From there, I have a pretty good idea of how I'd end her streak, but I won't bore everyone with fantasy booking.
  13. I could see them going that route, but it depends on what they had planned for Punk's reign. By the time he's back, and does the unification match with Mox, assuming Punk wins, it does sort of sense to revisit their fued in a title context because long enough will have passed since the dog collar. I could totally envision a fantastic promo from Punk where he dogs MJF for being so obsessed with him that he tried to create his own pipebomb moment, but goes 'I did it first, I did it better, and I didn't even need to drop a cheap F bomb!" or something like that. Another thing to consider is the TV/streaming deals coming up soon. It sucks for the younger guys, but the reality of the situation is that you're gonna want that belt on a Punk, Mox, Jericho, or Danielson during those. Shit, if they were ten years younger, I'd put it on Paul Wight or Sting. When you get that deal sorted out, then thats when you go with the Ricky Starkses and the MJFs and the Hangmans of the world.
  14. I don't want to doxx myself so I can't get into more detail, but I've dealt with a lot of university students who are becoming naturopathic "doctors" and it's just horrendous, gross shit. Always makes me think of when Steve Jobs tried to cure his cancer by drinking lots of juice. They're outright manslaughtering. Edit: just want to quickly edit this post because I saw a couple likes when I logged in today, and realized that in my fury yesterday, I rudely forgot to wish you both well with your injuries - sorry @Technico Support(. And @Craig H (and your bro). Best of luck to you all, shit is no joke.
  15. I should have mentioned in my last post, I do really like the approach they take with not having Jericho do it himself, because it always gets 2.0 great heat (and ostensibly the goal of this whole thing is to prop up the younger guys)
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