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  1. Dearest wife, Its day three of the great crash pad war. I'm beginning to get weary. Water and sustainence are in short supply. The battlefield is littered with soldiers, some who died on the hill blaming production, others who died storming the command, their cries of "it was a bad finish!" piercing the night, like the blade I'd use to skin the chickens back at Paw Paw's farm. Next week's episode and the upcoming PPV shine in the distance as beacons of hope in the darkness; I simply pray I can hold on until then. Please tell the children I am thinking of them.
  2. That's an interesting idea. We've all been looking ahead to Hangman being the one to unseat him, but I don't think I've ever considered taking a detour like that. Reminds me of Luger taking the belt off Hogan for a week in the summer of '97
  3. @Hayabusa I don't know about your point about it being taped, just because it takes some of the liveliness out of it (not to mention spoilers always suck) but I def agree with your tweet if that's you
  4. Mini-rant incoming: YouTube TV strikes again! No more ROH or CWFH for me, I guess they dropped the channel they aired on without me noticing. This is in addition to losing YES, so no Yankee games again this year. But hey, we finally got BET and Nickelodeon after never once asking for it, so at least I'm getting Martin reruns and toy commercials for the $30 price increase! Insanely frustrating.
  5. I'm not trying to stir shit up for no reason, but I've seen a million gifs of the bump since last night, and I'll be honest: in retrospect, I still don't even think it looked that bad!! Shane came off the cell at that Mania in Dallas and it looked like the announce table was sitting on top of the fucking Blob from Heavyweights!! I really didn't see a ton of movement like that
  6. It's not terrible but it's too close to '97 with the Hennig turn which I think left a bad taste in a lot of people's mouths
  7. I don't disagree with you, but I think that may be part of the story in that Sammy will say "I was an idiot for trusting you" and that's how we'll transition into either a singles program with MJF, or Stadium Stampede II as the blow-off (how else do you go bigger than that?)
  8. We were dying at that too. "His father Dusty invented the Blood and Guts match, it's an emotional night for Cody..."
  9. Nah, man I have to respectfully disagree. I think it was a fine finish shot at a bad angle. I'm firmly in the camp that it's much ado about nothing
  10. Okay, that's pretty fair. I concede it could've been shot better, but I maintain that it was in no way as egregious as the non-exploding ring, nor did it ruin the preceding match for me whatsoever. @Curt McGirt @John E. Dynamite
  11. Easily the best War Games since the first NXT one, maybe the '90s. I don't understand the crash pad talk, was MJF supposed to shoot murder a guy?
  12. I had em pencilled in as The Founding Fathers but YMMV
  13. Having flashbacks to that promo with Paul London where theyre coming out of a supply closet with eyes as red as the devil's Johnson
  14. Tbh I feel like if there was a real possibility of Bryan leaving, they'd have done one of those weird Moxley send-offs, but it sure has been fun to think about.
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